Chillin’ w/PE pt1 Flav Set to Open Chicken Spot

Flava Flav of Public Enemy is always colorful and never a dull moment… On a recent trip to San Francisco we caught up with Hip Hop’s number 1 Hype Man to get the low down on his upcoming ventures.. He’s opening a Chicken spot in Iowa and introducing a line of beverages.. He explains where, why and how. He also is set to release a book.. Here’s our interview

5 comments on “Chillin’ w/PE pt1 Flav Set to Open Chicken Spot

  1. Before I go further, let me REITERATE that I have a ton of respect for the groundbreaking advances and contributions, that P.E., especially CHUCK, (i.e. SlamJamz, the SHEsquad, Crew Grrl Order, Female Emcee NicNac, Chuck’s show on Air America, etc.), GRIFF, THE S1Ws, have made and still continue to make.

    With that said, I’ll now go on: Wow – and I don’t mean that in a good way. I was just watching, “DROP Squad” the other day, and while this may hurt some folks’ feelings, as much as I love P.E., I CAN NOT stand Flava. He has become a new millenium minstrel, and hearing about this chicken restaurant venture reminds me of the, “General Otis Chicken” restaurant in the DROP Squad movie. Wonder if Flav got with a real-life Bruford Jamison??? I’d hate to see the commercial for it. I wonder if Watermelon is the desert item?

    Even Paris (who produced a couple of P.E.’s albums) mentioned a similar sentiment in his video, “Don’t Stop The Movement”. While I understand why INITIALLY Chuck put Flav in the group (to provide some humor to counterbalance the hard-core content and knowledge that Chuck, Griff, and the other members are known for; he also may have gotten some pressure from Russell and Lior Cohen, considering how they forced Chuck at one point to get rid of the hard-core teacher[Griff], and keep the jester [Flav]), I think it has backfired. The difference nowadays is the DEGREE to which Flav is acting a fool – at least back then, Flav was still bringing in some intelligence with his foolishness. Not so much nowadays. To quote JB, Flav is now, “too far gone”.

    In closing, if Flav decides to really rehabilitate himself (and I DON’T mean by the conventional means that are touted and passed off as rehabilitative and corrective), I will be checking more for him. I’m not holding my breath. Peace.

    Best Regards,

    Critical Eye

  2. All these people are clowns. Chuck D only makes his superficial fake contributions to remain relevant in the press. The stop motion on the youtube video displays how much of a clown he is. His websites are mediocre stockpiled bullshit and suck. He parasites off a fan base of clueless abused adult children for profit. He doesn’t fight the power, he exploits the publics ignorance with cheap cliche’s for an easy buck at the expense of ghetto zombies believing this dumb shit actually is something. Flavor Flav is simply a crack addict and Griff is a fruit cake conspiracy theorist who knows NOTHING.

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