Bishop Eddie Long You’re Wrong..Even w/ My Chanel Shades On I Can See the Light

Bishop Eddie Long

I’m not always one to come with the harsh language, but this sister here Cadillac Kim brought some serious heat to this Bishop Eddie Long situation where he is accused of coercing young men who at the time were minors in his church to have sex with him..A series of pictures he supposedly sent out of himself have surfaced and have been making themselves around the net.

Long denies the allegations and was set to speak about the issue on the Tom Joyner morning show the other day but at the last minute pulled out and had a lawyer read his statement. He intends to address his congregation this Sunday at New Birth. For folks who aren’t familiar, new Birth was the church that hosted Coretta Scott’s funeral where actor/activist Harry Belafonte a long time friend and financial backer of the King family was un-invited at the last minute. Many speculated because of Belafonte’s critcisms of Bush who was in attendenace and has been friendly with the church.

Cadillac Kim

Cadillac Kim talks about the importance of us to be able to discern and warns us not to fall for some Jim Jones type character. She says ‘even with my channel shades on I can see the light.’..Not sure if she’s a member of his new Birth church or not but she definitely goes in..*Warning do not play this at work unless you have headphones. and if you’re easily offended by language don’t watch.. .

For a more indepth breakdown of this situation.. peep the Colorlines article..

Bishop Eddie Long and the Lessons of Self Hate

** Update** we are getting word that Eddie Long will be stepping down at his Sunday mass.. You peep the News  One story HERE

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15 comments on “Bishop Eddie Long You’re Wrong..Even w/ My Chanel Shades On I Can See the Light

  1. What is the point of this video? She’s talking about not trusting man because of the flesh and she quoting a book that was written by man. In fact, King James was a homosexual who authorized his version. Sounds like to me Eddie Long was following the lineage of Western Christianity.

  2. Folks, do you know what a publicist does? Protects the reputation of those who are vulnerable to being taken for a joke. Why would a serious church preaching the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the most merciful, Wheel within a Wheel, Lily of the Valley, Lion of the Tribe of Judah whose eyes are like a flame of fire need a publicist?

  3. Adekelune,

    The bible is not a book, it is a libarary. It is a testimony of who God is and what he is about. The king james version is of 200 hundred versions that are available.

  4. Loverboy,

    The majority of Christians carry the King James “version” of the bible. In my original post I said that King James authorized his version. You can believe whatever you like regarding your God concept, no problem here. But, the fact remains the King James version is written in a BOOK form written by previous human beings. Have you the seen the other 200 versions of the bible to know this is a fact?

  5. yeah but adekunle.. we are much smarter than that.. My church hardly uses King james. and many places where they do their homework, the history of how those books were put together are not only studied but laid out in such a way that we can compare various versions.. for example, in my sunday school class we’ll go in on a lesson and look at it from various books including hebrew text and beyond..

    There is no doubt that many folks look at this as static book to be taken literally, but many others see this as a living word that forever evolves.. When we look at this from the prophetic and liberation traditions that assertions is even more true..

    Lastly on my iphone app I’m looking at a good 50- or 60 different versions of the bible…my favorite version is the message which tends to use modern language and place things in a more contemporary setting.. Its good to look at King james if u have someone who can break down the history of the day

    At the end of the day we all seek to see ourselves in God..

  6. Cadillac Kim,has a right to her point of view but I jus wished she would have chosen certain curse words in a different coversation instead of quoting the Bible and cursing while doing it. It is possible that its true? but you would know forsure if you were there but I know I wasnt lol. If he did it great ! that its comming out but if he didnt? judges will be judged!!

  7. Cadillac has been doing her brand of humor for a while and goes in on everyone from TI going to jail to bad movies to local politicians.. This is no different.. This piece caught everyone’s attention..

  8. Davey,

    The fact still remains that whatever version you embrace man wrote that version. Man before book. Who translated the different versions? The video is not about biblical translations and I wasn’t even dealing with that. The divine force or energy human beings conceptualize as God is not the same as “the book” or “a book”. Human beings created the God concept, the stories and communicated this in their language. But, again. I didn’t post my original comment to have a religious back and forth. If we can only treat each other the way we wanted to be treated the world would be better off.

