Hip-Hop has Officially Been Occupied!


Filmed live at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Pittsburgh by Director Paradise Gray, Jasiri X reconnects with super producer Cynik Lethal to provide a soundtrack for this growing movement that has taken the world by storm. We gonna Occupy!

Also check Davey D’s interview with Jasiri X about the Occupy Movement

4 comments on “Hip-Hop has Officially Been Occupied!

  1. i like this article.i think more people need to stand-up and speak their mind.it messed up because lots of people are trying to shut-down the whole OCCUPY 99% thing.its messed up people are speaking their minds n telling the truth and they get told to shut-up n get arrested.i am writing an essay about hip-hop and politics and found this website.some articles have helped me with my essay and so far this is a very good site.in Sacramento,police said its hurting peoples safety because they have to put all law enforcement at the protests and park but i think that’s 100% BS.they need to find some real people to arrest who are doing real crimes and really breaking the law.

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  3. “There is only one boss. The customer. And he/she can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his/her money somewhere else.”
    Sam Walton

    So who’s first!

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