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Today we wanna remind everyone of the screwed up law that went into effect in Arizona. We’re talking SB1070 and regardless how you may feel about immigration, the purpose of this law is not to stop folks from coming in this country. Its designed to make lots of money for the private prisons which are publicly traded and further the political careers of the far right Neo-Nazi wing nuts who crafted it. People think that the law will somehow catch lots of undocumented folks hanging out in Arizona and no doubt there will be some that are caught.

However, the way the law will work is that police will look for the slightest infractions to pull you over and start jamming you up. At which point they’ll check to see not only if you are a US citizen, but will also check for everything else. This is on top of the slight infraction they stopped you for in the first place. It’s a page taken right off the policy used by former NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. His tactic was called the Broken Window theory. He felt if you attack the small problems the bigger ones will disappear.  In other words jam up people for minor infractions and it will make it too difficult to do something major. Most law enforcement folks say it doesnt work and it only leads to mass arrests because it becomes a numbers game.. hence the economic benefit to private prisons in Arizona. 

Lastly because the major criticim to SB 1070 is that it will leasd to racial profiling, in order not to appear bias, expect Arizona police to start jamming up everyone if for any reason just to prove the point that they are being even handed.  They may use the excuse that an American citizen is harboring undocumented folks. There’s no doubt that after attending the ACLU Roundtables on Government informants that the police will use the tactic of stopping US citizens on small infractions and in ezxchange for letting them go ask for the names of  suspected undocumented folks  which will allow them to make the case tbhat they had ‘reasonable suspicion’.  We dedicate todays show to those who are on the frontlines fighting SB 1070.

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01-Davey D- ‘Dedicated to Arizona Speech mix’

02-Olmeca-‘Piece of Me’

03-Click tha Super Latin ‘Get Live’ rmx

04-Ozamatli ‘Eva’

05-Antibalas ‘Battle of the Species’ (Al Sharpton rmx)

06-Kenna ‘Games You Can Win’

07-Labtekwon ‘Break It Down’

08-Dessa ‘Chacone’

09-Menahan Street Band ‘Tired of Fighting’

10-Deuce Eclipse ‘Mi Viejo’

11-Sharon & the Dap Kings ‘Stop Paying Taxes’

12-Word Burgular ‘The Route’

13-Brand New Heavies ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’

14-Brand New Heavies ‘We Can’t Stop’

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2 comments on “Breakdown FM:Giving You The News from Arizona Dedicated to Arizona Mix

  1. Your article fails to mention the fact that this legislation was created as a result of Mexico’s drug war which has spilled into the US. Last time I checked some 23,000 people have died in Mexico’s drug war since 2006. That’s almost half of Vietnam in just 4 years. Drug cartels have taken over entire towns in Mexico and either bought off the cops or publicly executed them and their families. Just recently there’s been a 1 million dollar hit put out on Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s head.

    As much as people want to paint this as white people picking on brown people, it’s something much deeper than that. This is the price that we, as a nation being the largest consumer of drugs, have to pay when these drug wars spill into our backyard. You might want to take a moment to look at your own culture and see how drug glorification fits into that Oliver North paradigm.

    Again, I like your reporting Davy D, but I just think it’s really disingenuous to discuss the Arizona immigration crisis without mentioning the Mexican drug war / genocide elephant in the living room.

  2. Mohsin.. I been covering Az for quite a while with lots of folks on the I’m well aware of what’s going on.. A couple of points..This country has long had a drug war,..It dates back to the 1970s and every few years its a different player/boogey man we prop up…We’ve also had this discussion on numerous occassions. We had this debate when haitian refugees were trying to come here.. We had this debate when Southeast Asians came over.. We had it with Columbians .. We had it with Russians.. We have it now with Mexicans

    I can go back to the 20/20 and 60 minute TV shows that screamed the Asian Gangs and Triads are coming.. They’re supposedly taking over Blah Blah Blah..and we were supposed to be scared We said all this with Haitians.. and Jamaicans.. I remember all those debates around the Flower Posses and the fancy maps they would show on TV about how these Carribeans gangs had spread..all the way up to Alaska.. We had this discussion about Columbians in Miami..

    In the case of Haitians we enacted strict laws preventing them from coming in.. Clinton put up new laws smashing on Asian immigrants and guess what? The drug war got bigger and now we have a new set of clowns claiming we have the mexicans..

    Memo: the Day labor hustling across the desert in 114 degree sun is not the mexican drug lord.. If they smuggling drugs and making the billions that they do then they paying folks including border agents big time money to ignore the tunnels, boats, trucks and people carrying packages into the US.. Show me when this hasn’t been the case..
    .so Mohsin if we wanna talk about the drug war..please lets really talk about it.. Dont hand me a few talking points that make no damn sense.. Lets go over all the things discussed at Drug Policy alliance conferences I been to over the years.. Lets go over what many of the officers and others deeply involved have to say..

    Joe Arpaio trying to play supercop is not working.. Its BULLSHIT and those 23 thousand people died in Mexico not Arizona..It would be in our interest to end that drug war so ordinary folks wont feel even more compelled to come over here seeking a better life..last I checked we been no such thing why?? because it ain’t Mexicans using all these damn drugs Its us here in the US..If we wanna stop the drug war.. lets start with getting our neighbors right here in America to stop using them..and leave the day laborer toiling the hot ass sun doing work me and you have no intention of doing alone..

    but thats not why this law is in effect.. Its a nice excuse..But being a veteran of covering this drug war.. I say BULLSHIT …This law was passed not bc we were concerned about the Mexican Drug war.. I was made to suppress the eventual political influence of Brown folks..

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