The Real Horror of Benghazi Was Ethnic Cleansing-Let’s Talk About That


Black people were slaughtered in Libya after NATO Invasion

So everyone is talking about Benghazi as if they actually know where that city is on the map and up til now really didn’t care to know..It sad to see that 4 Americans died and that there were probably some missteps and leading up to their deaths, but lets keep it 100… the US had basically invaded Libya along with NATO at the urging of the global corporate powers who saw Libya as a threat to their economic dominance.. Libya was set to introduce its own World Bank for African nations and its own currency to rival the dollar..This would have in effect ended a lot of the economic repressions African nations were experiencing..

The US upon learning this armed some crazy anti-black Arab rebels who positioned themselves as part of the ‘Arab Spring‘..Folks were enamored and cheered them on even after it was revealed early on that many of those rebels were connected to Al Qaeda.. Thousands of Black Africans who lived in Libya or were migrant workers from other countries were lynched in the streets.. The human rights violations were atrocious.. Read about it HERE .. You can also read about it HERE.  There are scores of articles and detailed reports of this ranging from the UK Guardian to Amnesty International.

There were public hangings, Black people rounded up and put in cages like animals in a zoo and made to eat the new Libyan flag.. again I kid you not they were made to eat the new Libyan flag..There are videos on-line showing this.. That was the horror of Benghazi..Thats the Hooror no one wants to talk about..

Black LibyansWhat was going on in Benghazi and throughout Libya was ignored by our President who traces his direct roots to Africa. It was ignored by many white progressives who saw any and all uprisings in the region as one and the same. They figured since Al Jazeera which is owned by the rulers of Qatar and were staunch supporters of this anti-black armed rebel cabal, that they were somehow ok.. They were ok even after Black progressives and other international human rights organizations, many who had been to Libya, many who lived in the region issued report after report from folks on the ground about the horrors of Benghazi and Black Africans being torched. Many folks simply turned a blind eye….

They were ignored even after former Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and other delegations came back, one which included the now the late grandson of the Malcolm X came back to report, things were ignored..Even as we had Black Libyans on our airwaves speaking for themselves it was ignored..

Here’s a great indepth interview from Libyan journalist Gerald Perreira

These horrors were ignored by many in our Black punditry class who didn’t wanna ruffle feathers with the Obama administration as he sought a second term..It was a damn shame..and just goes to show you how much folks are willing to sell their souls at the door for political access and short-term gain..

Black LibyansSo now we have hearings about what went on in Benghazi and no one is talking about imperialistic actions or regime change or the fact that the US had a US Libya Business Association which was made up of all these Big Oil companies that made 1.2 billion a year and stood to make even more once Libya was taken over.. It should be noted this US Libya Business Association had its website go dark during the NATO invasion creating the illusion that we weren’t doing robust business in Libya when in fact the US and quite a few companies were.. You can see the newly revamped site here..

We are talking about Benghazi and the horrors of 4 Americans being killed, but if you ask even the most well read people about this subject who were the other 3 other than Ambassador Stevens and what did they do, they can’t tell you a damn thing.. The horror of Benghazi was thousands Black people killed and tens of thousands chased from their homes and bunch of Americans, including many Black ones who ignored it.. Nuff said..

-Davey D-

30 comments on “The Real Horror of Benghazi Was Ethnic Cleansing-Let’s Talk About That

  1. Fact of the matter is Establishment media that sold the PLANNED overthrow of LIBYA ( Gen Clark ” 7 Muslim countries planned for overthrow before 9/11 ” ) does not give a damn bout the thousands of Africans and many others that were Murdered , Tortured and raped . They are not ” worthy ” victims or part of narrative PROPAGANDA sold the lies that Qaddafi need to be overthrown and wanting to start an AFRICAN banking system was a death Sentence for him by Globalist Mafia .
    They weren’t having it and as far as U.S. media Corporatist coverage , it was all propaganda LIES and omission of many facts and easily proven bcs of those idiot West backed Libyan terrorists were stupid enough to post their atrocities from Phone Videos on the internet , all over YouTube too .

    Militias still roam Libya TODAY committing atrocities covered up by CNN FOX CBS ABC NBC , military Industrial complex media .

  2. gaddafi the dictator used mercenaries from other african countries against the libyan people… so if youre black in libya and cant speak libyan… youre going to have an issue.

