The President Needs all that Data to Fight Terrorist-But Which Terrorist is He Fighting?

Brack Obama in San Jose President Obama is in San Jose this morning.. right smack dab in the heart of Silicon Valley which is home to many of the high-tech companies that have been collecting all this data and intel from millions of innocent people… Now I know he’s scheduled to speak on Healthcare today, and Lord knows, we need some decent healthcare with all the stress caused by us learning that a guy who campaigned on being opposite the man who preceded him (George Bush) has doubled down and went far and beyond where Bush has ever gone when it comes to surveillance and violation of our privacy.

We all need some nurturing and good healthcare to recover from this spying crap…but who knows, maybe while he’s here, our beloved President will  head on over to Google or Facebook and personally gather up the data they been collecting so he can continue his valiant, unwavering  fight on the war on terror.

In fighting the War on terror ya gotta wonder if President Obama is gonna look at all that data to fight corporate terrorism.  I know people get uncomfortable when you say things like corporate terrorism but wage theft, wage depressions, increased privatization of public goods, decreased benefits, unsafe and toxic work environments resulting in debt and deaths is something we can’t ignore..

In fighting this war on terror will president Obama look at the phone records of the CEOs of Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Target, Disney and other retailers who are responsible for turning a blind eye to unsafe conditions in factories in places like Bangladesh where they pay $38 dollars month to beleaguered workers while buildings catch fire or outright collapse resulting in hundreds getting killed?

Maybe while examining those phone records our President can find out if there has been any sort of illegal collusion amongst those companies to not pay a living wage and to bust up any attempts by workers to organize. Certainly President Obama, a former community organizer will be putting his best foot forward to fight economic terrorism being waged on people here at home..One out of seven Americans are in poverty.. One out of 4 kids are in poverty. Its a hard pill to swallow, but its true..

Koch Brothers

Maybe Obama will fight these economic terrorist the Koch Brothers

Will President Obama armed with this data crack down on unlawful, unethical and questionable business practices by the likes of  ‘evil’ corporate entities like the Koch Brothers, Monsanto, Wal-Mart, Wall Street banks and the Correction Corporation of America (CCA) who as Kanye West recently pointed out has teamed up with the DEA to make us their ‘new slaves’?

Maybe our President in fighting terrorism will look at the phone records and emails of shady lawmakers who teamed up insidious types to get harmful Stand Your Ground laws passed via ALEC…Or perhaps our President will be looking at those phone records to see what sort of off the book sinister dealings have been going on with the NRA members,  its leadership and gun runners who have flooded our community with cheap easy to get firearms,  while steadfastly refusing to pass gun control legislation, not even background checks..

Yes I’m certain Mr Obama is here in Silicon Valley collecting data to see who exactly is responsible for the sale of illegal guns which if resulting in a reign of terror that has far surpassed the loss of life than 9-11…Or wait.. perhaps our President is here in Silicon Valley to fight the war on terror in the form of Monsanto who has crippled so many with GMOs and has economically tanked lots of farmers in countries all over the world by patenting seeds and contaminating fields with their own trademark crops.. Will he be checking their phone records and see what mischief they and other agribusinesses have caused. Maybe its me but the use being flooded with GMOs is chemical warfare.. and last I checked chemical warfare is terrorism.. So maybe our President is hot on the trail to shut that down..

Or maybe, just maybe our President is here to fight environmental terrorism, like the one waged by Big Oil which have polluted our air resulting in unprecedented cases of asthma amongst our kids.. Now that’s terror for real.

Maybe Mr Obama will be checking to see just how much was known before hand, what warning signs were ignored and what sort of deliberate systemic neglect was going on prior and what our environment ravaged by corporate based disasters like the Gulf Coast oil spill caused by BP.

Maybe the data collected will reveal if there are any underhanded shenanigans going on around the Keystone XL Pipeline.. Y’all know that pipeline, that’s the same pipeline former Ambassador Susan Rice who he just put back in his cabinet has substantial investments in..On a side note,  I wonder if it rude of all those little  kids who came out to protest the president yesterday in Palo Alto.. They were mad at the Pipeline situation.. Those damn rude school kids.. but lets no digress.

Police spyRecently the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement updated their Report on police killings in the Black community.. Its now showing that every 26 Hours law enforcement officers kill a Black person in America. With police brutality at all time highs and the policeman’s bill of rights firmly inplace making it difficult for citizens to know the records of officers patrolling their streets, I wonder if Obama and those looking at the intel will reveal what sort of ugly things are really going on in those departments.

It wasn’t too long ago that pompous, holier than thou pundits were beating their chest yelling USA! USA! USA!, bragging about American Exceptionalism and crowing to the world that we would never ever be like China..But alas here we are, spying on folks, collecting data from millions, keeping people imprisoned indefinitely and turning a blind eye to our President declared the world a perpetual battlefield via NDAA , resulting in him justifying the making of his weekly Kill List..

Well anyway… Go Mr President.. Get that Data Mr President! Black Power Mr President..