  9. Bruh ur arguing faith to what you consider tangible fact.. it wont hold.. u cant argue a man’s faith bc at some point it will defy logic.. Your giving me a assertion about man writes books and really its like so what? then ur stating that who translated what as if to discredit folks bc man is flawed, white man is really flawed and therefore the basic tenets of scripture should be ignored. Thats neat conclusion that hold little water when you have a faith.

    I said before the Bible is living word.. this means what I read 10 years ago has different meaning today.. That book can be used to oppress or liberate depending on how you wish to look at the words… for me and many christians the book leads to inspiration and ideally firms your resolve to walk a certain path.. I fail to see what the problem is with that unless u have a warped belief in how I see my faith…I’ll give u an example.. take the autobiography of Malcolm X.. I read that book at least a dozen times over my lifetime and each time I drew upon something new. When I was younger I was fascisnated by his shady side and his harlem life.. When I was older I wanted to know more about his international outlook.. Today I wanna know abt his spiritual grounding.. I don’t see that book the same way I did when I was 11-12 yrs old.

    What are we talking about at the end of the day? I agree with u its.. Love my neighbor as I love my self which is Christ’s main teaching. Stand up for the poor and downtrodden.. respect those who are least among u? what’s the hang up? What should a Christian be doing differently? Should we burn down houses like Nat Turner who was a christian preacher or not be forgiving, become more like our enemies and lose our humanity?

  10. It’s time with talk about fake religious leaders and the demonic agenda that is widespread and that many of our “heros” have sold out to it.

    I’m not mad at Sister Kim at all. It’s not like she’s lying.

    I’m going to give you all a brief “heads up (no pun toward “long” oh no hear we go again-sorry but this dude is LAME and this entire situation is BOGUS). You do the crime you do the time. You do the Sin, You Won’t Win.

    So buckle up your seats, because the Pastor is going to “tell it like it is with total truth”.

    At some point in earth’s history some wicked “humans” from the mountains invaded other civilizations. These wicked ones overthrew these civilizations and replaced it with their ungodliness (which included false histories).

    This is where your slavery, wars, greed and high degrees of lust come from.

    So you are mad at me? But you’re not mad at these so called “elite” who mislead you every day and send your loved ones to wars (to die) that don’t really need to be fought.

    You hate people you never met because of these “children of mountain people”.

    Don’t hate me. USE YOUTUBE. It’s all there. But most people are too busy getting high or bumping their “ass” at the club to realize that we’ve been Bamboozled (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz-Malcolm X).

    Eddie Long and most entertainers and athletes (as well as many religionists) repesents those who have “sold us out” to the agenda of these “sons and daughters of mountainers”.

    They are all about religious lies, spiritual lies, abuse of children and the helpless, and all kinds of ungodliness.

    They are worse than “blood suckers of the poor”. These people have “sold their soul” to serve Wickedness. You can research Professor Griff on youtube.

    Every once and a while a Higher “Good” (you can call Him/Her “God”) intervenes and exposes these evil people for “some” of the never ending crimes (and sins) that they have created.

    And why cry. Eddie Long gonna be “ALL RIGHT”. He still gonna be gettin money, and if (and I do say “if”) he goes to prison, he will be able to catch up on that “dark information” that he really is devoted to.

    People need to wake up and realize that Satan is the God of this World (2 Corinthians 4:2; Matthew 4:1-10).

    Jesus was no part of this world. This world killed Jesus (John 17:7-17).

    We are either with God or against Him.

    Whatever choice we make will affect us now and in the world(s) to come.

  11. Just goes to show people when it comes to preachers, dont have blind faith. As always there is spiritual wickedness in high places.Thus the wicked preachers and religious leaders make being evil good and being good evil.

  12. We are in the End Times and Bishop Long is definitely playing his part as a False Prophet. He is one of many. ….The bible warns us that many false prophets will come in Gods name and be lovers of themselves. Bishop Long is loving himself. If he loved God more than he loved himself , he would not be in this situation. We all must be watchful and pay close attention to the signs of the End Times that are unfolding right before us now.
    Stay Prayed Up.

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