Police Terror: Cop Pimps Wife..Others Beat Man to Death..Terrorize Witnesses

Police are doing Big Pimping in Baltimore

Police are doing Big Pimping in Baltimore

Woke up this morning to news about a Baltimore police officer being arrested for pimping his wife..Yep you read that correctly, an officer sworn to uphold the law was running around pimping his wife..

According to local reports..Lamin Manneh is the officer accused of the crime.. His wife, Marissa Braun-Manneh was busted for soliciting an undercover cop working the Human trafficking division.

 Marissa Braun-Manneh gives him her money and he drives her from “date-to-date,” according to court records. She also said that he posts the online ads using his credit card. Police said Manneh acknowledged his role in an interview with detectives, records show.Elena Russo, a state police spokeswoman, said both husband and wife were charged because they appeared to be “working as a team.”Manneh, of the 2400 block of Marbourne Ave. in Baltimore, is an officer assigned to the Baltimore Police Department’s Eastern District. State police said he was suspended without pay and that the city police internal affairs would investigate.”This allegation is a disgrace and embarrassment to every member — both current and retired — who serve with the Baltimore Police Department,” Baltimore’s Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said in a statement.

Kern County copsWhile all this is going on in Baltimore, 3000 miles away in Kern County California, 8 sheriff deputies beat a man to death in front of multiple people and then ran around confiscating cell phones and terrorizing those who witnesses the tragedy. Some say they fear for the lives. Others have been arrested on trumped up charges.. The video below explains the horrific beating of David Silva.

Folks should keep in mind Kern County is where sheriff deputies killed unarmed former NFL player David Lee Turner back in 2011.. A lot of horrible things go on in that part of the country with the police and courts.. If you get a ticket in Kern County there’s a good chance you may wind up going to jail… That is no joke.. Folks not only need to be warned, but a serious purging and investigation needs to take place..


If folks think this is out of the ordinary..Here’s a report of another man being beaten to death in Southern Cali.. This took place in Fullerton


Last year in Northern Cali..home of the liberal Bay Area, we had  a number of police terrorism incidents. The most notable involved Alan Bluford who was shot by a former New York City cop who had a lots of complaints on NYPD and moved to cali where those records remained hidden from the public..  He stood over Bluford and shot him as he begged for his life.. The officer than shot himself and liedd about being in a shootout.. he was busted on that lie, but never suspended and still works the beat..

Not too long afterwards we had this incident in Vallejo.. which is North of San Francisco.. They had a record 8 people killed by police last year.. Here’s one as described by the sister of the victim…

Mario Mario Romero was murdered in front of his on September 2, 2012 by Vallejo Police officer Dustin Brent Joseph as he waited for someone to open the front door, not because he was going in right away but because he was letting his brother -inlaw out of the car and was going around the corner to pick up his daughter and wife who were at her mothers. a call was placed inside of the house and one of his sisters came outside and hid on the side of the house attempting to scare them but in the moments from the phone call and her getting outside and hiding Mario’s car was illuminated with a police light and to officers hopping out of their car both beginning the sentence “put your hands up” but only one officer completing the sentence and the other firing his weapon repeatedy and at one point hopping onto the hood of Mario’s car and continuing to unload his weapon as family members and neighbors knowing the character of the men inside of the car pleaded for them to stop shooting.

Mario Romero was shot at 30+ times in his face, his mouth, his hands, his wrists, under his arm and in his chest. He was also mutilated by the knife that was used to cut him out of his seatbelt by the officer who killed him. his body was drug onto the ground and his corpse was arrested, ziptied and removed from the scene of the crime. Officers then held Mario’s family hostage in their home for hour as they shined bright lights through the windows to prevent them from seeing officers plant a gun inside of Mario’s car and steal his seatbelt.

Officers then told people who questioned what happened that it was a drive by shooting. Vallejo Police changed their stories multiple times. first saying that Mario jumped out of his car when approached by police and aimed a fake gun at them then hid behind his car door firing his weapon, the second story was that Mario got out of his car and a handgun could be seen in his waistband which caused officers to fire. The press conference held by Police chief kriens has the police chief stating that Mario pulled a fake gun on officers because he was on parole and afraid of going back to prison, however Mario Had never been to prison nor had he ever been on Parole. Mario’s Car door was broken as well as his seat belt. His seat belt was tied in a knot because he was afraid of getting a ticket and his car door had to be opened from the outside. Vallejo Corporal Stanly Eng was witnessed planting the gun inside of Mario’s car as well as stealing Mario’s seat belt before investigators arrived on the scene. Mario’s body was held and hidden for a month as an initial request for an independent Autopsy was ignored. Vallejo Police have since constantly harassed and used intimidation tactics to scare Mario’s family from demanding accountability from officials.

I hope this story is something that sparks your interest , I have met with quite a few reporters on this story, these reporters have not mentioned that high number of officer involved shooting in Vallejo nor have they mention that none of the officer involved shootings besides this one included officers reloading their guns without any return fire.

I am pleading to every outlet possible to have this story exposed, I have traveled many miles to tell this story and have learned that the police will lie on a person to make their life seem insignificant and their murder appear justified.

11 comments on “Police Terror: Cop Pimps Wife..Others Beat Man to Death..Terrorize Witnesses

  1. Thank you for sharing these stories. They are reaching other countries, such as my home Australia. I am in contact with families who have had relatives murdered by police in the US and will continue to give them support. Is there any more we can do from across the globe, besides share on the Internet?

  2. DaveyD; the Kern county police killing is a huge case; there are multiple witnesses plus the seized cell phone video. Unfortunately the witnesses that videoed this brutal murder did not make copies or download it to Youtube before their phones were seized. I doubt the video will ever come to light, it will most likely get deleted with the officials claiming the “video files are corrupted” when in reality it will be corrupt cops destroying evidence to cover their rear. Folks need to understand they can not trust the police when it comes to video evidence of law enforcement wrongdoing; they must protect the video. We all know what happened to the killing of Oscar Grant in the Bay Area and how cell video played a pivotal roll in getting the officer responsible arrested.

    As for police murders; there is a case out here in Modesto California, just outside the Bay Area in the Central Valley, where Stanislaus County Sheriff Detective Kari Abbey gunned down Rita Elias a renter in her daddies property while she was trying to illegally evict her from a rental property on the neglected side of town. Initially she was let go by her own Sheriff department after this “murder” with the local Sheriff stonewalling any investigation. After 6 months of protest & internet blogging a DA investigator with the monitoring of the FBI went to her residence looking for rental records found a sophisticated marijuana grown with over 100 full grown plants, weapons, steroids, counterfeit cash, and even a stolen shotgun from Oakland. She was charged with 2nd degree murder along with criminal conspiracy, embezzlement, cultivating marijuana, receiving stolen property and child endangerment. She still has not been charged for the counterfeit cash and was never given gun enhancement charges since a handgun was used in this “murder”.

    The 2nd degree murder charge has since been dismissed by the judge whom use to supervise her at the court house in a prior assignment & refused to recuse himself from the case. Her trial has turned into a “dog and pony” show. Stanislaus County Sheriff Detective Kari Abbey has Michael Rains, Johannes Mehserle’s criminal defense attorney whom we all remember fro Oscar Grants execution, representing her. So most likely she will never see a jail cell & the community will never see justice.

    Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/2011/12/08/1979696/marijuana-found-in-abbeys-shed.html#storylink=cpy

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