My Thoughts on that Video Showing Rapper 2 Chainz Getting Chased and Robbed

2 Chainz

2 Chainz

So the truth is out and everyone is talking about that video of rapper 2Chainz getting robbed in broad daylight in San Francisco…Everyone’s saying its funny.. Maybe.. But let’s keep it real.. Let’s look at some videos of cats paying $250 for sneakers that cost $5 bucks to make.. Now that’s a real robbery and there’s some rich white guy in hills looking at that video, counting your money, sending his kid to college, really laughing his ass off..

Let’s show videos of folks paying $5 for an ATM fee to retrieve $20 of your own damn money in a bank that made hella interest off your money, but didn’t give you one red cent.. If anything in addition to charging you for that ATM fee they charged you for a bunch of fees you ain’t even know about all the while tanking the economy or fraudulently foreclosing on your the Black community alone, the theft of wealth via the banks is more than 93 billion dollars.. Now that’s a robbery,  let’s look at that video and join those Wall street bankers laughing their asses off.

I know they got hella video of fools paying $25, $30 even $50 for some damn luggage fee to the airlines on top of that $400 ticket.. And to show how brazen these airline robbers are…they say it ain’t enough and they need, and will charge you more. Last year airlines made 3.5 billion dollars in luggage fees alone. Let’s look at that video and laugh…

Don’t get me wrong. I am no shape or form a fan of 2 Chainz and his music… I think could do so much better with his talent but instead has allowed himself to be part of a larger operation within the  commercial music industry or as activist Rosa Clemente dubbed the Rap Industrial Complex that has helped dumb us down, robbed or at the very least compromised a vibrant Hip Hop culture.. Things have gotten so backwards that 2 Chainz felt a need to publicly deny this robbery took place to keep up this charade which is all too pervasive not just in Rap, but in our communities at large. So again, you’ll get no defense from me about his material.

At the same time I’m not a fan of some cat with gun busting off a shot at someone in broad daylight and robbing them. This could’ve gone south real quick if Chainz and his crew busted back.. We’ve seen these type of scenarios play out once too many times resulting in innocent blood spilling in our streets. Even more disturbing, far too often the cat willing to brazenly rob a 2Chainz is also willing to turn right around and rob our mothers…Could you imagine if that gun man had jacked a Brad Pitt, a Donald Trump who many of us despise or even the bank down the street which is even more despicable?  I suspect TMZ and all those other mainstream outlets that have been laughing while showing this video, would’ve have changed their tune and been showing grainy, blurry close ups  of the gun man demanding that we identify him and help see to it justice is served. Today he remains at large

So yes 2 Chainz got robbed, but in the larger scheme of things he ain’t too different from the rest of us getting ganked every damn day with some rich tycoon type off in the distance laughing at all our collective misfortunes.

-Davey D-

30 comments on “My Thoughts on that Video Showing Rapper 2 Chainz Getting Chased and Robbed

  1. this isnt saying anything new… i’ve been on my soapbox preaching to my boys about being slaves to the industry of consumerism for over 10 years. i raised my son to not be sold by commercials… i’ve tried to wake people up to the joke that is buying “jordans” mainly because they want to be in this “in crowd” that only really matters to people within that crowd. in my life jordans don’t exist. in my life self sustainability is the goal…not how many chains i can acquire to create a sense of status.

    i respect davey d but lets be real davey…the reason everyone reacted the way they did to this incident is because of the boasting that goes on in the rap world…. you don’t see brad pitt getting jacked like this because brad pitt doesn’t try to come off as a gangster when he’s not. so please put the race card back in the deck on this one. these rappers get some money and all of a sudden it becomes “you lame ass motherfuckers can’t ball like me” until one of those lame ass motherfuckers gets fed up and jacks you. that’s why this has become a joke and lets be clear that the robbery isn’t the funny part…the funny part is someone who names themselves two chainz, raps about “all my niggas rich” and then gets robbed like he forgot he tells everyone he has money on him 24/7

    it’s just stupidity on both ends.

  2. Now the post insanity comes.

    If he markets himself right his album sales will now soar ; regardless of the quality.

    Looks like these robbers cased this crew out. If your gonna flaunt ; you best have armed security. If the bodyguards were packin they were very very amateurish ; no composure whatsoever. If they had nothing on them – understandable.

    Lastly, TMZ , yo gutter ambulance chaser. Take those profits and give it back to violence or gun prevention. Of course when your classless who would expect anything else.

  3. This is about as real is a barbie doll. Want to know real? If you do not like the flying fees/bagging fees. Drive your ass to where you have to go. If you do not like the banks.. dont use them. I hear you that its pretty jacked that people are watching this and producing it on their TV shows.. but people watch it.

    Its a free market. Everybody has the right to choose what they want to do with their money. The black community has no accountability. It’s always someone else’s fault and too many things are taken for granted.

    And by the way, lets be honest. Most of the people laughing at 2Chainz are black. As a white guy I find the video to be appalling and terrible.

  4. Everyone with close friends and relatives in the Detroit area. I will use my business and technology skills and strategies to fight the impending financial collapse of the city. This means that the jobs, property values, pensions, etc., of your close friends and relatives will be saved. To help make this happen, contact all your Detroit area friends and relatives that are on Facebook, and tell them to send me a friend request.

  5. 2chainz is a cultural distaster. Perpetrating the same ignorance that was shown to him. As easy as it is for him to boast about the “money, chains and bitches” he has, it was even easier for him to get jacked. Maybe he will learn a lesson to shut up and just live life. It’s not okay for people to be robbed at gun point, like someones mother or myself. But if you see me around town talking shit about what I got then thats going to create a problem isn’t it. The ego is a beast in itself. So many issues with this one topic. I think 2chainz needs to take all that money he has and invest it else where and keep it pushin’….

  6. i think that the dude gettin robbed is not a viable reason to bring up atm machines robbing us. i know where your comin from, but i dunno, it just seems like you should have picked a different topic to try to defend him. on the other hand, if your a rapper and your out of area, and your flingin some bling, you better have some back up or they’re gonna take your ka-ching. i mean, its no different than when your mother first taught you not to wave your money around. dont have your money in your wallet, or around your neck. have your money in your bank, like a real g. straight up. dont be stupid, or your gonna look stupid.

  7. Real Gangstas get respect even if there out of their area if they SHOW respect.

    We could routinely go into South Bronx and leave are car unlocked if we wanted and nothing gonna happen ; no one would touch it – we had protection even though not from that borough

    Leadership of a crew could come into s. Brooklyn from the Bronx such as a B Spa….
    without any worries ; if it was a mutual respect..

    Can stuff still go down ; of course. The point is you start rubbin it in peoples faces who don’t got it or are high or both ; then guess what…


    Lets not forget there are a lot of positive artists out there as well.

  8. Is was so sad to see this man running for his life like that. He came to our city to do a show. Bay Area this is the type of respect we show him or any out of town guest? Now the cold part about its open for Bay Area rappers to be treated the same way when we travel. Look at Mac Dre and a host of other infamous rap artist from our region that feel victim to this type of crime. For those of you so called artist that will never travel to preform your music. You will never understand the stress of being away from home and having this haunting the back of your mind. Its sucks that stupid ass people want to rob each other for some punk ass items..I hope the police find these dumb ass fools and put them so deep in the prison you gotta pump day light to they asses. F___k them thieves, they do not represent the Bay Area in no way shape or form.

  9. He should change his name to No Chainz…About time these fairy floss rappers got a dose of reality.

  10. You right Davey…. After the footage air, no public announcement was made by local authorities to identify the gunman. But, if this was not a rap artist things would’ve been different.

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