The Wisdom of Dick Gregory-Obama, Racism, White Supremacy & Haiti


Long time Civil Rights activist, author and comedian Dick Gregory made his rounds in Washington DC where he took in the State of the Union and the healthy Families USA convention. We caught up with Gregory and talked to him about the situation in Haiti. He pointed out some of ther glaring flaws in the relief efforts including the irony of having two men who don’t like each other, George Bush and Bill Clinton being the face for recovery operations. 
Dick Gregory also talked about why he is going on a 30 day fast and how that action is powerful and will help out those in Haiti..
In this clip Dick Gregory sat down with his good friend, long time radio show host  Bev Smith. Here is goes in on President Obama in response to his State of the Union speech.  Gregory talks about why Obama doesn’t flex his power and how the shackles of racism hold pyschological effect. He said Obama doesn’t flex because he knows he’s a Negroe in America.
Here Gregory talks about the meaning of racism and white supremacy.  

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