Suge Knight Arrested Once Again for Assault

LOS ANGELES — Hip Hop producer Suge Knight is in trouble with the law once again.

Knight, whose real name is Marion Hugh Knight, was arrested just after midnight Thursday in Gardena following an assault with a deadly weapon incident which occurred a short time earlier, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Nearly a half-dozen officers surrounded Knight’s white Cadillac Escalade in the area of Crenshaw Blvd. and 147th Street. He was then placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

Knight was booked for assault with a deadly weapon involving a gun and driving with a suspended license — a misdemeanor charge, police told KTLA.

No further details of the alleged assault were released.

Knight, 45, was booked at the Metro jail in downtown Los Angeles, and bail was set at $65,000, police said.

The co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records has a long history of being in trouble with the law.

In 1996, he was sent to prison for a parole violation.

The following year, he was sentenced to 9 years for the violation.

He was released in 2001 but was sent back to jail in 2003 for violating parole.

Death Row Records suffered after Knight’s incarceration.

He was implicated in the March 2009 armed robbery of Los Angeles-based R&B/Hip Hop producer Noel “Detail” Fisher.

Knight was most recently accused of having 10 men taken jewelry from Jerold Ellis, who uses the name Yukmouth, outside a Los Angeles supermarket. Ellis later recanted the story.

Knight’s name is derived from “Sugar Bear” — a childhood nickname.

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Trae the Truth vs Radio One-Round 2: Judge Says ‘No’ to Trae’s Injunction During Preliminary Hearings

Last week we told you about Houston artist Trae the Truth suing Radio One’s KBXX for issuing a ban on him and his music. Many of us were pretty happy that such a move was being made due to the fact his banning was the sort of indiscriminate activity that happens all the time. Far too often behind the scenes at these commercial outlets, artists are strong armed in one form or fashion. They are made to do free shows, pay for van wraps, sponsor fly aways to award shows and a whole host of illegal, yet made to appear legal types of schemes, in exchange for airplay.

Artists are often told they better not go to a rival station or even smaller college or community stations to do interviews, provide drops and do shout outs, do shows or anything else least they get banished from the airwaves of the commercial giant they offended.  I never understood why an artists would agree to such condition and remain exclusive to a radio station while that station is not exclusive to him as an artist…

The behind the scenes manipulation and oftentimes outright bullying is not well-known to folks not in the business which is understandable because its embarrassing and an image killer for the artist. Folks who’ve been around in the industry long enough can probably attest  the general public would be shocked to see how many tough, sneering, grill wearing gangsta rapper types who supposedly run-their block, get brow beat, yelled at and made to kiss the ring of a program or music director who would never ever set foot in that artist’s hood.  It’s often an abusive relationship where you see immense talent being given over freely to corporate media giants that literally suck the life and soul out of an artist. The saddest part to all this is seeing artists so desperate and anxious for airplay that they allow themselves or in more than a few cases their label forces them to be reduced to a cheap commodity as they go along with the program.

Trae’s lawsuit against Radio One earned him props because it symbolized an artist standing up but alas last Friday a Houston Judge Bill R Burke rejected Trae’s injunction against the station. He claimed there was no logical way to force the radio station to play his music and that his request was ‘impossibly broad’. He also encouraged Trae to start his own radio station.

A lawyer for Radio One reaffirmed what the judge noted and added that if their ban on Trae the Truth causes him to not make money-‘Then it was too bad’.

According to What took place was last week was a preliminary hearing. It resumes on August 16th.

This is a minor set back especially when you consider the airwaves are public. If such a lawsuit doesn’t work out, Trae may have to do to use his popularity and encourage an all out boycott. The fact that so few artist are willing to speak up is why it was easy for this judge to say no to an injunction. What’s also bad is that we haven’t had more media justice people get hip to this fight. This is not about airplay for Trae.. he’s popular with or without it. What’s problematic is that the station is strong arming artists and telling them if they associate with Trae in any way they will not receive airplay.. If they can get artists to behave like that, why not tell artists to do right by the community or not get played? Well keep you posted as things unfold..Hopefully more artists will stand up..

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Rachel Maddow & Rand Paul Square Off Over Civil Rights & Racism

Last night Rachel Maddow and newly elected Tea Party icon Rand Paul son of Congressman Ron Paul square  off over the Civil Rights Act..

This should give you some keen insight into the political mindset of the Pauls and what they are ultimately about..

Here’s a brief summary from Mediaite

Since last Tuesday, it’s been morning after week for Kentucky Senate Republican candidate Rand Paul. While he recorded interviews at NPR and The O’Reilly Factor today, he didn’t waste any time booking himself for the toughest interview he could find. Tonight, that interview was on The Rachel Maddow Show. Don’t be deceived by the lack of shouting– this was by far the most heated exchange of the night across cable news.

It wasn’t the first time Paul was on the program– in fact, he had announced his candidate for Kentucky Senate on The Rachel Maddow Show months before. But last night’s interview was almost like a science experiment: put two of the most ideologically pure people in the politi-media world together to challenge each other on one of the issues they each care about the most. For Paul, that issue is the rights of the individual and the danger of the federal government stepping over them. For Rachel Maddow, the issue is institutional discrimination and the moral obligation to abolish it. That, at least, is how each one of them saw the respective problems and successes of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which Paul had been coming under attack for allegedly opposing.

While, as he has before, Paul reiterated that he personally hates racism and, for the most part, likes the Civil Rights Act, he is definitely giving people the space to assume that he would be ok with segregated businesses, because he expects the practice to negatively affect a business so much that the market wold take care of eliminating racism without the government getting in the way. It’s a consistent application of his ideology, but Maddow counters that, in practice, the market just hasn’t proven enough of a detractor to ensure that racism will not be institutionalized.

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