Breakdown FM Podcast: Naomi Klein-The Shock Doctrine-from New Orleans to UC Berekely




Naomi Kline

Naomi Klein author of the book Shock Doctrine came to last night (October 27th) UC Berkeley and spoke to an overflow crowd of 1200 people. 500 were turned away. Her message was on point and sobering as she laid out all the steps and triggers that have led up to the current economic tailspin many of us are feeling.

Klein went into detail about the Shock Doctrine and how certain tyrannical leaders look for or manfacture crises and emergencies with the goal of pushing through facist type agendas.. She laid out how this took place in New orleans and how it is currently manifesting itself here in California through Governor Arnold Schwatrznegger and his plan to raise UC fees by a whooping 32% 

 This is a must listen to interview.. Sit back and take notes.. Cause Ms Klein pulls no punches.. We are going to post the Q&A sometime tomorrow.

Breakdown FM: Naomi Klein podcast-The Shock Doctrine at UC Berekely


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