Atlanta Rapper Yung Hott Shot and Killed on Video Set-5 Yr Girl old Also Shot

There’s no words to describe this.. Many of us were morning the tragic killing of 7-year-old Aiyana S Jones at the hands of a Detroit policeman who was trying to apprehend a murder suspect while having a reality TV crew in tow. Many of us feel the camera crew influenced him to make a bad decision. 1000 miles away in Atlanta we have rapper Yung Hott filming a video when he gets shot and killed on his set…Also shot but expected to survive was a 5-year-old girl. The disrespect for life is way too rampant.

It was just one year ago to the day that we lost Atlanta rapper Dolla to gun violence. A confrontation in Atlanta resulted in a cat getting on a plane and getting at Dolla in LA where he was gunned down..

Earlier this year Wacka Flocka was shot but survived in what was said to be an attempted robbery. Sadly he wound up having another skirmish when gang members stormed his video shoot ready to squab with him. All this is beginning to be way too juvenile and all to tragic because lives are lost..Its also interesting to note how folks seem to egg on these confrontations by making fun of  folks for trying toavoid further bloodshed..

-Davey D-

A rapper known as Yung Hott was killed during a Saturday evening shooting spree that erupted while he made a video in his hometown, Griffin police said.

One accused shooter is still on the loose, police said.

Jerode Paige died at the scene of the quadruple shooting in which about 20 rounds were fired, according to Lt. Sam Parks. Three others, including a 5-year-old girl, suffered non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Police pulled over a white Chrysler after the shooting and detained three suspects, WSB-TV reported. The investigation is continuing.

The additional shooting victims included a 5-year-old girl who was playing in a toy car in her yard. The child suffered a wound to her left foot. She was treated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston and released Sunday.

Two of the shooting victims were treated at Spalding Regional Hospital, then transferred to police custody. They are being called “persons of interest.”

The incident happened around 6 p.m. near the intersection of Tinsley and Fourth streets, police said.

Paige, 27, was filming his first video when the shooting began. His uncle, Kenny Paige, was among 150 to 200 people who were working on the video or watching when the gunfire erupted.

“I mean, it was broad daylight,” Kenny Paige told the AJC. “I heard a lot of gunshots and people scattered.”

Paige was shot in the head, his uncle said.

The video was to accompany Paige’s first single, which had recently been played on an Atlanta radio station, according to Sid Cooper, a producer who had worked with the rapper.

“He had some good music,” Cooper told the AJC. “His music was real. Everything he talked about in his music he did.”

Friends said Paige was trying to turn his life around after a past that included prison. Paige was released from Wheeler Correctional Facility in central Georgia in June and was on parole, according to state Department of Corrections online records. He served prison time for a variety of drug offenses as well as possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

“He was on the right track,” Cooper said.

Paige’s father was beaten to death at age 28, and Paige was raised by his grandmother in Griffin, another uncle, Gary Paige, told the AJC. Paige was pursuing his music career with a single-minded purpose. He was again living with his grandmother.

“He got out [of prison] and he said he wasn’t going to let anybody stop him from getting his career,” Gary Paige said. “He wanted to give his grandmother a lot. He was really into his music and he wanted to show his grandmother he had the ability to be somebody.”

Paige made a point of saying he was from Griffin, not Atlanta.

“He wanted everybody to know he was from a little town that had a lot of talent,” Gary Paige said.

Paige’s uncles said they believe he was targeted but had no idea why

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22 comments on “Atlanta Rapper Yung Hott Shot and Killed on Video Set-5 Yr Girl old Also Shot

  1. I hadn’t heard his one and only single, and would love to have seen his first video. I’m a big fan of rap as well as r&b/hiphop. My condolences to his family and relatives, as well as his close friends and many fans during what I’m sure will be trying times. Atlanta does have tons of talent, but it also has much violence. The city of Atlanta is overwhelmed in its struggle to curb the violence. Tragedies such as this should never happen, but they do, and not until all of us, not just the ones who live in or around the Atlanta area come together to stop the viloence and erase the hate which obviously is an underlying cause, will these types of life shattering occurrences cease to exist.

  2. What a tragedy! Another brother gone and four more possible in jail for the rest of their live. And as we deal with the disdain of these killer kops in detroit murdering a little girl, we must also look at the tragedy of the little girl being shot while playing in here yards. Fortunately she will survive.

    As for the wakka flocka video shoot, i again look at the 9 youth who were shot here in Gary earlier this year at their concert and we should pay close attention to how many times the n-bomb is dropped by those confronting them. A term of affection. I think not. it is a term of self-hate and destruction that goes hand & hand with this sort of behavior!

  3. On the Wacka Flocka video.. hmmmm .
    If this is “being real”… then I am sooooo not real! Looking at this, I am square as all shit and proud of it.
    This is disturbing on so many levels.. so many levels, and I am sure the fools at the end are the ones who’ll be next to put out a record… Keeping it real is the death of many.
    I love it when cats be on some “this is my hood” trip and you don’t own a damn thing, sleepin at grandmas couch talking about it’s your hood, uh no it’s who owns the property and it aint you. Ignorance is bliss and I am going back to sleep!

  4. Davey,

    Although these incidents happen in every community of all colors, they serve as a justification in Black/Brown communities for the National Guard or military to police these communities. Check out the report Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency by Max G. Manwaring. He is the professor of Military Strategy at the U.S. Army War College. Mayor Daley in Chicago, just stated that if street crime/violence in Chicago can’t be curtailed by the local police the National Guard maybe called in. Hopefully accidents like this can be a catalyst for people to relate to one another as a community and solve the problems. A final note, it is now coming out that New Orleans PD and private mercenaries/armies, like Xe, formerly Blackwater, were actively killing brothers/sisters during and after Katrina. Remember how the media hyped up the violence and created the perception brothers/sisters were acting like animals, even labeling them refugees. Some reporters later said that the claims of violence were overstated. We can never forget Katrina!

  5. I’m aware of the katrina.. thing we covered the Tribunals.. and heard all those heartwrenching testamonies.. on those vigilante killings.. crazy stuff going on..

  6. Jose, you’re not a square. You’re an instigator. You just don’t have the courage to be a thug. Face it, you’re emasculated by thugs who never accepted you when you were growing up, and now you’re exacting revenge by instigating and cheering on their warfare and destruction. I asked you before if you wanted to see peace amongst gangs, and you ducked the question. And it’s because you don’t. You like this war. You salivate for it, from the safe confines of your living room. A true square, meaning a morally sound person, just wants people to stop the violence. You want nothing of the sort. You want the violence to continue, and for the police to have an excuse to just go into the ghetto and crack heads. I’ll await your response.

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