Carl Dix: Connecting NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Policy w/ Trayvon Martin Case (HKR Intv)

It’s always a pleasure chopping it up w/ freedom fighter Carl Dix.. He’s dedicated to the struggle and willing to walk the walk of the things he talks. In recent months Dix along with scholar/activist Cornel West have pushed back hard on the NYPD and their infamous Stop and Frisk policy. They even put the policy on trial with plans to follow-up with similar measures in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Last year over 680k people have been stopped and searched by police. Over 85% have been Black or Brown men with less than 5% convicted of carrying any weapon or committing crime. Dix noted that currently NYPD is on pace to stop and frisk over 800k. Dix noted the root cause of this disparity is racial profiling.

Currently Dix is down in Sanford, Florida on what is part of a BAsic Bus Tour through the South. Dix reaffirmed what M1 from dead prez had told us a few weeks back, that the spirit of resistance is alive and well and very strong in Sanford which is where the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman saga is unfolding.  This is a story often overlooked by the mainstream media..

During our conversation, Dix makes the connection between the Stop and Frisk policies in NY and the current climate of vigilantism that we saw play itself out in Sanford.. You can peep that interview below..











One comment on “Carl Dix: Connecting NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Policy w/ Trayvon Martin Case (HKR Intv)

  1. Massive interview!

    Even though the NRA keeps shouting that 2nd Amendment crap on the one hand, there is a definite movement afoot on the part of law enforcement to strip the poor, young and colored of any weaponry that could be used to step up the liberation struggle.

    The 2nd Amendment, in the way that the scared white right wants to look at it, goes to the fact that white privilege will dwindle commensurate to white majority. To prepare for this inevitability, the scared white right is wanting to maintain and strengthen their right to create a militia (read: Klan) because they don’t trust northern Federal law enforcement to keep people of color at bay.

    The 2nd Amendment and 10th Amendment are the bases for certain types of policies such as “Open Carry Laws” “Stand Your Ground Laws” and “Stop and Frisk” policies all of which are essentially loop holes that are being used by Southern mentality whites as they get ready to re-prosecute the Civil War. They are preparing for a racial confrontation based on the belief that some catastrophe, either an act of God (Hurricane Katrina ne: Hurricane America) or an act by men (the Rodney King or OJ Verdicts) will ensue and they will be over-run. They hated when the National Guard integrated the schools when Brown vs Board of Education overturned Plessy vs Ferguson and they were out gunned. They don’t want to see that happen again and so they want States rights and laws to trump Federal rights and laws. Clearly, President Obama is hated because he is the top law enforcer, being the head of the executive branch. The scared white right hate him for that fact as much or more for the fact that he is of mixed race.

    What will they do once they strip the Federal Government of the power to enforce Civil Rights? Look at how they attacked black people at that bridge in New Orleans when the levies broke. And although some of those people were later prosecuted and convicted, laws like the so-called “Stand Your Ground Law” are designed to allow scared white people to murder black people in the future based simply on white fear – nothing else being required. This is nothing more than the codification of Racial and Economic profiling for the purpose of creating a para-military militia to protect and project the continued control of the workers and economy by the increasingly outnumbered and scared white right. Do we really think that the NRA’s powerful lobby is concerned with hunting Elk and Deer? They are surrogates of fearful whites who see the sands of the hourglass of white Hegemony running out. They want guns in America but not in the hands of the young, poor and colored.

    The tried and true strategy of race baiting is to use crime as the justification. The fear of an emerging criminal youth culture is exacerbated through the Corporate Control of Rap Culture, where all you see in nearly every Hip Hop video and coming from every Hip Hop icon are images of a violent and out of control youth culture that threatens to disrupt the stability of the status quo.

    All over the United States laws and policies are being tested which are designed to give whites the leeway to kill the young, poor and colored and get away with it, while at the same time laws are being created to divest law enforcement from federal control and bring them into sync with the militia mentality (read: Klan/vigilante/Siege Mentality).

    They recently began discussion of a law in the city of Oakland, Ca to make it a crime to carry shields or wear masks and have certain types of tools during a protest. This is just another example of preparing the lamb for the slaughter as is the Stop and Frisk policy in NY.

    In addition to this, as I have said before, the 100 Block law enforcement plan in Oakland, CA is what Davey D has helped me name “Giuliani West” and which is less concerned with crime than it is with containment. It is a knee jerk response to the Occupy (Oakland) Movement by law enforcement who see on the horizon a linkage between the young, poor and colored, with their increasingly disgruntled young, poorer and white counter-parts.

    The root of the word vigilante is vigilance! They are getting ready. Are you?

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