NYPD Black and Blue: COP Calls 911 & Gets Severely Beaten & Pepper Sprayed By Other Cops

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This is the second story in less than a year where we had cop on cop violence.. Folks may recall it was about a year ago an off duty cop named Omar J Edwards came upon a robbery and was shot and killed by fellow officers . It was reported that Edwards did what a good officer should do he tried to apprehend a suspect who fled the scene.  As he was pursuing the suspect he was shot and killed  by fellow officers who thought he was the thug.

In this latest drama we have a NYPD cop’s wife who called for help against a gang of thugs including a man brandishing a gun.. When officers arrived on the scene they beat Larry Jackson a fellow NYPD officer. Here’s what the story reads

An NYPD cop whose wife called 911 for help against a gang of thugs says he was brutally beaten by baton-wielding fellow officers who stormed his Queens home. Larry Jackson suffered a broken right hand and multiple bruises from kicks and billy-club blows he said he got from the men in blue called to his home when a gunman menaced guests at his daughter’s birthday party. “To get my butt beat like that was unnecessary,” said the six-year veteran assigned to the 110th Precinct. “We called the police, and this is what happened to me.”

“I’m shocked, angry and disappointed,” said the 6-foot-3, 300-pound Jackson.

Prosecutors and the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau are probing his claims.
His hand in a cast, he met with the Daily News on Wednesday and lifted his shirt to show the scars from Sunday’s early morning confrontation. Jackson, who is black, said the excessive force by the cops, who were white, might have been racially motivated.

“They didn’t treat me like a house-owner calling for help,” he said. “Everyone who lives in the 113th Precinct is not a perp.”

You can continue reading the story HERE

As you read this we need to ask ourselves at what point do we step up and turn a corner on what appears to be a war against Black folks and people of color? These incidents are happening way too often to be accidents. There’s a pervasive culture within the police departments and in society in general that sees us as enemies to be feared and contained and not as friends and neighbors who need to be respected and helped. We also need to be asking when will cops on the force step up and separate themselves from this poisonous culture  and see themselves as a part of a larger community that is being targeted? It should be obvious that at the end of the day they aren’t being respected by fellow officers..

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Is Hip-Hop Education A Hustle? Getting Serious About Rap Pedagogy

As Hip Hop culture expands into new arenas there will always be tensions as established institutions mold parts of the culture to fit into practices ideologies that have long existed and work for them which may be in sharp contrast to the practices and ideology of its practitioners. To the chagrin of those who feel closer to the culture they see Hip Hop being compromised and diluted. Others see it as par for the course. Hip Hop is like any other tool. It reflects mores and mindset of the people who use it.

This essay below was featured on the website Rise Up Hip Hop Nation where guest blogger Dr Travis Gosa of Cornell University raises an important issue about Hip Hop and education..Is it a hustle or something that is breaking new ground and causing tensions among those who feel left behind?

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Is Hip-Hop Education A Hustle? Getting Serious About Rap Pedagogy

Written by Dr. Travis Gosa

Dr Travis Gosa

Sorry for the hate, but I feel obligated to ether Mr. Duey, the rapping math teacher who’s been “putting some flow to STEM subjects.” At the end of August, the white middle-school-teacher-slash-rapper-slash-party-entertainer (I can’t knock the hustle) dropped his second educational rap CD entitled “Class Dis-Missed 2.”The tracklist features 18 educational rap songs including “Big Ballin’ Planets” (an astronomy tune) and “Dewey Decimal System” (reppin’ library science ya’ll).

My beef is not with Mr. Duey’s flow on “Plate Tectonics” or “Long Division.” In fact, I would compare Mr. Duey’s lyrical ability to be similar to that of Mase, Silk da Shocker, or Sudanese-Australian rapper Bangs (“Take U To Da Movies”). Mr. Duey is no Rakim, and I’ve heard worse.

No, I’m ridin’ on Mr. Duey for doing what has become popular of late: the complete bastardization and misappropriation of hip-hop education for profit. Too often, what is packaged as “hip-hop education” and “rap pedagogy” is nothing more than what Greg Tate calls “the marriage of heaven and hell, of New World African ingenuity and that trick of the devil known as global hyper-capitalism.”

continue reading this column aRise Up Hip Hop Nation

While reading this column I was reminded of a speech KRS-One gave a few years ago about education and the many flaws we find within the system.. I thought I’d post up this speech to add to the discussion.. You can peep this excellent speech HERE.

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Click HERE to peep KRS's Speech on Education

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The World is Mine…Breakdown FM Episode #32 w/ Ice Cube

Click HERE to listen to this weeks Mix & Interview photo credit: Ani Yapundzhyan


It’s always a fun to do our weekly mix show because we can not only dig deep, but also re-live memorable Hip Hop moments. One of the highlights we experienced was our interview with Ice Cube during the height of the Hyphy Movement. You’ll enjoy this conversation we had with Ice Cube where he gives his take on the Bay Area, rapping vs acting and what it takes to be an emcee and a B-Boy. He talks about how he finally took time out to focus on his album. He also talks about Black-Brown relationships..

During our second hour we go digging in the crates and pull out some classic Digital Underground, Digable Planets, Fu-Schnickens, Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr and Queen Latifah to name a few..We added a couple lf videos for you to check out as well..Lots of tasty beats to move your feet.. enjoy
-Davey D-

01-Superstar Quam Allah w/ Taj ‘I Want More’
02-Gang Starr – ‘ALONGWAYTOGO’
03-Ice Cube & Dr Dre – ‘Natural Born Killaz’-clean
04-Big Noyd-Ice Cube Intv
05-Westside Connection – ‘Bow Down’
06-Ice Cube – ‘Who’s the Mack’
07-Ice Cube – ‘Legal Paper’
08-Ice cube – Hello  (Ice Cube intv)
09-Ice Cube – ‘Growin’ Up’
10-Ice Cube – ‘Bird in the Hand’
11-Ice Cube – ‘Ghetto Bird’
12-Raekwon – ‘Ice Cream’
13-Digital Underground – ‘Underwater Rimes’ [Remix]
14-Digable Planets – ‘Dial 7’ (Axioms of Creamy Spies)
15-A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Buggin’ Out’
16-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ‘Alive’ feat. Crown City Rockers & Jrod Indigo
17-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ‘For Your Love’ feat. Zumbi of Zion I & Rithma
18-Zion I-‘The Bay’ rmx
19-Gang Starr -‘Here Today, Gone Tommorow’ (Jesse Jackson 1984 speech) rmx)
20-Gang Starr- w/Big Shug & Freddie Foxx – ‘The Militia’
21-Fu-Schnickens – ‘True Fuschnick’
22-Black Moon – ‘Who Got The Props’
23-Kofy Brown – ‘Playing fields’ rmx
24-Queen Latifah – ‘Evil That Men Do’
25-Roxxane Shante – ‘Have a Nice Day’
26-Mobb Deep – ‘Still Shinin’ (Martin Luther King-Been to the Mountain top)


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