Remembering Troy Davis One Year Later… What have We Done Since Then?

What have we done since the execution of Troy Davis

One year ago there was a mass movement to save the life of Troy Anthony Davis.. Thousands took to the streets to demand his life be spared. many believed he was innocent.. Sadly that did not happen Political pressure led to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole board which was headed by a Black man named Albert Murray  did not give Davis a stay.. The Supreme ct where another Black man Clarence Thomas also did not give Davis a stay with no explanation.. Since the death of Troy Davis one should reflect and ask what has happened since then.. We know in Georgia there have been major prison hunger strikes In fact it was just a day a go that we saw major protests.. . They have been virtually ignored by many who championed Troy Davis.. The abuses suffered by the inmates has put the Georgia Prison Board under fire…

In California there is a proposition on the upcoming 2012 election to end the Death Penalty.. That’s Prop 34.. Not sure if other states have similar propositions.. If not we should all be asking why? Was Troy Davis the flavor of the month? Was he one where folks got quick shine and then moved on or was he the launch of a movement as many claimed he would be  on the night of his death?

Here’s an interview we did with Kalonji Changa , the founder of the FTP Movement in Georgia  who was good friends with Troy’s family.. He reflects on all that has gone down over the past year, including Troy’s sister and mother passing..

Listen to the HKR Interview by clicking link below