Reverend Wright Says Jews Are Controlling Obama-Causes Uproar



I first heard about this this morning when Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Baher of the View got on Reverend Jeremiah Wright. They did this in the middle of a discussion about the Holocaust shooting. It started off w/ Barbara Walterstalking about how rampant anti-semtism is.. I was disappointed that they kept talking about anti-semtism and never mentioned that the victim Stephen Johnswas an African American who had incurred the wrath of the 88 year old Neo-Nazi who shot him.

For folks who don’t know the backstory,  this crazed neo-Nazi  James W. von Brunnwas not only angry with Jews, but he was also angry with African Americans. he blamed a Negro jury for sending him to prison some years ago. hence you can only imagine what was going on through his mind when he shot Johns..

Anyway the conversation centered around anti-semtism, something that  Von brunn has dedicated himself to almost all his life, but when the conversation was done all we could remember was them smashing on reverend Wright and why President Obama had him as a pastor. Anyone watching the show would’ve thought Wright himself ran up into the Holocaust Museum. What was lost was the real challenge before us.. Fighting the rise of right wing white militants who have a clear agenda about smashing on a whole lot of us.. How Rev Wright became the poster boy for anti-semitism is beyond me.. Maybe it’s because he spoke a chilling realism. Obama does listen to and is beholden to the Zionist forces that run Aipac.. If Wright can be tossed in the mix and not all the crazy neo-nazi types running around guns, militias and a track record for carrying out their prejudicial and ideological threats, then perhaps we’ll forget that the Zionist have a messed up Human Rights track record themselves. Something to think about…

 -Davey D-

Rev. Wright Blames “Them Jews” for Keeping President From Talking to Him

June 11, 2009 11:45 AM

Gorman Gorman

–>jeremiah_wright-225A reporter from the Daily-Press of Newport News, Virginia, caught up with President Obama’s former mentor and pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, this week at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers’ Conference.

Asked if he’s spoken to his former parishioner since he become President, Wright told David Squires, “them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office.”

Wright said he would tell the president, if he could, to stay true to himself.

“He’s gotta do what politicians do,” Wright said. “Ethnic cleansing is going on in Gaza, “Ethnic cleansing the Zionist is a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don’t want Barack talking like that because that’s anti-Israel.”

Rev. Wright also said that “the Jewish vote, the A-I-P-A-C vote, that’s controlling him, that would not let him send representation to the Darfur Review Conference, that’s talking this craziness on this trip, cause they’re Zionists, they would not let him talk to someone who calls a spade what it is. “

(It should be noted that since his inauguration, President Obama has visited with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Saudi King Abdullah, Jordanian King Abdullah, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It’s unclear what Rev. Wright would say to the President about the plight of the Palestinians that these Arab leaders would be unwilling to say.)

In his new book Renegade: The Making of a President, erstwhile Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe writes about a secret meeting then-candidate Obama had with Rev. Wright during that period in which the fiery minister threatened to derail his then-parishioner’s path to the Democratic presidential nomination.

jeremiahwright-BillClinton-“It was time to talk directly to Wright,” Wolffe writes. “Obama’s friends at Trinity tried to talk their pastor out of his comeback tour. But by now the church was deeply divided between Obama supporters and Wright supporters, and the conversation was going nowhere. So the candidate decided to go see Wright himself in secret, in Chicago. First came the dance over where to meet: one intermediary suggested a neutral location, but Obama said he was happy to go wherever Wright wanted. They ended up talking at Wright’s home, and Obama tried to adopt the tone of a concerned friend giving advice. He did not want to tell his former pastor what to do, but he did want to nudge him in the right direction by making him aware of what was about to happen. Wright wasn’t heading for vindication; he was heading for vilification.

“’Look, you’re a pastor, you have your own role to play,’ Obama said. ‘But I can tell you how politics in the cable and blog age works. Here’s what you need to anticipate: that it’s going to be a media circus. But obviously, you need to do what you need to do.’

“Wright felt embattled and wanted to tell his side of the story to the rest of the world. He thanked Obama for his opinion, but looked and sounded like the aggrieved party.

“After Wright’s disastrous appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, and Obama’s swift decision to sever all ties with his former pastor, the campaign’s polling numbers showed a steep decline in Indiana.

“On the night before Indiana’s primary, Obama’s senior aides were convinced they were headed for outright defeat. ‘How could someone I knew, someone I trusted, do this to me?’ Obama said.

“Obama and his aides were proved wrong. They won North Carolina by fifteen points, lost Indiana by just one point, and beat Reverend Wright once and for all.”

