Hip Hop News: Jeru Speaks on Guru/ This is How Immigration Laws Should Work

A few thoughts for today…First here are a few articles to peep:

Second, I just wanna go on record and say the CEO of BP Tony Hayward is a real dip shit. Saw him on the Today Show and he just seemed too smug and arrogant for aguy who just destroyed 40% of the country’s wetlands.

he seemed pretty dismissive when it was brought to his attention that there are scientist proposing more effective ways to cap the leak which has know larger than the state of Delaware. Dude showed no sense of urgency and his apology was weak..

I don’t think people realize that once everything is said and done we’re gonna have real big problem including food shortages. Sit on that for a minute and we’ll build on that in another column.

Caught Nas and Damien Marley last night..It was sold out at Oakland’s historic Fox Theater. The show was very, very, very  mellow. I’ve seen Nas at least a dozen times over the years and when he hits the stage the crowd is usually amped. Song after song usually results in loud applause. Last night, people were jovial. They smiled a lot which is cool…but the whole vibe was  laid back. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the Fox is in the heart of what we call Oakstradam. Right around the corner is Oakstradam University and it apparently many in the crowd paid a visit before coming to the show. As for the show from what I could see through the haze… it was pretty good..

I also caught up with Jeru Tha Damaja last night. He was at 330 Ritch in San Francisco celebrating the 16th anniversary of his landmark album ‘The Sun Rises in the East’. Folks who attended were treated to Jeru performing all the songs. It was streamed live from Hip-Hop.com.

I sat down with Jeru and talked to him about a variety of topics including the recent passing of his good friend and mentor Guru of Gang Starr. Jeru explained that Guru saved his life. Prior to hooking up with the Gang Starr Foundation, he was out in the streets living on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. He noted he did it all but Guru was able to pull him up and put him on the right path. For that he will forever be grateful.

Jeru also explained that one of the reasons he spit such conscious lyrics on that first album was because he was coming to a place where he realized his wrong doings and didn’t want those coming behind him to follow suit.  We’ll be posting the entire interview in the next few days. Until then enjoy this classic joint.


Moving on.. Things are heating up in Arizona as thousands of people are expected to touch down over the Memorial Day Weekend for 3 days of activities which will include a Friday night concert and a huge march on Saturday. Sunday will be spent exploring ways to put forth strategies…Check out http://www.altoarizona.com/

Lastly I came across this video that squarely puts the Immigration debate in perspective.  This may be hard for a lot of folks to take, but I think we all need to pause  and take along hard look and sincerely reflect. Something to ponder..Nuff said

-Davey D-


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