Who is a Hip Hop pioneer and what is a legend?


Who is a Hip Hop pioneer and what is a legend?
by Popmaster Fabel
Popmaster Fabel

Popmaster Fabel


The following thoughts are a follow up and further clarification to the statement I made yesterday:

“Fascinating how people appoint themselves as Hip Hop pioneers yet they pioneered nothing in this culture. Thanks to GrandMaster Caz for coining the term “lieoneer”! This term is brilliant! I piggy back on that and ask that people question the lieoneer’s by checking their “liographies”. You might fool some but you can’t fool all. People should play their positions and stop fakin’ the funk.”

pioneer (noun): inventor or innovator
a person or group that is the first to do something or that leads in developing something new

legend (noun): celebrity
somebody famous admired for a skill or talent

Who is a Hip Hop pioneer and what is a legend? The definitions above are taken from the dictionary on Microsoft Word. Both of these terms were used in their proper context back in the day. Nowadays, they are used synonymously – loosely thrown around with no merit or truly earned credit. A prime example would be a martial artist who advances in rank and degree. They earn their belts and are dubbed a higher-level student by the sensei, master, grandmaster, etc. Another example is the way Free Masons earn their degrees from an apprentice to a master mason and beyond. Those who either taught you or came before you grant you the privilege of that title. Hip Hop culture has it’s own sense of protocol and hierarchy.

We have the first generation of architects who for the most part established each component of the culture (DJ, MC, dancers, aerosol artist, beat boxers, fashion trend setters, etc.). Then we have those who either added on to their equation as innovators or just followed in suit and made a name for themselves locally or globally. Hip Hop’s pioneers are recognized and credited for their contributions and are considered legends as well. Others may not be pioneers but did earn legendary status as a result of their skill level, commitment and lastly, their fame.

In summary, I chose to write this because I feel that there are too many “Hip Hopportunists”, a word that I coined for those who fake the funk just to get over in the culture today. They tend to distort history and try to take titles rightfully earned by the true pioneers and legends. I never considered myself a pioneer or legend until my mentors, teachers and elders bestowed upon me these honorable titles. Out of respect, I didn’t mention any names in my initial post so anyone who feels guilty should question their own sense of history. Be careful how you respond to this so that you don’t add yourselves to the list of fakers or discredit others who are pioneers or legends in the process. If you want to learn Hip Hop history, you should carefully examine how it all came to be.

Bound by honor and loyalty,

PopMaster Fabel


Lou Dobbs to Speak at Hate Rally-CNN’s Credibility at Risk


Lou Dobbs-When will CNN Finally let this man go?

Lou Dobbs-When will CNN Finally let this man go?

This should come as no surprise to anyone. What else can corporate media do that it hasn’t done already, especially when it comes to the issue of race and how it treats marginalized and oppressed communities.  Guys like Lou Dobbs should’ve been bounced a long time ago,  but he is apparently protected by the powers that be and he seems to pushing an agenda that his bosses agree with..

With that in mind, I suggest that people who take issue with Dobbs and his ilk, use this appearnce as an opportunity to light more fires.. While a boycott may be good.. How about us all posting a simple avatar that says No to CNN /No to Lou Dobbs.  I say turn up the heat and let your displeasure be known..hell I say demand to have a community representative who is well versed in such issues be granted a show. How smart would that be? I guess the name of the game is to not empower people in the least.

What’s interesting to note is that CNN has been slipping in the ratings with MSNBC surpassing them. One must wonder if CNN is now going to be focusing on the birther/ tonhall/ rightwing nut crowd or if they are gonna fall back and try to nurture an audience with the people their commentators like to routinely crap on?

