SFPD Cant do Stop and Frisk, So They Now Turned to ‘Hunting’ & ‘Wolf Packing’

San Francisco Police Officers***Update**** The folks from Poor News Network have been following this case and released the following information about the young man shown in the video…His name is Kevin Clark and he’s an 18 year old Honors college student ..He was brutalized by the SFPD for simply walking down the street? He was not charged or arrested but cited for resisting and delaying. …..

The city of San Francisco, once a home to counter-culture and folks who were free-spirited has changed for the worse over the past 5-10 years.. Borrowing a page from New York’s Michael Bloomberg, the city by the Bay has modeled itself after New York by trying to become a playground for the über rich.. Poor folks mostly Black and Brown have been gentrified out of the city as the average rent has skyrocketed to 3500 for a one bedroom..

Over the past 10 years there’s been an explosion of ugly lime green (luxury green) high rises where starting price is a million dollars.. According to Tim Redmond of the Bay Guardian in a recent radio interview on KPFA, the target audiences for these new buildings are world travelers who seek to have homes in a variety of cities.. San Francisco being one of them.. His remarks underscored the landmark issue the BG called Soul of The City that focused on all htose being forced to move out of SF.. You can peep it HERE

As the SF has attempted to luxurize itself, one of the other tactics they attempted to borrow was Stop and Frisk from New York City. Mayor Ed Lee said he thought it would be a good idea, even SF is not known for being a violent city with an out of control crime problem.. many suspected that Lee would be concentrating Stop and Frisk efforts on folks living in the Tenderloin, which has a large homeless population and is an area where the mayor would like to see more high-tech companies relocate.. Twitter is already located in the tenderloin, not paying any taxes.

The other areas where many suspected Stop and Frisk would be used was in Bayview Hunters Point, the City’s last Black neighborhood.. Over the past 10 years Blacks have been moved out of SF with the population which was once a healthy 15% now less than 5%..

The other place where police repression was likely to be applied is ion the historic Mission district which is home to a very large Brown/ latino population. For folks who never been, the Mission has a similar vibe to LES/ The Village in New York, with alot of foot traffic, international flare, victorian houses which remind folks of brownstones and tons of eateries. . Many rich folks from out of town have been moving there, causing rents to rise and displacing long time residents.

San Francisco Police The Board of supervisors voted to over rule the mayor and turned down Stop and Frisk as level headed San Francisco residents made a huge stink. However, the Mayor undaunted along with his police have turned to another tactic.. Hunting or wolf packing. This how a a former San Francisco resident forced to relocate to Oakland described the tactic when she sent me this video of what she noted is this growing trend..

In the video below, you will see an example of this as  young Black man is nearly run over by a cop on the sidewalk..According to witnesses, he got into an argument with another cat his own age when police arrived upon the scene and immediately used their bikes to run him off the sidewalk…

He’s then slammed to the ground and his face mushed in the gutter for several minutes.. The suspect who is small is not resisting as more then 15 officers show up to arrest him.. The show of force is deliberate and a way of trying to intimidate residents.. It’s a damn shame to see this sort of abuse of power especially when you consider mayor Lee who was largely applauded for being the City’s first Asian-American Mayor was supposed to be a long-time Civil Rights attorney. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as many traditional civil rights orgs and leaders has been turned the concept upside down.

This is a city who’s police department in the past year had to toss over 50 cases of trumped of felonies thanks to corruption. This is also a police department that shot a man (Kenneth Harding) and let him lay dying in the street for all to see when he couldn’t produce proof of a two dollar fare..


This video below from SF Hip Hop artist Dregs One breaks down the gentrification drama in the city by the Bay


23 comments on “SFPD Cant do Stop and Frisk, So They Now Turned to ‘Hunting’ & ‘Wolf Packing’

  1. One thing I’ve never understood: why does it always take hella police to do the job of a single officer? I understand the argument that this is about showing force, but something about that smacks of institutional incompetence as well. When the call goes out that an officer needs assistance, why should EVERY officer respond? We don’t live in a warzone. Wait…I guess maybe we do. Nevermind.

    Any idea what happened to the kid?

  2. Africans in the United States have made no covenant with this government. When the constitution was written blacks were considered as subhuman and were the slaves of the slaveholders that penned that document. With this lack of foundation in the federal government we wonder why we are treated with out proper discretion towards our rights,over and over again. How can we truly be citizens of this government when no such covenant was made granting our natural executive power to the state.

    The purpose of a state is to protect its citizens from one another and set up institutions that will help its subjects survive as long as possible. The purpose of a state is to allow it’s citizens to survive as long as possible by being an arbiter in altercations. Here is a clear example, that is easily stacked upon thousands of other cases, where the natural rights of a citizens are breached. The purpose of the state in regards to the poor colored people of this country has expired.

  3. And you libs think republicans suck. Liberals are fascists with all the right soothing words and slgans, while they totally dominate your life and take all of your money.

  4. Ironic how all these black people voting or did vote really thought they were voting for some change.Only change is coming is more kick azz and beat down

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  7. Click on the following link to see police brutality, hunting, wolf packing by the OPD during the Oscar Grant Rebellions. The photos depict the OPD “arresting” a young 17 year old Afrikan youth and a white male who tried to come to the youth’s assistance.


    Note closely the terror tactics and physical brutality used by the OPD against unarmed citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

    I have thousands more photos like this. Do you think there were enough cops piled on to both of these individuals? Interestingly enough the white male – whose face was planted and then ground into the cement after his head was slammed into the iron pole you see in the photos – had attempted to come to the assistance of the young 17 year old African youth who was being “arrested” by over 20 cops simultaneously for doing nothing more than trash talking the police. Said police were out in force, as everyone could see during the Oscar Grant Rebellions in Oakland. (One person near me remarked during the Rebellions, that the last time he’d seen so many police, he was in Palestine.)

    If you look closely you can see the white male in the same photos as the Afrikan youth. He’s standing on the sidewalk loudly objecting to what the pigs are doing. The next time you see this man, his face is being ground into the cement by something in blue that looks to weigh about 300 pounds.

    That kid might have weighed 145 pounds on a good day, but as you can see, he has over 1000 pounds or more of pork (pork plus all of their “riot” gear) piled on him trying to bring him down, and they (the pork) were still having a hard time.

    And neither the Afrikan youth, nor the white male were armed.

    So tell me: what crimes were this Afrikan youth – and the white male who tried to help him – committing? What were they “stealing”? Who were they “shooting”? And who was being the most “violent”? Them, or the terrorists in blue who are assaulting them in broad daylight for all of the world to see? This wasn’t on the 6 o’clock news that day either – or any day – and it should have been for all of the TV cameras that were there.

    Anyone know what the penal code and statutes are for trash talking? Incarceration? Summary execution?

    From looking at these photos, taken in broad daylight, what do you think? Doesn’t this look like stage one of the trial in the streets, (stop and frisk) OPD-Police Chief Howard Jordan-Mayor Jean Kwan style?

    Photos by Malaika H Kambon, PEOPLE’S EYE PHOTOGRAPHY

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  9. I’d have to say that oftentimes the cops here are actually very passive. They’ve allowed people to attack one of the police stations with impunity even last year….

    I’m not saying that they don’t swing to either extreme-I’ve seen them treat the end of the old Halloween parade like Bull Connor confronting Civil Rights marchers-it’s just strange to see how little they do in other cases.

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