Actor Lawrence Fishburne’s Daughter Set to Become a Porn Star…

The streets are buzzing about the recent revelation that the daughter of actor Lawrence Fishburne is set to be a porn star…I know many of us like to make jokes and will pass harsh judgment on such a decision. Like comedian Chris Rock noted in one of his jokes, if your daughter grows up and starts hitting the pole, you failed as a parent. With that as a running commentary, one can only imagine what Fishbourne is thinking or feeling. The thought of our loved ones getting fucked is not an image we like to have in our minds although many of us have no problem hosting such sordid thoughts on someone else’s daughter. This is just one of many glaring contradictions we as a society hold.

The fact that porn is a multi-billion dollar a year industry speaks volumes. Go to any corporate owned hotel, turn on your TV and porn is available for a fee. Turn on any corporate backed cable system and porn is available for a fee. My point being is that as much as we all are laughing at Montana Fishburne aka Chippy D going into porn and lamenting the feelings of her dad, Lawrence, there’s still a lot of us sons and daughters, mothers and fathers who routinely indulge by purchasing and at the very least watching…

In terms of contradictions if we’re concerned about young women being forced into this industry and being exploited etc or young people getting the wrong idea on how to make a quick buck, one might ask when was the last time one of us insisted that ‘legit’ institutions not make these ‘products of exploitation’ so readily available? Sex sells. It’s always sold and many of us are the consumers directly and indirectly. What are we doing to add to or take away from those sales?

What caught my attention with Montana was her citing Kim Kadashian as the model for success. She noted, “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.” In the middle of the worse recession of any of our lifetimes, Kim seems to have more money than many of us combined and do the degree that making money selling sex or simply doing a reality show vs teaching kids on how to be the next great problem solver to our collective woes is more of a harsh commentary on all of us than it is Montana or her dad especially if we find ourselves watching her tape when it comes out later this month

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Bay Area Rapper E-A-Ski along w/ Danny Glover Wins Award at Canadian Film Festival

Eastwood, E-A-Ski and Locksmith

Congratulations to long time Bay Area artist E-A Ski who just won the International Prestigious Award 13th Okanogan International Film Festival in Canada. More than 130 films were submitted. His short film ‘No Problem‘ which is a throw back to the long form music videos ala Michael Jackson‘s Thriller, features his good friend and esteemed actor Danny Glover.  The song and video are from Mr Ski’s upcoming album ‘Fifth of Skithoven‘ and also features Richmond, Cali rapper Locksmith who many of us know for his legendary battles on MTV and Eastwood of IMGMI Films. Mr Ski and his crew noted they were happy to be recognized by Canada and look foward to coming back..

While Ski was making noise in Canada some other Bay Area rappers just finsished touring up there. Props to Souls of Mischief who made noise and introduced the Canucks to Oakland Freestyle King Mistah FAB.

As for E-A-Ski’s film award, he joins the ranks of other  Bay Area Hip Hoppers who have been making noise with recent films. A few months back Oakland’s Piper from the group Flipsyde won Best Screenplay Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Also well known Bay Area writer Mark Skillz and the production crew Lincoln Leopard won several awards including Best Short Documentary for the Hip Hop film  ‘White Lines and the Fever’ at SxSW, Tribeca and the Seattle International Film Festivall..

All in all its great to see so many folks from the Bay making noise in the areas of film.

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