-Davey D-

Lou Dobbs to appear at hate rally; CNN credibility at risk

August 30, 4:16 PMPortland Progressive ExaminerMichael Stone

Lou Dobbs is planning to appear and speak at a hate rally, putting CNN’s journalistic credibility at risk. Dobbs, conservative radio personality and CNN on air personality, is scheduled to speak at a rally sponsored by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). The organization has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

FAIR is often criticized for running racially offensive ads. The group was founded by John Tanton, who has a long history of making racist statements and espousing racist beliefs. A FAIR press release announced that Dobbs will broadcast his show from the rally and will be joined by 47 conservative talk radio hosts. Entitled “Hold Their Feet to the Fire”, the legislative advocacy event and rally is scheduled for September 15 and 16.

Recently Dobbs has been under a great deal of scrutiny and criticism. Just last month Dobbs humiliated himself and CNN by trying to legitimize the birther movement. During and after the birther episode many inside sources thought Dobbs would be fired by CNN. His behavior and actions certainly merited dismissal.

Now Dobbs finds himself in another kettle of hot water. Dobbs has always been willing to endorse and tolerate racist views when it comes to immigration. Agreeing to speak on behalf of a known hate group is simply beyond the pale of good taste and common sense. Such an individual is a liability, not an asset, to CNN, or any legitimate news organization.

It is time for CNN to let Dobbs go. Like Beck before him, he has no place with a legitimate news organization. No doubt Dobbs will be welcomed over at FOX News, a place where racists and lunatics alike tend to congregate.

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Breakdown FM: Interview w/ Pittsburgh Rapper Jasiri X-The police State of Pittsburgh & the Upcoming G20 Summit



Jasiri X gave a sobering wake up call about the state of affairs in Pittsburgh which has been deemed 'America's Most Liveable City'

Jasiri X gave a sobering wake up call about the state of affairs in Pittsburgh which has been deemed 'America's Most Liveable City'

We sat down with Pittsburgh rap star Jasiri X of the organization One Hood who talked to us about all that was going on the city which has made national news because of the city’s infamous footbal team , the Steelers winning a record number 6 superbowls. Residents proudly refer to the city as Sixburgh as people around the nation praised the city as one that has returned from the harsh economic turbulance of Steelmills shutting down and factories leaving to go overseas.  

Jasiri X laid to rest those myths by pointing out that underneath the pride and swagger is another story  as the city gets prepared for the upcoming G20 Summit. His assessment was sobering and eye opening and in stark contrast with the nationwide write up Pittsburgh had recently gotten as being the ‘most liveable city in America’. 

 Most notable in this interview was Jasiri expressing profound disappointment in the way President Obama has allowed a number things around the issues of poverty and police brutality slide.  There were many within the organization One Hood who spent countless hours registering people to vote and taking them to the polls only to have them and their community overlooked when Obama’s aid Valerie Jarrett came to town and made shocking statements  about how economic hardships have not befallen Pittsburgh. Jasiri talked in great detail about the immense poverty that still exists in many of the city’s Black communities. He talked about how gentrification and new developments have worsened things not made them better.

He talked about the on going police harrassment and terror residents are experiencing on a routine basis.  He talked about how the Pittsburgh police department has been making practice runs for the upcoming G20 summit, in the Black community. They been using all sorts of new crowd control and surveillenace techniques in the hood.

Jasiri X talked about how the police have been showing up in the hood with army tanks and extra man power even though several officers have been killed in in neighborhoods outside the hood. Pittsburgh is becoming a police state with all sorts of laws restricting people’s movements being put into place. Among those victimized by this new crackdown are people activist/journalist  Paradise Gray of X-Clan. He was recently arrested on trumped up charges when he came to film a protest that people were having against gentrification.  Many feel Gray was arrested so he could be on the books and face stiffer penalties should he show up to film or protest at the upcoming G20 summit.

Jasiri talked about how officers have been put on notice that if they leak out any information about security plans for the upcoming G20 Summit, they will be terminated. Sadly no officer has been terminated for committing acts of brutality. He noted how the city has been hiring police outside the city of Pittsburgh and how its caused a lot of tension and unrest.

Jasiri talked about how all protests in city parks have been banned in preparation for the G20. All permits have been denied including one solicted by a Pittsburgh legislator. 



Breakdown M Podcast Interview w/ Pittsburgh Rapper Jasiri X




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