Black Riders for Liberation are in Oakland Policing the Police..

Black Riders for LiberationHere’s a couple of videos of the Black Riders for Liberation who are from LA and now have a chapter in the Bay Area doing their thing..

In the wake of Oakland City Council making plans to bring in former NY and LA police Chief William Bratton who advocates Stop and Frisk, on MLK Day the BRL were out policing the police..Making sure folks weren’t being harassed and hemmed up.. During the recent City Council Hearing on whether or not Oakland should hire former NY police Chief William Bratton, The BRL came up to speak.. had their mics turned off and still lit the floor up..

11 comments on “Black Riders for Liberation are in Oakland Policing the Police..

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  2. This is corny! maybey 5 black folk a year die at the hands of Cops in Oakland….. 175 die at the hands of black on black in the city… and yall felt the need to watch Cops was essential.. some one needs to Everyone wants to be somebody but if you want some points in the hood.. take it to the hood and that same speech you gave them take it to the east and west and take it to the people.. tell the people we are no longer standing for the bullshit..the murders of our children if youre gonna pedals crack in our community were gonna drop you.. if your gonna rob folk in our hood were gonna drop you.. If not save.. I dont wanna be racially profiled and Ive been a victim.. but I have a drivers license.. insurance and registration and when they profile me Im well on my way after. I can deal with it.. Brothas broke in my crib 3 x’s and niggas aint seen shit lmao

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  5. Black on black crime is another issue altogether. This is police abuse and misconduct which does not always result In a fat, shooting, but there is something very bothersome about those you pay to protect & serve you Beij g the very ones to unjustly criminalize you for being a certain skin color. I have a license and all that too, but being racially profiled doesn’t just end and I deal with it. That’s a messed up acceptance you’re going through with that one.

    When the police unjustly kill someone it’s a lot harder to hold them accountable. When a person of color is suspected of murder, they are arrested (often using excessive force) and have served jail time before they are ever found guilty. So yes, I think it’s important to focus on the police since people are programmed to think that badge signifies a morale individual or department that can be trusted.

    Police are supposed to be paid professionals, when is the last time you had a professional community that held their police department responsible? Likewise, if OPD had a crime lab and maybe even a few detectives then maybe you could find out who is breaking in your house and if they’re even black. Or is that some internal hatred of self there? All crimes are committed by black people type of thing?

  6. It’s a start… we must begin AGAIN to police our communites PERIOD. The police and ALL…….. ain’t but ONE LAW… and, I’m still tryna figure out what those colors mean above. Guess I need to READ-UP… but, just in case… I’m going with “BLACK”. 🙂

    One Love!

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