The Ground Zero Debate: Islam Did Not Knock Down the Towers…Immortal Technique, Mos Def & Paris Remind Us Who Did

As we continue this senseless debate about the building of an Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero, we should keep a few important points in mind..

1-Islam did not knock down the towers…If it did then we best be prepared to shoulder the blame for ‘Christianity’ burning crosses and lynching thousands of Black people throughout the South. If Islam knocked down the towers, then we’re gonna have to accept the fact that ‘Catholics’ raped hundreds of little altar boys and we’re gonna have to accept that ‘Jews’ killed Jesus. I’m sure if we sit back and think for a minute we can find all sorts of evil things done in the name of God, Jehovah, Allah etc and conclude that an entire religion was responsible for the wrong doing..Obviously that would be wrong-headed, so lets not be selective in what we want to demonize.

2-This country was founded on Freedom of Religion.. It doesn’t matter if you wanna pray to Frosty the Snowman or Barney the Dinosaur, you have that right and no one should be allowed to prevent you from practicing especially when the worship is being done on private property and other people are not being physically harmed.

I realize being tolerant is hard for many to stomach, but too bad.  Feelings may be hurt and that’s understandable, we all have our feelings and opinions and we’re entitled to them.. However, that does not give anyone the right to stop someone from enjoying the main tenets this country was founded on. If someone doesn’t like the Islamic Center near Ground Zero being built because they feel the land around it is somehow sacred, then those folks with hurt feelings can walk right past it. You don’t have to visit it. You can go to the strip club that’s nearby and drown your sorrows in a healthy offering a naked dancers and porn.

3-Many Muslims died on 9-11 as did people of all races and religion. No one group gets to claim moral high ground or some sort of ultimate victim status. Many people lost family members on 9-11 and in the weeks, months and now years afterwards. Today we have first responders who are dying because of health issues related to 9-11 that wasn’t disclosed while they were doing clean up. There are thousands more who volunteered and joined the military and later perished on the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two wars were and are being fought under the guise of what took place on 9-11.

4-If folks really want to fight a battle about what should be built on and around Ground Zero, then do some homework. Initially many of the family members who lost loved ones came together and asked that the World Trade space be devoid of buildings and that space be made into a memorial park.

Sadly, that idea was shot down and ultimately rejected by developers and politicians who insisted that the best testament to America’s strength would be to replace those towers with new ones and essentially let the world know that America was back in business and would not compromise on her ideals..We didn’t hear one peep from anyone who is up in arms today. If people were so gung-ho they should’ve been riding for the family when they said lets have a ‘real sacred’ space. But since we decided to show the world America will rebuild and showcase her Freedom loving philosophy, its a shame to see that being shoved away by intolerance.  All these people crying and whining about the Islamic Center is not a good look for America.

5-Islam did not knock down the towers. The incompetence and political turf battles within important divisions of our Intelligence community led to 19 men with box cutters taking 3000 lives, damaging the Pentagon and creating Ground Zero. Maybe if Bush and his croonies had a better handle on things the warning signs and intelligence of Osama Bin Laden striking us would’ve been heeded.. but alas it wasn’t. Who knocked down the towers?

Immortal Technique and Mos Def got it right with their landmark song ‘Bin Laden

Immortal is not one to limit his thoughts to a record and not back up what he rapped about. He recently did an interview for Russia Today where he sheds further light on what thinks about 9-11.

Bay Area rapper Paris also spoke out forcefully about what took place on 9-11. He was probably the first of over 200 rap artists who eventually did songs on the incident. His opinion like many was and is starkly different then what was being pushed by George Bush and the White House.

Below is his song What Would YOu Do? and a link to an article he put forth with a challenge to debate anyone on the facts surrounding 9-11. He went on Fox News and a bunch of other places and handled business in terms of backing up his words and shutting folks down. He followed up his song with written responses to the questions folks had about  ‘What Would You Do?

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Believe it or Not: The US & the UK are Assembling a Database of People that Predicts Crimes they Will Commit

I guess at this stage of the game, nothing should come as a surprise. Those who hold power have been going all out on the suppression/ oppression tip to smash on a growing population that  is increasingly angry and dissatisfied with the way things are being handled.. Here’s the latest efforts..Its called a Future Crime database..It sounds like something straight out of the movie Minority Report. As you peep it.. keep in mind the other thing that is going on..Operation Falcon which is a program designed by local police, the FBI and a number of other law enforcement types that will allow them to do mass arrests numbering in the thousands.  Yes folks this is going on in 2010. Shout out to the folks over at Holy Kaw for hipping us to this latest development

-Davey D-

How the Future Crime Database Will Work

by Shanna Freeman

Crime stories, especially stories about violent crimes, are often at the top of local news broadcasts. The news anchor explains the gory details of the murder, gives some background information about the victim and details the progress that law enforcement has made toward solving the crime . But imagine if the news anchor instead said something like, “Today John Doe was arrested by law enforcement for the future crime of murdering his wife.”

In the film “Minority Report,” people with precognition (a form of ESP in which a person learns information about future events) provide a law enforcement department known as Pre-Crime with the names of both murderer and murder victim. Images relating to the murders are transferred to a computer so that officers can examine them to get more information. Instead of being arrested for crimes, people in the film are arrested for crimes that they would have committed.

Although the movie takes place in 2054 and is based on a science-fiction story, some people believe that Pre-Crime prosecution could actually become commonplace in the future. The realm of the paranormal has not yet entered into it, but a real-life future crime database would instead be based on a number of elements that could be interpreted as pointing toward future criminal activity.

