Verizon Spies on Millions Obama Defends Them with Bush-Like Excuses

BarackObama-BlackbushSo Verizon has been collecting millions of phone records every day.. and passing them on to the govt.. They’re hiding behind Patriot Act. This is the same Verizon that was going all out to get rid of Net Neutrality.. I see you Mr Verizon and I remember…

With respect to this latest spying drama, let the record note that when President Obama campaigned in 08.. He stated that phone companies collecting data and surveilling on people was outrageous..Than on June 20th 2008 in the middle of his historic presidential campaign, Obama went and supported the FISA bill which allowed for wide sweeping Intel gathering.. It was Obama’s first big portrayal…It came at the expense of early supporters many of them to the far left who vehemently opposed this practice under Bush and got on board w/ Obama because he supposedly opposed it as well..

At the time people expressed outrage, but many of the new folks who had hoped on the Obama Campaign especially Black folks who had been riding hard for Hillary, insisted that we all be quiet and let this brilliant man for Harvard play chess, not checkers.. We were told that he needed to do this to get elected and once he was in office he would do the right thing..

Well since being in office Mr Obama has resigned the Patriot Act and supported the provisions which allow telecoms to spy on us and be free of lawsuits.. We also know that Obama has been the one ordering all this spying and just this morning, Obama says he needs the phone companies to spy on us so he can fight the war on terror..That’s the same weak azz excuse Bush gave which made us protest in the streets and rally around Obama back in ’08..

Was Obama playing chess and not checkers?? Nope Obama was straight up lying to us resulting in his Kool Aid drinking He can do no wrong admirers saying silly shyt like:-“Well If we aren’t committing crimes, he can spy on us all day’..yeah Obama can spy on you all day unless of course you are the mainstream press and many of his ride or die pundits who were complicit..Let me explain..

it was just 2 or 3 weeks ago all these media pundits and outlets signed a letter of protest to Obama’s department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder expressing outrage that he was spying on the media..Remember those pundits who told us about chess not checkers and why get upset if you aren’t guilty.. We’ll many of those same people signed onto that letter, mad as hell that their guilt-free butts were being spied upon.. Those were the same folks who show up on TV every night telling us why we should pipe down and stop hating on the first Black President..

In the meantime Obama will be in San Jose right in the heart of Silicon Valley.. I would go down and protest, but I’m fearful that the Obama butt kissers will say that I’m being rude and that I should go talk to Congress even though it was Obama himself who ordered all this spying…

So lets 06 when Bush spied we cheered in 08 when Obama said he wanted to spy we said hush, he’s playing 2013 now we know that Obama has been spying we have folks saying things like: Why complain now when he’s been spying for years.. I just had an Obama excuse maker say to me.. ‘Dave all Presidents spy, why get mad at Obama.. Damn dummy.. I’m mad at Obama same way as I was mad at Bush when he was spying..Under Bush he was checking on foreign phone calls.. Obama has been getting at all of us..

It’s amazing that the very things that disrupted our communities in the 60s and 70s under Cointel-pro are now being cheered by folks today when its this nice looking man who has nice looking wife doing it.. Where I come from we call it ‘Friendly Fascism’.. It’s a damn shame..

9 comments on “Verizon Spies on Millions Obama Defends Them with Bush-Like Excuses

  1. Republican or Democrat?? Does it matter? They’re two sides of the same coin. I hope black folks are starting to wake up. It’s obvious Obama is not the savior many thought he was. He seems to be something totally different. But the sleepers still won’t get it though.

  2. The right to privacy and freedom of speech ; seems to be more and more under the gun.
    Passing bills and legislation for one thing and abuse it somewhere else.

    It used to be that enforcement would needs a warrant to wear a wire or wiretap a phone. A warrant could take around 90 days. Those days were used to see if a warrant was justifiable or not..
    Now who knows. It seems that they can bypass or ramrod stuff without proper due diligence.
    I have no evidence ; but I believe that the FBI forced their hand upon the telecommunication companys to comply to there own borderline legal needs.
    Later when org. like ACLU got involved and threatened lawsuits ; you started to see legislation being passed by Bush and now Obama admin. that shields the telecom. companies from getting sued otherwise they would go bankrupt.
    Right now its a mess.

  3. …Thank you Dave…this man iz a fraud…sorry to hurt some feelings out there. The field negro vs the house negro. Yeah, I watched the movie Malcolm X. I know what time it is and the mass media can´t pull the wool over my eyez. Excellent piece. Big brother is watching us watching them…

  4. I’m glad to see many are starting to judge this man by the content of his character. Renewal if the Patriot Act, signed the NDAA which is a nightmare for anyone who believea in Civil Rights, now this. Terrorism is being used as an excuse to trample our rights. Thanks for speaking out while there is still time

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