Seattle Officer Kicks & Hurls Racial Epithets at Innocent Man-Is This What’s In store for Arizona?

As I watched this video of a young Latino brother being detained and kicked in the head while a white officer makes hurls some sort of racial epithet at him, the first thing that came to mind is what may be in store for all those folks in Arizona who may find themselves in similar situations…It’s one thing when an elderly person is pulled over, but when young teenagers are stopped and detained in way too many instances the cops go off.. For those apologist and disbelievers who think what I’m saying is far fetched..I invite them to look at the policies that started under LA police chief William H Parker where he recruited officers from the South who held racist attitudes and made it a point to make sure officers engaged young Black and Brown folks by age 15 to make sure they understood the police were the ones in charge.

Those policies continued under police Chief Daryl Gates who passed away two weeks ago. Both Gates and Parker are seen as iconic and many departments adapted their policing policies.  How this relates to this Seattle situation is that what is shown on this video is outrageous to some but all too familiar to folks in the hood, many who can tell you horror stories of being roughed up by police at young ages. We see this here in the video where the man in question is innocent and yet offered no apology or medical attention.  What’s gonna happen with detainees in Arizona?

The other thing that was disturbing was seeing a Black and woman office on the scene doing nothing. The woman officer actually partakes in the brutality. The Black officer doesn’t do anything. It would be interesting to see what he and other officers reported. Did they note the abuse or lie in their reports? Should there be some sort of law on the books to make it a crime if an officer sees another officer commit a crime and not say anything?  In any case many of us fought to have more women and people of color on the force thinking they would bring a sensitivity and attitude that would help change entrenched cultural practices… Not seeing those two officers intervene makes you wonder if all those efforts were wasted..

Seattle Detective Apologizes for Racial Epithet

(May 8) — A Seattle police officer offered a tearful apology after being caught on camera kicking an innocent man and using a racial epithet.
The video shows a group of officers standing around three men who are lying on the ground. Seattle Police Detective Shandy Cobane shouts, “I’m going to beat the [expletive] Mexican [expletive] out of you homey! You feel me?”

Cobane later kicks the man in the head and another cop kicks him in the hand.

The detective sobbed as he gave a news conference on Friday to apologize to the Latino community, his colleagues and the city of Seattle, The Seattle Times reported.

“I know my words cut deep and were very hurtful,” Cobane said. “Please know that I am truly, truly sorry.”

The video was shot by a freelance videographer at around 2 a.m. on April 17.

The incident in question took place as officers were investigating an armed robbery in Seattle’s Westlake neighborhood. The 911 call reporting the crime had described the suspects as Hispanic

The man attacked was not involved in the robbery. After officers let him go, the freelance videographer asked the unidentified man why he had been beaten.

“I don’t know. They knocked me down and kicked me in the head,” he responded.

Cobane and another officer have been placed on administrative leave. The city’s police department is carrying out an internal investigation, according to the Times.

Seattle police learned of the event a few days after the incident, and launched the investigation soon after, according to the AP.

Cobane, a 15-year veteran of the police force, said he never imagined he would “do anything to bring such notoriety to my department. Sadly, I did.”

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