  3. @MUD: Your anti-Black bigotry and ignorance of African history is showing.Black people have been living in Libya for many thousands of years. After all, LIbya is in Africa. Please consult a map if you need to. In fact, they were there long before the people we call Arabs arrived. Since there is no such language as “Libyan” it’s unlikely that anyone in the Arab lynch mobs could speak it either. The vast majority of the Black people in Libya were there as guest worker doing dirty work for lazy Arabs, not mercs working for Gaddafi. He already had his own tribal army. lf you think that torture and mass murder of guest workers based upon their race is acceptable, then perhaps you should consider joining your local KKK branch or your so-called Libyan freedom fighters. In a few years when Libya is a shattered basket case, a vassal state of Big Oil with no functional infrastructure or education system, I hope you still remember what a thrill it was to watch Arabs lynching hapless African Blacks in the name of “freedom.”

  4. For starters there is no language called “Libyan” (@ Mud). Libyans speak Arabic. Mercenaries from Mali & Chad (and other places) slaughtered Libyan protestors under orders from Gaddafi, while Rebels attacked every non-native they could find, particularly those that didn’t speak Arabic. Both armies where equally brutal, it’s called war for a reason. Libyan GDP is 68 billion, that’s .0068% of US GDP. The statement “Libya was set to introduce… its own currency to rival the dollar” is comical. The truth is the “Libyan revolution” had nothing to do with the Arab Spring and everything to do with the fact that Gaddafi wanted all oil exporting African countries to nationalize oil and ignore OPEC regulation, thus increasing the global price of fuel.

  5. Libya had the highest living standard in Africa, the highest life expectancy, free education, free health and free electricity. Libya under our beloved martyr Muammar Gaddafi assisted so many African liberation movements including ours in Zimbabwe.I saw a hardened former ZIPRA guerilla trained in Libya cry tears at his murder. There was no general uprising in Libya, any more than if a few Ku Kux Klanners staged an uprising in the USA. The murder of Comrade Gaddafi was not done by Libyans but by Omani mercenaries. They were not speaking Libyan Arabic. The only one of these commentators who is speaking any sense is Victor Ventor:. the white racists who invaded Libya came there to steal oil. Peasehead is a good name for a white racist with a black skin — or maybe ‘Peabrain’. Black Africa LOVED Gaddafi and hates the white racist Obama and all the black American scum which supports him.And, by the way, the majority of Libya was never inhabited by black people, the pre-Arab inhabitants were Berber. However, there is no such thing as racial purity. I have never heard of any black American who died fighting for African freedom, some were mercenaries fighting for the Rhodesian government, some for Savimbi in Angola. It was the Cubans — of all colours who died fighting for African liberation. One great black American, WEB Du Bois, fed up with black posturing, joined the Communist Party at the age of 93 and went to live in Ghana under our other great leader, Kwame Nkrumah.

  6. The whole planet is set agaisnt black men ,from all other;australia asia;etc etc ;the reason are numerous

  7. Absolute bollocks. The ones rounded up were mercenaries from Niger and Sudan mostly. I was there, and this idiot writing this story has about 3% fact and the rest is made up. The only ones that were executed on site had mobile phones full of rapes of Libyan women recorded. I saw this with my own two eyes. Anyone with passports of legit pre-war ID was not mistreated. Khadaffi imported 1000s of mercenaries from Niger and Mali mostly, and told the they could do anything they wanted in the areas in rebellion. 100s of Arab ladies were raped and many men were killed by these roving bands of thugs. When the tide turned, the rebels executed anyone they had proof had raped, most of the idiots had recorded their deeds on their phones and didn’t think it would be held against them. One guy had dozens of girls, GIRLS I SAID, as young as 12 that he had proudly raped. So when confronted with things like that the rebels put the sons a bitches on their knees and blew their brains out on the spot. I could hardly blame them nor did I think what they did was wrong. I mean foreign mercenaries allowed to rape at will? What would I do? Yep, the same thing and I would not give two damns what Amnesty International said about it.

  8. Ian, I like your name, you must be named after the late great Ian Douglas Smith. Libya did not have the “highest standard of living”in Africa, that is complete bollocks and straight up propaganda. As far as your “facts” I must say the Chicom commies running Zimbabwe-Rhodesia are really good at brainwashing folks like you. I guess you must be a big supporter of Mugabe and his wonderful human rights record too huh? Gaddafi was a murdering thug, he was NOT killed by any foreigners either, it was militiamen from Libya and he deserved to be put to death. Only leftist nutjobs can look at the track record of all the “heros” you named ( you only missed talking about Lumumba to make the communist gallery of thuggery complete) and say that they were anything but terrible for Africa. And Gaddafi was ONLY loved by sub-Saharan Africans because he paid their dues to the African Union every year, but then again, it’s easy to get anything you want in Africa with a bride.

