Could You Imagine if Barack Obama Practice Witchcraft Like Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell

Could you imagine if President Obama was found to have gone to some outing where he toyed around with the practices and rituals with a religion like Santa Muerta, Santeria or any number of Native American spiritual traditions? Folks would’ve had a field day..

It’s bad enough that Tea party types have focused in on his Kenyan background and have resurrected every stereotype in the book. It’s bad enough that we’ve seen numerous placards of President Obama dressed as a witch doctor (which he wasn’t) and because the stereotypes are so ingrained there’s no way to even look at the true history of the practice and glean better understanding. Such is this place called America where the slightest of things can be made into total condemnation of ones character.

While all these attacks are taking place, we have Christine O’Donnell the ultra religious Tea Party candidate who is now holding it down for the GOP in the fall contest for US Senate out of Delaware. A tape was put out via comedian HBO talk show host Bill Maher with her talking about how she was at some Satanic cult practicing witch craft. She din’t use the word Wicca she said Satanic and witchcraft.

Now she’s catching hell, but no one has showed up with nasty ‘witch doctor’ signs and I wonder why? We don’t have thousands of people outside O’Donnell’s front door with signs demanding that she go away the way we had thousands running around telling us to get rid of Islam.. And while I definitely disagree with the protest and outraged launched at our Muslim fellow American citizens, what was not lost on me was those who protested equated Islam with Evil aka Satan.. Here you have a candidate who said she was at an altar where they worshipped Satan…How much more evil can you get?

If they could stab Muslim cab drivers and urinate in Mosques and have sitting congressman and stand alongside angry mobs demanding a Mosque not be built in lower Manhattan, I fully expect them to demand that O’Donnell not run..If not than I think we should shine a light on the hypocrisy of the Tea Party zealots and their supporters.

-Davey D-

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Q-Tip and the Roots Redo the NWA Classic ‘Straight Outta Compton’

NWA helped break the stranglehold New York had on Hip Hop. They snatched the spotlight in the early 90s and made Compton Hip Hop's Mecca

I’ve always loved NWA‘s classic track ‘Straight Outta Compton’.. When it dropped back in ’88 it clearly captured the energy and urgent vibe at the time. NWA had broke on the scene and wanted West Coast rap to be heard and respected. At the same time they wanted to shatter all the myths about LA being a place with palm trees and beaches. LA was about hardcore gang bangers, vicious police and cats from Palm tree lined neighborhoods with a fearless attitude. That song and video definitely did the trick in terms of putting all the above mentioned on the table..

Over the years various groups have attempted to recreate that energy by doing their own versions of the song.  One of the best parodies was highlighted in the movie Cb4 featuring comedian Chris Rock.. Y’all may recall when he dida video for his fictional gangster rap group ‘Straight Outta Locash


Over the past couple of years the Roots have re-done the NWA songs when doing tribute sets.. Usually its been Black Thought and Skillz holding down the vocals.  This past weekend tin Chicago, the Roots took it new heights when Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest hit the stage to join Black Thought with an incredible rendition. Also on the mic doing Eazy lyrics was guitarist Captain Kirk Douglass. Later on in the show Erykah Badu graced the stage..I wish sometime in the future the Roots do a special NWA project with guest emcees like Q-Tip as well as original members and maybe even go on tour..

Since we’re talking about Q-Tip you should know he’s currently producing some tracks for and with Kanye.. He’s also producing tracks for band member Phife Dawg‘s up and coming solo album. He’s also doing stuff for Mary J Blige

Here’s a couple of angles of the group ripping this NWA classic. The first one is an up close angle at the start of the song. The second video is the longer more complete version..which unfortunately missed the beginning.

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Here’s a Hard Hitting Revolutionary version of Rick Ross’s BMF

I love when someone does a rap song that results in multiple remixes and versions of that same song.. Back in the days we saw this kick off with songs like Roxanne Roxanne’ by UTFO which spawned over 30 remixes. Later we saw numerous variations of the Inspector Gadget theme culminating with ‘The Show‘ by Doug E Fresh.

We saw this earlier this year with Jay Electronica’s ‘Exhibit C‘.. We recently saw that with Rick Ross’s ‘BMF‘…Jumping into the fray is Oakland rapper Lord Rab. As he describes it.. This is not the average BMF remix! Lord Rab gives praise to the Black leaders who deserve it and always were prepared for revolution! Homeboy was not kidding , Tight lyrics and good imagery make this one of the best BMF remixes to date.. Who knows maybe Rick Ross himself will wanna jump on the track and give this his blessing and go in on the revolution tip the way Lord Rab does..

-Davey D-

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