NFL Pro-Bowler Junior Seau Arrested for Domestic Violence Crashes SUV off Cliff

Junior Seau

Sadly this is becoming all too familiar, the arrest of an athlete or some other celebrity for domestic violence. Many were shocked to hear that former NFL 12 time Pro Bowler Junior Seau was the latest to go down this lane. Over the past year we’ve had everyone from Shannon Sharpe and Warren Sapp to Ben Roethlisberger get in hot water over alleged domestic violence and assault. Makes you wonder whats going on in the NFL.

According to police report Seau was arrested earlier this morning near his home in San Diego County. His 25-year-old girl friend called police the night before when the incident took place. Seau wasn’t present when police came to his crib. He wound up talking to the police and turned himself in this morning. His girlfriend suffered minor injuries.

Many found this shocking since Seau has a foundation that raises money for child abuse among other things. He’s long been seen as a pillar of the his community.

Complicating Seau’s arrest was him crashing off a cliff after being released. This took place near Carlsbad, California a few hours after he was released from jail. Folks aren’t sure if this was an accident or something related to his plight.. He is in the hospital recovering.

We’ll keep you posted.

TMZ has pictures of the crash..

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