He’s Really Not Into Us-The Cruxifiction of Van Jones



DaveyD-leather-225Big shout out to Jasiri X for stepping up and doing this video and song. (see video and his article below) He has the right message and understanding. Far too many people think this is solely about Van Jones the person and not Van Jones and the people he represents. What I mean by that is this.. President Obama said that he wanted to surround himself with a variety of voices that represented the rich tapestry of this country. He said he wanted to hear from everyone-all sides.

From day one President Obama stacked his cabinet and advisory positions with staunch Republicans, Middle of the road folks, young, old, people of all races etc. He made room at the table for all his rivals and outright haters. The one critique that came out early on was that he didn’t have any progressives sitting in any of those seats. This was blatantly unfair, because it was people on the far left via the blogosphere and young people who were involved in youth organizations like the one Van started (Ella Baker Center) who early on came out in full support and put in work pounding the streets for Obama and turning out in record numbers to the polls to help put him into office. Many of these folks were first time voters and it was important not to mislead them or allow them to get disillusioned or sour on electoral politics.

People fitting this bill were already disappointed that Obama backpedaled on some of his early promises including his stance on the closing of Gitmo, not attending the UN Conference on Racism, not smashing down on wiretapping, going after Bushes people who committed crimes, singlepayer for healthcare etc.. With each moan and groan of disappointment, people were told, ‘please be patient-give the President a chance, he’s only been in office for 6 months’. We were told to be quiet and let him do his job, while everyone else from parties and organization that never voted for him and in fact, worked hard to defeat him, were kicking up dust and getting some sort of accomodatation.

People have tried, but it seemed like with each passing day, a President who holds super majorities in both the house and Senate was being wimpy and at every turn giving into every over the top, race baiting accusations and outlandish assertions from the far right. He was allowing himself to get whoo-rided and that was not cool. Van Jones being in the White House  gave many of the folks coming from that perspective some sort of hope that things would be alright. He was one voice, but it repped a lot of folks who were feeling left out. At the very least, one could say President Obama has ‘people of all sizes, shapes and political ideologies at the table. To allow Van Jones to go and not defend him spoke volumes about the character of the guy sitting in that office on Pennsylvania Ave.

I liken this who situation  to a guy or a girl who keeps doing everything they can to win the attention and ultimately affections of someone they really like. You do everything you possibly can, send flowers, write songs, help them out of bad situations, speak highly of them when everyone else speaks ill etc.  Sadly with each gesture and advance you find less attention is being paid. Phone calls aren’t returned. Invites aren’t offered and that person goes out his/her way to avoid you. What makes it worse is the person you like is hell bent on chasing down someone who doesn’t respect him/her, treats them poorly and shows no love at all. It even worse when you see that person agreesively courting someone who has mistreated them or even been brutal.  You watch them chase the bad while ignoring your kind heart  and the message is soon loud and clear.  In this case its simple.. President Obama  is not really into us..

Something to Ponder

-Davey D-


The Cruxifiction of Van Jones

by Jasiri X

JasiriX-OneHood-225Yall know I’m a Media Literist. (Yeah I went Keith Murray on that one.) So when Glenn “Looney Tunes” Beck started to take shots at Van Jones I watched the situation very closely. Of course Van’s old group which he co-founded but is no longer associated,  Color of Change set it off on Beck costing him almost 60 advertisers and almost his job, but these Right Wing dudes do not lay down.

Beck came out swinging with the heavy lumber, and because he’s at Fox News the story just doesn’t end with him no matter how ridiculous. Once it gained traction Sean Hannity jumped in and then Bill O’ Riley now you got a digital rumble. But instead of coming to his aid the White House let him fight it out himself. (I guess that’s what you call tough love.) When I woke up Sunday Morning and found out Van had resigned I was VERY upset.

What made me so mad was Van was the closes thing to having ya partna in the White House. Now I don’t know him personally but I do know he’s a activist straight from the Hood, and everything Fox hatin on him for made him that much more real in my eyes. Plus even with his activist street cred brother has a law degree from Yale and some of the most innovative ideas to help heal our community. That being said I’ve had about enough of Fox News lynching black men (primarily) and all people who speak truth to power. I mean Michael Jacksoncouldn’t even catch a break! So since Fox is breakin out the big guns so am I, and yes I tried my best to wait to September 29 which is the This Week With Jasiri X Season 3 Premiere but I couldn’t let another brother get crucified and remain silent.

Strong Shout Out to Paradise Gray  who was behind the camera and Track Fiends Production for the hot beat!

Jasiri X

 In closing folks may wanna peep this speech that Van gave at the Powershift Summit in front of ten thousand people. He recieved a thunderous standing ovation. This was right before he was appointed to the White House..

breakdownFM-logo-podcast-30Breakdown FM-Van Jones at Powershift Summit..



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