State of Texas is at it Again: South Dallas Pastor & GOP Candidate Threatens Violence if GOP Doesnt Get Its Way

They say alot of strange things come out of Texas. Earlier this year we heard elected officials like state rep Debbie Riddle talk about how this country needed to be wary of so-called Terror babies.

We heard another official,  state rep Betty Brown insists that Asian people need to get English names. We heard the sitting governor Rick Perry threaten to have Texas secede from the union.

If all that wasn’t enough we had to endure the literal white washing and re-writing of Texas History books by a far right fanatical group that took over the Texas State Board of Education.

Over the past year we seen disgruntled Texan Fausto Cardenas shoot up the state capitol a while an angry Joseph Andrew Stack flew his plane into an IRS building killing former 20 year army veteran Vernon Hunter.

Yes a lot of strange things go on in that state  and far too often with violent consequences. Should we be concerned? Based on the history absolutely.  This is why many in the Lone Star state aren’t laughing at the outlandish remarks made by GOP candidate Stephen Broden who threatened violence if the Republicans don’t get their way.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Broden a South Dallas Pastor who is squaring off against long time incumbent Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas’  30th Congressional District,  said a violent uprising is not the first option but it’s on the table.

Broden explained in an interview with WFAA TV reporter Brad Watson “If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary,”.

He added to his remarks that the United States  was founded on a violent revolt against Britain’s King George III and if we have a constitution remedy to Barack Obama administration which he sees as tyrannical. Broden feels the answer is ‘revolution the violent over throw of the government.

GOP leaders distanced themselves from his remarks, but stop short of calling for his ouster. Could you imagine if someone who was Muslim said this while running for office? How does a Pastor like Stephen Broden justify threatening violence if the GOP doesn’t win? What part of the Bible was he reading? We should all be appalled.

Oh yeah one added twist to this saga and I’m not sure if it makes much of a difference,  Broden is a Black man..

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5 Videos to Remind Us that Hip Hop is Not Dead #1

October 21 2010

I love this song called Stolen from Rhymefest where he gives us a global perspective of genocide around the world and how many of us play into it.. The lyrics to this song are searing and intense..Makes me not wanna wear a diamonds ever again.

This is a good song that brings the whole Bishop Eddie Long Prosperity Gospel concept into focus.. Should blessings really be for sale? I like the creativity and the way Rhymefest attacks this..

This is an incredible song by the Roots.. ‘Dear God’ its a remake of Monster of Folk song of the same title.. You can’t go wrong with these guys..

I had no idea Plies has a poli-sci degree  and was kicking ass in college. I wish he’s do more songs like this-It’s important to let folks know they can address pertinent issues. I give him props for bringing heat on this cut..Why Hate U

I wish Rhymefest had a video to this song..Angry Blackman in an Elevator I like the concept him and Lil Jon cooked up. They said let’s make a Public Enemy type song over Lil Jon beats.. The outcome was something that is potent..Both men are on their game and show you just how powerful rap can be if we decide to use it as a tool for creating awareness and social upliftment.

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Boots Riley of the Coup Stuck in France During General Strike and Riots

Boots Riley of the Coup

As we gear up for the 2010 elections in one of the worst economy’s this country has faced since the Great Depression of the 1930s, thousand of miles away, folks in France in our kicking up dust, shutting things down with a general strike, rioting and  and holding the line. What’s at stake is a plan to raise the retirement age from 60-62 yrs and folks aren’t having it. Boots Riley from The Coup is over in France on tour. He noted that he’s been stuck there due to the General Strike and has been sending us pictures and giving us updates on his Facebook page as to what’s happening. You can peep his page HERE

Boots posted this the other day..

General strike’s still growing. Gas stations running out of gas due to refinery workers & truck drivers striking. High Schoolers have been more militant than University students, w/almost 1000 high schools striking- many marched to Universities to get them to join. French govt went on TV saying they just learned from Saudi Arabia of an impending “terrorist attack” on France- so everyone should stay in!

He was later asked if he believed the French government and if people should be staying in..Boots responded that he believed the exact opposite. He felt people should be out in the streets. He later noted that dock workers got into physical confrontations with the police.

Here are a few photos..

French strikes..courtesy of Boots Riley

Boots posted the following observations:

The nation-wide general strike here in France is gaining momentum in the millions. Strike is against government bill to raise retirement from 60 to 62. Many trains are cancelled. High School & College students joined in. Refinery workers have joined and are refusing to release oil to distributors. The strike is against government bill to raise retirement from 60 to 62. This picture is from a couple of days ago in Bordeaux.

Boots also alerted us to what went down when he went to Carhaix, France to speak at a high school. The students joined the strike and walked out. The teachers will be following them today. Below are photos from that walk out


We’re hoping to talk with Boots later on today. One of the things we want to ask him is how are immigrant and African communities doing. If folks recall France was lit up on fire after police who are known to be pretty racist killed a Black man. For like 2 weeks riots unfolded with the French government blaming and later bringing charges on popular rap artists like Monsieur R for instigating the unrest with their political songs that called for harming the police. All in all over 200 lawmakers signed a petition against the rapper. Monsieur R was facing 3 years ion jail.

With this huge strike going on in France that has essentially brought things to a stand still, it would be good to know how communities of color are doing. Are the police cracking down harder on them?  Are they in the forefront as was the case in 2005?

In the meantime we should keep in mind how this strike has taken a big backseat on many mainstream news outlets here in the states. The few that are covering it, try to make light of the French for protesting the two years they want to add to the retirement age. Many ignorantly assert that the french are being lazy and want to live off the government  while neglecting to point out that they pay much higher taxes which is supposed to allow folks to get pensions and have a good quality of life. These Tea party types run around crying that they don’t want to be like France, while maintaining their own government benefits. All the while we have politicians like John Boehner who may the next speaker of the house pushing  to raise the retirement age to 70. While others politicians want to reduce social security.  Sadly far too many of us are willing to sit back and allow this to happen without a fight.

We’ll keep you updated on what goes on with Boots over in France and the Strike

written by Davey D

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