Glenn Beck & Alex Jones: Inspiration for White Supremacist 580 Freeway Shooter

580 Freeway Shooter Byron Williams claims he was inspired by Glenn Beck

Were Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck and 9-11 Conspiracy expert Alex Jones the inspiration for Byron Williams the 580 Freeway Shooter?

We sat down and spoke with Pacifica Radio investigative reporter John Hamilton about his story which first appeared on Media Matters called Progressive Hunter which details what led to the shootout in the wee hours of the morning on July 18th 2010 between 45 year old unemployed white supremacist named Byron Williams and California Highyway patrol last summer.

According to the article Glenn Beck and Alex Jones of prison planet/ infowars were key inspirations for Williams. On the night in question, Williams was enroute to San Francisco where he planned to shoot workers at the Tides Foundation which is an organization that helps distribute funds to left leaning non-profits and political organizations.

When all was said in done that fateful night 3 police officers were left lying in the highway injured. Williams who was wearing body armor had more firepower than the police who eventually subdued him.

Williams in his own chilling words said he was inspired by the attacks exposes put out by Fox News TV host Glenn Beck. We also come to learn that Jones has an even bigger influence.

In the interview below we hear clips from both Beck and Williams who is currently locked up in Santa Rita jail, 20 miles outside of Oakland awaiting trial.

We also talk about the leniency afforded to people like Beck while many others including rappers are shut down and material removed from public airwaves for fear of inciting violence.
This is the first of two parts
In the video below we continue our interview w/ investigative reporter John Hamilton who goes into more detail about the failed assassination plot carried out by Byron Williams.
We hear more about the influence Fox TV host Glenn Beck is having on domestic terrorists. We also focus on the influence Alex Jones had Byron Williams.

NFL Pro-Bowler Junior Seau Arrested for Domestic Violence Crashes SUV off Cliff

Junior Seau

Sadly this is becoming all too familiar, the arrest of an athlete or some other celebrity for domestic violence. Many were shocked to hear that former NFL 12 time Pro Bowler Junior Seau was the latest to go down this lane. Over the past year we’ve had everyone from Shannon Sharpe and Warren Sapp to Ben Roethlisberger get in hot water over alleged domestic violence and assault. Makes you wonder whats going on in the NFL.

According to police report Seau was arrested earlier this morning near his home in San Diego County. His 25-year-old girl friend called police the night before when the incident took place. Seau wasn’t present when police came to his crib. He wound up talking to the police and turned himself in this morning. His girlfriend suffered minor injuries.

Many found this shocking since Seau has a foundation that raises money for child abuse among other things. He’s long been seen as a pillar of the his community.

Complicating Seau’s arrest was him crashing off a cliff after being released. This took place near Carlsbad, California a few hours after he was released from jail. Folks aren’t sure if this was an accident or something related to his plight.. He is in the hospital recovering.

We’ll keep you posted.

TMZ has pictures of the crash..

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What Do Women Want? Thug or Scholar? Nice Guy or Dog?

Here’s a video thats been making the rounds generating a lot of conversation.  Its focuses in on the confusing nature of what women want in a man these days..They want independence but want you to pay bills. They want you to be nice, but somewhat thuggish.. You’ll get the point in this video called Black Marriage Negotiations

Here’s a blog response from Doorknockers to this video

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