This Mother’s Day Lets Strive to Be Better Men for the Mothers Around Us

MotherToday is Mother’s Day.. a day when all of us should take some time out, reflect and give heartfelt thanks, hugs and show appreciation to our first teachers… Today is one where we should uplift those who have bore life and have nurtured us, often times against seemingly insurmountable odds…Many of us claim to love our mammas, but far too many us go all out to mistreat the mothers and future mothers around us..Some lay hands on our mothers, others verbally abuse our mothers.. Still others sing, rap or listen to material that debases our mothers.. That needs to stop..

What good are flowers and cards when we refuse to see our mothers as invaluable? If the women around us are only seen as bitches, hoes and creatures who need to be pimped or physically checked, then Mothers Day will only be a Hallmark Card holiday and not something that should be a kickoff to behavior and collective action that could be more meaningful..

The worth of a people will always be judged by the treatment of the women around them… There are many mothers who have gone under appreciated, uncared for and who have been scared and damaged by a society that gives lip service to ending oppression and to a community that has brought into the destructive ideals of that majority culture.. Perhaps this Mother’s Day our greatest gift should be us making firm commitments and us taken bold steps to helping our mothers and future mothers heal.. Our sisters, aunties, grandma and mothers deserve our unconditional love and uncompromised support..

A toast and much love to all mothers who have managed and continue to manage the storms of male supremacy impacting them daily. May we all learn to be better sons for our moms, better husbands to our wives, better fathers to our daughters better boyfriends to our girlfriends and better men so those coming behind us will see and respect the humanity in the women around us..

-Davey D-