Jasiri X: Glenn Beck’s ‘Dream’ is Dr King’s Nightmare

Jasiri X returns with another banger… It’s a response to the Glenn Beck rally that took place in Washington DC this weekend..Here’s what he penned  

Written from the perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jasiri X
responds to Glenn Beck’s rally and the growing racial and economic
divide in America. From the police’s brutal beating of Jordan Miles in
Pittsburgh and murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland, the increasing poverty
and joblessness, to the ever expanding racial division lead by the
rhetoric of those like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin…Dr. King’s dream has
turned into a nightmare.

Inspired in part by Davey D’s article: Some Thoughts on Today’s Glenn Beck Rally & What We Should Know About Dr King, Black Pride & Urban Radio



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17 comments on “Jasiri X: Glenn Beck’s ‘Dream’ is Dr King’s Nightmare

  1. Im glad to see someone who makes records actually take a stand. The last artist who made any pulblicity concerning a political issue was Kanye West when he spoke about Hurricane Katrina

  2. Some more let’s fight the white guy and skip the JEW that’s employing Glenn Beck, Al Sharpton, Kanye West, Russell Simmon’s, ect. Wake up, people!!!! Get off of the bandwagon and deal with reality. The reality is the white people that you know do not own the internet, hip-hop, televison, the movie industry, all of the media (control your minds), banks, financial instituions in America, DIAMONDS IN AFRICA, the American Presidency, New York City, ect. America needs to “unite” and run these slimey bastards out of this country. They hide behind the whites andf exploit the blacks. Their Talmud teaches them that we are all sub-human to them. Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton are both on their payroll. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!

    YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE STARTED WHEN THEY FINANCED THE “MIDDLE PASSAGE”, JASIRI X, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A GLEN BECK.. Ever notice how Hip-hop people will be quick to say something about “white people”, but will never say anything about the JEWS who are financing all of this non-sense? WHY IS THAT??????????

    And don’t forget they followed Marge Shotts example in baseball and weeded out the Black man in baseball and hired “hispanics” for a cheaper price. Jews take hispanics right out of grade school in major league baseball and “banned” the Black Man from making money at baseball and make the white man do four years of college. While they undercut Americans with hispanic labor on the baseball field. In New York they trying to do the same thing with hispanics with the Jets.. Jews undercutting Americans for cheaper hispanic labor all over – construction, housekeeping, baseball, now football. They are the the reason we have this problem with illegal aliens – cheaper labor. I AM GLENN BECK FOR AMERICA. A PERSON THAT AIN’T AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE PEOPLE FROM THE SYNAGOG OF SATAN.

  3. The media has been a tool to keep us dumb and distracted. The fantasy programs (RLHousewives) are meant to keep us engulfed in nonsense while we take our eyes off the ball. I know people who have more knowledge of the RLH opposed to who is the senator of their state…let alone governor or education superintendent.

    Aside, I have found that the urban radio has done nothing to keep the masses informed of what goes on in the political world as oppose to who Fantasia is doing. They spend hours on jokes and music but nothing of substance.

  4. LOL….Blinded, did you just insinuate Mark Sanchez is a “hispanic” being exploited for cheap labor?

  5. It’s the “name”, Sonny. You know he’s white, but “Sanchez” attracts who’s dollars? Glad your reading, hopefully your learning more than about the Jets. LOL!

  6. Yeah, he’s Mexican-American. Had to google him. Another hidden-minority type. Let him succeed and there will be no need to hire white and Black quarterbacks when they can pay these guys cheaper like they do in baseball. Be careful what you all defend, Sonny. He is the Jackie Robinson of cheap labor for these jewish owners. Mark my words!!!!

  7. Ok enoughs enough.. robert aka Blinded..enough of the racist remarks..I’m giving u a heads up if it continues I’m deleting and blocking..If u have issues with Jews and Latinos find another site to spew the rhetoric or come with some intelligence..Its obvious ur not interested in building bridges Cheap labor in football.. Show us some facts.. numbers, links.. analysis

  8. Francis Cress Welsing believe whites are genetically predisposed to violence. Dave agrees with her theory. But jews don’t count.

  9. Btw…..Instead of complaining people should read this book and steal these ideas.

    “Steal this book”

    and get with the program.

  10. We might like this guy Blinded… and how he says stuff, but he tells the “truth”. Its basic common-sense stuff when you read it and open your eyes. Censor him, That’s the only thing you guys are good at when people aren’t afraid to speak the “truth”. May be streching it with the Mark Sanchez in football , but that baseball stuff was “gospel”. NOBODY ELSE WOULD EVER HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY THAT ON THE WORLD-WIDE WEB.

  11. Just so u know Robert.. what u did was impersonate Erik aka Escribblah.. when he comes on he can see this and verify.. Until then peace my man..

  12. Blinded, thanks for enlightening me. And just how much are the Jets paying this “cheap” hispanic labor that is Mark Sanchez? LOL. You should really try comedy.

  13. I recall e scribblah once taking Robert to task over blaming Jews for everything. So, nice try, Robert. What are you, in the 5th grade? Just desperate.

  14. Sonny, you are weak. Instead of dealing with the facts, you go for the minor. And who is robert and e scribblah? You people are definitely blinded by the media. Do what you people always do on this site – CENSOR

  15. Sonny, this is “comedy” to people like you because you all own hip-hop, the media, ect. Check my facts. I’m not blaming no one, I’m just pointing out daily who’s behind all of this non-sense going on in “America”. You people just don’t want to hear the “truth”. SO DO WHAT YOU DO – CENSOR. It’s the Hitler way!!! German jew taught you all well.

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