The Rent is Too Damn High Party Resonates w/ Audience During NY Gov Debate

It’s gonna be hard to watch a gubernatorial debate and not have some one on the panel as outspoken and as colorful as Jimmy McMillan from the ‘Rent is Too Damn High Party

As I was watching this debate the other night for governor of New York at Hofstra University, I was glad to see that they opened up the event to all 7 candidates. This needs to be done more and we as a voting public we need to demand this..It would’ve been a oh hum affair just to see Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino. Well lemme take that back.. Paladino and his outbursts of ignorance can be entertaining until you realize folks are actually voting for him. But normally speaking, too many debates are corporate driven exercises where everything is scripted down to the questions. Very rarely do we have fireworks and real conversation. The excuse given by debate organizers is that there are too many characters who don’t deserve to be on the stage with the ‘real’ candidates.

When you stop to think about the so-called front running ‘real candidates’ who belong to the Republican and Democrat party are often characters. They play the role of being elusive, overly cautious and staying on message. The viewing public is left trying to figure out what’s truth and what’s spin. There’s never anyone else on the stage who can raise other perspectives and challenge scripted assertions. This needs to change.

Former Black Panther & NY City Councilman Charles Barron is running for Governor under the newly formed Freedom Party

What was good about the NY gubernatorial debate we got to see everyone. We got to see Brooklyn City Council member Charles Barron who was repping for the new Freedom Party. many didn’t know he stepped out and has tried to get traction for a much-needed third-party that doesn’t have to compromise. In short he gave folks something to vote for.

As noted earlier we also got to see Jimmy McMillan from the ‘Rent is Too High Party‘. He was the breakout star who was funny and provided comic relief of sorts but was at the same time, so right on point with his issue. In the age of Youtube we get to see how a debate should unfold and how a candidate should have passion for an issue.

It was also interesting to note how the NY gubernatorial debate was covered nationally. However in many places outside of NY the focus was only on Cuomo and Paladino.  This goes to show how a script is already written and being followed by Mainstream media.

Here’s some highlights..

I think people should check out the Freedom Party. Here’s a good interview with Charles Barron..After Barron answers the first question there’s about 45 seconds of down time as camera person reposition themselves to get a one on one interview I wish someone had recorded and posted up Barron’s remarks from the debate. I couldn’t find anything on Youtube.

Folks who were at the debate noted that not only was McMillan funny but watching Cuomo and Paladino got hemmed up was funny. They weren’t able to hide behind handlers or pre-approaved questions..My boy SlabTzu DelFuego noted: ‘People who saw the whole debate laughed allot, not just because of McMillain. They laughed every single time Quomo and Paladino got rocked.

“I think I have more experience dealing with corrupt politicians than anyone else on this stage” – Kristin Davis former escort running for Governor under the Anti-Prohibition Party

“Trusting Quomo and Paladino to take out corruption, is like asking an arsonist to take out a fire” was a highlighted quote he attributed to Charles Barron

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7 comments on “The Rent is Too Damn High Party Resonates w/ Audience During NY Gov Debate

  1. It’s sad to see. I’m a NY voter. I was counting on the debate to further expose the crazy bigotry of Carl Palladino (as a buffalonian I’ve known this for years). Instead this clown shows up with his gloves on and makes Paladino look sane. If months from now we find out the “Rent too damn high” party was put there by the republicans I’m not going to be surprised. McMillan’s rant saying Obama’s already provided the money to pay our rent and lower taxes elect me and I’ll get it….. that was exactly what the tea party claims liberal’s and blacks in america are like, dude was a caricature. People in my office are walking around today talking about “Carl isn’t that crazy after all”. Does anyone think the republican’s are above planting this guy?

    I would have thought the debate was hilarious had it been someone else’s state. But it’s mine and I was saddened.

    Charles Barron was OK I will vote for him or the green party guy who also made sense.

  2. LOL. I agree it could be a setup to distract people from Palladino’s issues, but I still changed my “political views” feature on facebook to “Rent is too Damn High Party” as soon as I saw this on the news. LOL. I’m with his message, but I agree it’s probably a charade designed to work in Palladino’s favor.

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  4. Davey D,

    I also didn’t see the debate for the 2010 NY Governor’s Race. However, who would’ve thought Jimmy McMillian would have stolen the show?

    Say what you will about Jimmy McMillan’s position, but he’s a perfect New Media Age candidate. By that i mean, From his wardrobe, his grooming and ability to speak in soundbites, he’s perfectly suited for internet and tv (and political theater for that matter). Note how viral he’s been.

    Will it make a difference come 2010 Election Day in NY? I doubt it. Jimmy McMillian’s perceived as a clown and I don’t see him making any significant inroads into the Cuomo Coronation.

    I also looked for quotes/clips from Charles Barron (who represents my area of Brooklyn as a New York City Councilman), but was unable to find any. Thanks for finding a few video clips of Charles Barron.

    -Teofilo Colon Jr.

    -Teofilo Colon Jr.

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