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WTF??? BART Officers Involved w/ Oscar Grant Promoted


As you read this well written excellent column keep in mind that this case is getting more twist and turns with each passing day. The latest insult to the Oscar Grant execution is thaty two of the BART officers who were on the platform that night have been promoted. Yes you read that correctly. People have been demanding they be charged with contributing and definitely covering up Grant’s murder and instead they have been promoted-Now sit back for this one folks.. They been promoted to train other officers in crowd control..Now if you been following the pre-trial we heard officer after officer claim that they were scared for their lives because hundreds of people were watching and taking pictures.. Now they have two bozos being promoted??? Only in Americ a folks-Only in America .

Wait  wait this gets even better. This story of the officers being promoted was the lead story on last nights evening news. They didn’t name the officers in the report so I went to see if its on line and guess what as of 7:15 am PST I can’t even find the story. Its as if it was never announced-go figure

-Davey D-


Blaming Oscar Grant III for his killing is a poor defense

By Tammerlin Drummond
Oakland Tribune columnist

Oscargrantgreen-225Alameda County Superior Court Judge C. Don Clay has said he has no doubt, based on the evidence presented during a preliminary hearing, that former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle intentionally meant to kill Oscar Grant III.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Mehserle intended to shoot Oscar Grant with a gun and not a Taser,” Clay said Thursday after a two-week preliminary hearing. He ordered Mehserle held over for trial.

Judges are entitled to their opinions and it’s normal for them to make public statements after issuing a ruling.

Yet given the volatility of this case, Clay’s comments were ill-advised. In fact, he may have helped the defense’s case for moving Mehserle’s trial out of Alameda County — a strategy in the works at the moment.

I can hear the argument now: If you’ve got judges saying they think a defendant is guilty after the prelim, what’s the likelihood he can get a fair shake in the same courthouse during the trial? That, on top of the rioting and the rush to judgment in some sectors of the media?

Unlike Judge Clay, I have a lot of questions about this mess. The preliminary hearing shed no light on why Mehserle shot an unarmed man in the back while he lay facedown on the Fruitvale train platform.

The one thing that is clear, to me at least, is that the officers who responded to the call about a fight on the train have been embellishing events in an effort to cover their rear ends.

 Their intent clearly is to make the situation on the train platform appear more chaotic and life-threatening than it was in the moments that led up to Grant’s shooting. This is being done to justify their over-the-top response.

Yet this creative retelling is not corroborated by videos or statements from some of the passengers who stumbled upon this horrific event, which deputy district attorney David Stein did an excellent job pointing out.

Sure, it was New Year’s Eve. Yes, there was a train full of drunk people. As we learned during the preliminary hearing, some of them were shouting not very nice things at the BART officers, calling them fake cops and whatnot.

But there is no evidence that hordes of unruly passengers were rushing off the train to the platform, as some of the officers have said.

BART Officer Marysol Domenici testified she so feared for her life she would have liked to have had at least 100 other officers on the platform.

In fact, based on accounts from a number of witnesses, the situation leading up to the shooting was fairly under control. The BART officers had Grant, who had apparently been in a fight on the train, and his friends, against a wall.

What is beginning to emerge is a picture of inexperienced police officers who inflamed what should have been a fairly routine citation or arrest with unnecessarily aggressive, physical behavior.

Two female passengers testified that they began recording the events because they thought the BART officers were acting too aggressively toward Grant and his friends. One of their videos shows BART Officer Anthony Pirone charging toward Grant as he sat on the floor with his back against a wall.

Both Karina Vargas and Margarita Carazo testified that Grant never resisted arrest nor did he seem to be acting aggressively toward the officers.

BART Officer Pirone, whose story has gone through a few revisions, also testified that Grant posed no threat in the moments before he was shot. He first told investigators Grant had kneed him in the groin, but said on the stand he couldn’t remember the incident.

We still haven’t heard Mehserle’s explanation for shooting Grant. He did not take the stand, which is quite common in preliminary hearings.

We know from documents filed by attorney Michael Rains that Mehserle’s defense is this: He accidentally pulled his gun instead of his Taser.

That story would be much more believable if Mehserle had told it from the beginning, when he hired his first lawyer. And if Mehserle hadn’t said immediately after the shooting that he thought Grant was going for a gun.

Attempting to justify Grant’s killing by blaming him and his friends is not going to fly with a reasonable jury.

I do agree with Judge Clay on this point:

“These young men did nothing to warrant the use of deadly force.”

Tammerlin Drummond is a columnist for the Bay Area News Group. Her column runs Wednesdays in Metro and Sundays in Opinion. Reach her at


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