  9. @BEFO Thanks for reminding us what a paradise Africa was back in the good old days when god fearing people from Europe imposed brutal, race-based feudal systems on every Black African they could reach. If White dominion was such a great deal for humanity, perhaps you explain why people as diverse as Vietnamese and Indonesians, among many others chose to eject their great White benefactors instead of embracing their dominion or their culture.

  10. I( am a white communist of British origin who worked for the armed wing of the African National Congress of South Africa, Umkhonto we Sizwe. I am married to a black Zimbabwean, a former ZANLA guerilla. Mugabe was put into power by the British and Anericans (read Andrew Young) to block the original and authentic liberation movement, ZAPU, led by Joshua Nkomo. thay then organized a massacre of ZAPU supporters because ZAPU was supported by the Soviet Union and was close to the ANC. The so-called Libyan rebels could not have won without the mass bombing from some NATO aircraft carriers stationed in the Mediterranean. So who are you, BEFO? And what were you doing in Libya? Maybe you are British SAS. The person who informed me about the people who murdered Gaddafi was a former ZIPRA fighter who spent three years there and speaks fluent Libyan Arabic. Libyan Arabic is as different from Gulf Arabic as British and American English.

  11. Obama killed more black Libyans in one yesr than the Ku Kux Klan killed black Americans in its entire existence, He has folowe this by the killing of Christians and Alawites in Syria.

  12. Don’t believe BEFO. Either he’s an internet fake, or he was special forces working with the folks who were committing atrocities and committing some himself. Fuck him.

  13. “Rebels have repeatedly charged that mercenary troops from Central and West Africa have been used against them. The Amnesty investigation found there was no evidence for this.
    “Those shown to journalists as foreign mercenaries were later quietly released,” says Ms Rovera. “Most were sub-Saharan migrants working in Libya without documents.”
    In other words, AI, on Feburary 23, 2011, was calling for Security Council action against Libya based upon reports about foreign mercenaries which it would later conclude were false, and upon verbal threats Gaddafi had made — very weak bases indeed for Security Council action.
    And what about the calls for such action themselves?

    And sadly, this objective support was based in part on false reports of foreign, black mercenaries being brought into Libya.
    These false reports of mercenaries, in addition to feeding the calls for intervention, had another terrible effect – they helped lead to the massive reprisals against black Libyans and foreign guest workers during the conflict in Libya and continuing after the time that Gaddafi was toppled. The most notable of such reprisals was the utter destruction of the town of Tawarga, a town largely populated by black Libyans, by anti-Gaddafi rebels. To its great discredit, AI, in its rush to push for Security Council intervention, spread the very false reports which fueled such acts of vengeance.

  14. In fact, it did start like that.
    The true colours of the rebels were made clear on the second day of the rebellion, February 18th, when they rounded up and executed a group of fifty African migrant workers in Bayda.

    A week later, a terrified eyewitness told the BBC of another seventy or eighty migrant workers chopped to pieces in front of his eyes by rebel forces.

    These incidents – and many others like them – had made clear the racist character of the rebel militias well before his BBC interview on March 15th.

  15. Thanks Davey D for bringing the real truth to the deluded and ignorant American public. Right now, Africa is being re-colonized under the US AFRICOM programme. we have been subjected to years of war and strife. I am not happy to be sitting with other Zimbabweans in the middle of Johannesburg. I am 65 years old, I came to Africa when I was in my thirties, most of my friends are around my age and were involved in the liberation struggle as guerrillas or were imprisoned and tortured by the racist regimes that were here before. But in 1998 Bill Clinton organized the invasion of Congo by Rwanda and Uganda — a task that they could not have carried out on their own. According to UN statistics, five and a half million people died there, which makes it the biggest war since WWII in the number of people killed. i have friends who fought in that war too. The scale of death means that Blow-job Bill Clinton is the biggest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler — and his wife complains about rape as a weapon of war! A war instigated by HER husband because of the strategic minerals on the Congo reef.

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  18. incredibly interesting, and makes me think of Herbert Spencer…. his idea was to “kill the brutes”. Africa in general has everything the powerful countries want; Oil, gems, metals, the biggest water reserve on the planet, and as Vice put it….its the only place left for one to go out and seek their fortune, just like in the wild west times of America.

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