If you’ve committed a crime, some of your personal information is probably already stored in various databases. Exactly what is stored depends on where you live and the nature of your offense. But proponents of future crime databases suggest that they include information about people who have never committed a crime. As this idea has gotten more attention, so has the concern over potential civil liberties violations. In short, future-crime databases are highly controversial.

Before we speculate about all of the possibilities, let’s take a look at the databases that currently exist, starting with DNA databases in the United Kingdom and the United States.

National DNA Databases

In 2006, several crimes that had previously been unarrestable, such as not wearing a seat belt, were made arrestable. This increased the number of people  whose DNA samples were added to the NDNAD. Supporters said that more than twice as many crimes had been solved using DNA samples in 2005 as had been solved in 1999

 The United Kingdom's DNA database is now the second-largest in the world, with more than 4 million entries.

A number of those samples are from children, who have been arrested for everything from littering to skipping out on bus fares. According to Gary Pugh, the director of forensic sciences at Scotland Yard, any child who exhibits behaviors that may indicate a potential for committing crime in the future should have a sample of his DNA included in the database. Pugh stated that “We have to find who are possibly going to be the biggest threat to society”urce]

.In the United States, the FBI funds a nationwide system called NDIS (National DNA Index System). It officially began operating in 1994. It differs from the U.K. DNA Database in that smaller databases called CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) exist on state and local levels. Each crime laboratory in the country controls which information it shares with the national database. As of 2007, the NDIS had more than 4.5 million profiles.

Like the DNA database in the United Kingdom, the NDIS started as a way to index DNA samples from violent criminals (in this case, convicted sex offenders). Gradually it expanded to include almost all convicted felons. Some states collect DNA samples from all people who have been arrested, including children. In 2004, voters in California passed Proposition 69. Within that state, law enforcement officials can collect DNA samples from anyone arrested for a felony, as well as certain misdemeanors. DNA can also be collected from illegal immigrants for any reason.

New DNA techniques and databases continue to evolve. A company called DNAPrint Genomics sells a product called DNAWitness, which locates Ancestry Informative Markers in DNA samples. The companies claim that these markers can break down the racial makeup of the DNA and help to narrow down suspects based on race. Although it can’t perfectly determine the race of a suspect, the owners of DNAPrint Genomics claim that the margin of error is negligible. Most law enforcement departments have yet to use DNAWitness, citing concerns over racial profiling.

DNA is just one aspect of building a future crime database. We’ll look at other types of criminal databases next.

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Meg Whitman: Why Do You have an Office in Oakland-When You’re Never There?

Dear Meg Whitman

I am writing you because I have several concerns about how you are running your campaign here in the lovely city of Oakland, California. I’m not one to mince words and beat around the bush so lemme just get to the point. Why do you have an office in Oakland when you 1-Put up insulting signs that call our collective character into question 2-you and your staff are never there?

You’ve had a storefront window for almost two months in one of the most populated sections of the city  (Lakeshore Ave) and not once have we seen you. I for one was kinda stoked when I first saw your office. Yes, we all know Oakland is heavily Democratic, but I figured here’s someone who may be the next governor of California reaching out to engage ALL of us. I was looking forward to stopping through to let you know some of the challenges we here in ‘Tha Town’ are facing. But alas..No Meg. All we got was this store front with your name plastered all over the windows and us being relegated to seeing you through those endless commercials that run every 5 minutes on TV.

Today I walked by your office and it was closed once again. I could see your name from like two blocks away, but as I drew closer I noticed someone had posted up a bunch ‘Oakland Loves Jerry Brown’ flyers all over your window. It wasn’t a just few flyers, it was a lot, which meant someone either posted them in broad daylight and no one cared to stop them or it happened at night and had sat there all day. In either case it’s not a good look Ms Whitman. It’s not a good look at all. It was an indication that you’re an absentee candidate.

Seeing those signs made me wonder if this is reflective of what would be your governing style. Are you the type to throw lots of money at a problem or people or make symbolic gestures but not stick around long enough to sincerely engage them? Or is it an Oakland thing? Do you not care enough to chop it up with folks on this side of town?

Maybe we’re a bit sensitive here in Oakland Ms Whitman, but it’s hard not to conclude you have disdain for the city especially when we recall what you did when you first set up shop. Who can forget the infamous  ‘You are under 24 hour surveillance’ signs posted all over your window? Hard working, good people in Oakland were made to feel like criminals plus our intelligence was insulted because you spelled the word ‘surveillance’ wrong (survellaince). The final insult was noting that there have been businesses on Lakeshore that have been robbed, but none of them opted to put up ridiculous signs. They seem to understand, that you don’t smash on an entire community for the acts of a scant few. The signs only changed when residents started posting the picture and a local SF Chronicle blogger Zinnie Abraham posted a video. There was never an apology for your transgressions and no visit to speak with the people.

In any case Ms Whitman, you should know with an unemployment rate hovering between 10-12% and an even higher under-employed rate there are lots of folks including myself who are willing to step up and help you out. Perhaps you can scale back on some of those commercials and toss a few thousand of the 100 million you already spent on your campaign and have one of us man your office. We can make sure no one posts up ‘I Love Jerry Brown’ stickers and we can leave people with the impression that you really care. A lot of folks are losing their homes, maybe you can do us some good by providing housing, unemployment and other types of information at your empty, always closed campaign office to help us get through these trying times. Heck maybe you can even give away a few jobs. Put those millions to good use Ms Whitman

Lastly we had a big community meeting last night and the people of Oakland promised not to bite if you come visit..

Peace out

Davey D