-Davey D-

Verizon Spies on Millions Obama Defends Them with Bush-Like Excuses

BarackObama-BlackbushSo Verizon has been collecting millions of phone records every day.. and passing them on to the govt.. They’re hiding behind Patriot Act. This is the same Verizon that was going all out to get rid of Net Neutrality.. I see you Mr Verizon and I remember…

With respect to this latest spying drama, let the record note that when President Obama campaigned in 08.. He stated that phone companies collecting data and surveilling on people was outrageous..Than on June 20th 2008 in the middle of his historic presidential campaign, Obama went and supported the FISA bill which allowed for wide sweeping Intel gathering.. It was Obama’s first big portrayal…It came at the expense of early supporters many of them to the far left who vehemently opposed this practice under Bush and got on board w/ Obama because he supposedly opposed it as well..

At the time people expressed outrage, but many of the new folks who had hoped on the Obama Campaign especially Black folks who had been riding hard for Hillary, insisted that we all be quiet and let this brilliant man for Harvard play chess, not checkers.. We were told that he needed to do this to get elected and once he was in office he would do the right thing..

Well since being in office Mr Obama has resigned the Patriot Act and supported the provisions which allow telecoms to spy on us and be free of lawsuits.. We also know that Obama has been the one ordering all this spying and just this morning, Obama says he needs the phone companies to spy on us so he can fight the war on terror..That’s the same weak azz excuse Bush gave which made us protest in the streets and rally around Obama back in ’08..

Was Obama playing chess and not checkers?? Nope Obama was straight up lying to us resulting in his Kool Aid drinking He can do no wrong admirers saying silly shyt like:-“Well If we aren’t committing crimes, he can spy on us all day’..yeah Obama can spy on you all day unless of course you are the mainstream press and many of his ride or die pundits who were complicit..Let me explain..

it was just 2 or 3 weeks ago all these media pundits and outlets signed a letter of protest to Obama’s department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder expressing outrage that he was spying on the media..Remember those pundits who told us about chess not checkers and why get upset if you aren’t guilty.. We’ll many of those same people signed onto that letter, mad as hell that their guilt-free butts were being spied upon.. Those were the same folks who show up on TV every night telling us why we should pipe down and stop hating on the first Black President..

In the meantime Obama will be in San Jose right in the heart of Silicon Valley.. I would go down and protest, but I’m fearful that the Obama butt kissers will say that I’m being rude and that I should go talk to Congress even though it was Obama himself who ordered all this spying…

So lets 06 when Bush spied we cheered in 08 when Obama said he wanted to spy we said hush, he’s playing 2013 now we know that Obama has been spying we have folks saying things like: Why complain now when he’s been spying for years.. I just had an Obama excuse maker say to me.. ‘Dave all Presidents spy, why get mad at Obama.. Damn dummy.. I’m mad at Obama same way as I was mad at Bush when he was spying..Under Bush he was checking on foreign phone calls.. Obama has been getting at all of us..

It’s amazing that the very things that disrupted our communities in the 60s and 70s under Cointel-pro are now being cheered by folks today when its this nice looking man who has nice looking wife doing it.. Where I come from we call it ‘Friendly Fascism’.. It’s a damn shame..

Thoughts on Obama and Cuts to Social Security-Can’t Truss It

social security checkWanna remind folks that tomorrow (wed April 10th 2013) President Obama will present his budget proposal.. Within that proposal are plans to cut social security to the tune of $112 billion dollars..Social security is already suffering in two main ways.. First, its being called an entitlement and we see very little correction with that labeling. Words are important, because it implies that folks who receive social security are somehow gaming the system vs having paid into it over a lifetime.. In short Social security is being ‘dehumanized’.. It’s being made to sound like a poison..

Second, the average payment one receives under social security is pretty bleak..I think its something like $1200.oo  That’s not really enough for someone who is now an elder to live comfortably off of.. Many of y’all reading this who are most likely to be saddled by economic challenges of your own ranging from upside down mortgages, to college tuition for your kids or student loans that still need to be paid off had best be figuring out how you will be helping your parents, because the check the govt is cutting won’t cut it..

We are at a day and time where more robust payments should be made toward our seniors..Our national conversation should be about comprehensive elder care that goes way beyond facilities to help those with dementia, but how to seriously improve the quality of life for our aging parents  and grandparents but that does not seem to happening.. Instead we’re being hit with news about congressional investigations as to why two multi-millionaires, Jay-Z and Beyonce went to Cuba..All of this is complicated by the fact that those who have alot.. ie the 1% do not under any circumstances want to pay more in taxes.. Instead they wanna privatize social security or get a system in place where you the individual start playing around with the market and investments..  I hope folks are paying attention.. So far two million people have signed a petition which was presented to the White House..

Here’s a couple of articles and shows that you may wanna peep to be brought up to speed..President Obama is the first President to propose cuts to social security.. Some are saying don’t trip he won’t cut nothing.. There’s a long list of things we were told not to worry about, because it was believed President Obama would not compromise on.. We now know better..In the words of Public EnemyCan’t Truss It..

Washington Post: Social Security Needs Expansion

Nation: Two Million Sign Petition to Save Social Security

-Davey D-