Meet Hip Hop’s Most Underrated Emcee-Black Thought

Who is Hip Hop’s most under rated emcee? Thats right you guessed it the one and only Black Thought of the legendary Roots Crew. He’s not to be toyed with and he proved that point when him and J Period wrecked shop at the True Skool 12th anniversary in San Francisco a few weeks ago. It was a show to remember and Thought came with it..Ya don’t belive me check out his flows..

2 comments on “Meet Hip Hop’s Most Underrated Emcee-Black Thought

  1. I agree as a fellow Pennsylvanian that Black Thought and the Roots are one of the most underrated talent in the game.

  2. Agreed. I’ve seen some Black Thought freestyles on YouTube and when homie freestyles, he rips mics with a VENGEANCE!!!!! Also, if y’all haven’t seen it, check out the indie film, “Night Catches Us”. The Roots composed the soundtrack, and Black Thought plays Anthony Mackie’s Brother. There’s also good performances by Kerry Washington, and a good story as well. Check it out. A really good director, a Sista named Tanya Hamilton, directed it. Peace.

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