Oakland Police Chief Confronted & Shut Down at Justice 4 Alan Blueford Townhall

Alan Blueford murdered by Oakland Police

Since the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, there have been closed to 30 Black or Brown people shot and killed by law enforcement or in the case of Trayvon, wannabe law enforcement. Many of these shootings have been highly questionable, meaning the person killed was unarmed or there are strong conflicting statements from either the police or witnesses.

Here in Oakland, California, the shooting death Alan Dwayne Blueford is one such killing.  Oakland police have been very shady with the stories they put forth to the public. It seems like a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters, cast seeds of doubt and cover up their own mistakes.. Initially police said they were in a shoot out and Blueford shot the officer in the stomach.. Later the police said Blueford shot the officer in the leg..Next the police said that it was possible the officer was shot in the leg by another officer in a case of friendly fire..Finally it came out that the officer shot himself. He shot himself in the foot..

Many believe the officer shot himself after he killed Blueford and saw the young man was unarmed.. The police then double back and said a gun was recovered, the community has yet to see any evidence of finger prints , gun residue etc.. Many have concluded it was the officer planting a gun near the scene.. This would not be unsual in a city that in the past 10 years has had to shell out over 58 million dollars in wrongful death shootings and police brutality incidents. This would not be far-fetched in a city that was home to a rogue group of cops known as the Riders who were found to routinely plant drugs and guns on suspects. One of the Oakland Riders is a still a fugitive at large..

Adding to all this was the fact that Blueford was left to on the ground for 4 hours to die while the officer who lied and then finally admitted to shooting himself was treated. The public still does not know the name of the officer thanks to California’s Policeman’s Bill of Rights which prevents the public from knowing the name of officers involved in these and other brutality incidents.. Community investigators have revealed the officer who murdered Blueford is Miguel Masso a former military man who lives in Los Banos which is more than 100 miles outside of Oakland..

Blueford’s parents were not aware of their son’s death for more than 6 hours. They went down to the police station were treated like crap and not told for more than 2 hours. Their mistreatment led to the unusual move by Chief Howard Jordan to meet and apologize to the family.

In an attempt to do more damage control, OPD held a town hall meeting at Acts Full Gospel Church. Folks showed up only to discover the police chief would only answer questions that were pre-written. This annoyed folks to no end.. Then he seemed ill prepared or unable to answer basic questions.. He also hawked what many saw as blatant lies.. This led to more than half the room turning their backs on the chief and throwing up fist..

The chief cut the meeting short and left the building with angry residents in tow.. They got at him and let him know that there needs to be accountability and the community would not stand for his lies..The chief was definitely embarrassed.. Later that night we learned Oakland police came after one of the community members shown in the video holding a bullhorn..Chris M They claimed he assaulted an officer at the church… If that was the case when and where did that happen and why not arrest him on the spot?

Here’s a video of last night’s Townhall Meeting and dispersal..Please note I’m trying to re-render this so the quality is better… * quick note.. here’s the better quality video.. of last nights confrontation


19 comments on “Oakland Police Chief Confronted & Shut Down at Justice 4 Alan Blueford Townhall

  1. This is one of the reasons that Jean Quan and the rest of those Oakland straw bosses need to be replaced. The city fund is being raided through the exorbitant public safety budget INCLUDING double dipping pensions which they pay little into but you bring out the fact that MOST OAKLAND POLICE OFFICERS DON’T EVEN LIVE IN OAKLAND!

    Compact that with the fact that, increasingly the traditional racist Oakland Police officer is being replaced by hired guns returning from the two Middle East wars and we have the makings of a gangster police force much like, and even worse than the one we had back in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the Black Panther Party had to rise up.

    If teachers are fired because of paltry outcomes why not police officers, starting with Howard “Clean Head” Jordan? What happened to “Hire Oakland First” when it comes to police officers and firemen? The budget would shrink considerably if police officers had to live in Oakland and take their cars home at the end of the shift. The way it is now, a cop’s mentality is very much like an occupying force. But then again, hasn’t it always been so?

  2. Please add Mr. Damon Abraham of Baldwin, Louisiana to the national data base of victims murder by law enforcement. A racist Baldwin policeman tasered Mr. Damon Abraham to death three weeks ago, now we are demanding justice for Mr. Abraham family. We have notice a rise in police killing of unarmed black men, let’s fight back in self-defense. For more information call 504-235-5472 Rev. Raymond Brown President National Action Now.

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  4. Quan isn’t in charge of the city…the City Manager is. Deanna Santana is the head of that snake body. Having 70 percent of OPD living outside of Oakland will continue to ensure the cops are NOT connected to the community in any meaningful and positive way. Unless the wider community can come out and show SUPPORT for community organizers who are desiring to feed and serve the immediate needs that the non-profit and city funded organizations AREN’T meeting for lack of funds, fallout from the 1 percent who are driving our tax base in the ditch, etc…this crime by the police dept. will not stop.

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  12. more should be said about the people esp disabled injured ones who were tortured and abused made captive for years by some of the gang members and others all colors ..while some protest they should help the ones who have been victim by blueford and others for years years who have committed horrid acts…where is powerful support and help for those of us who have been victim years years,,by these people who have also been part of posionings and destruction against some of those who would help them……….there are victious crime and terror people who needed be in check and protect real innocent communities and people….help those of us who have been victim of rapes,,druggings, set ups, when disabled injured..as well as many, hundreds of people who have been killed by these groups…while some protest killing of one person what about hundreds of people killed by these groups of people?????wake up people…………….we need to protect many good people,,and have communities safe..i got misled into helping wrong people who destroyed our life and talked about plans of massacers of whites,,which wrong….as ones who tried to make seem euro all wrong and natives and ones of color in right…was a native who told me i was being used by some when natives killed off animals and whites,,not cared about land……….not about race……….imp right protectors over some out of control protestors…………..

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