From Minneapolis to Arizona-Toki Wright & Rhymesayers Sayers react to Arizona Immigration Law

Shout out to Toki Wright of the Minneapolis based crew the Rhymesayers Crew ..he came through big time when the Arizona law first went into effect by re-doing the Public Enemy song ‘By the Time I get to Arizona‘.. He finally released a video to this.. Here he shows folks from Minneapolis who are now facing threats of having SB 1070 imported to there, marching on the May Day Rally. I like how all the marchers are wearing shirts that say ‘Illegal’.

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25 Joints to get U Through Tha Day#17: The Spectra of Music

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25 Joints to get U Through Tha Day #17 :The Spectra of Music

This week we come with a whole lot of goodies guaranteed to stimulate your dome.  We urge you to get w/ Toki Wright out of Minneapolis and down with the Rhymesayers camp. His new album Different Mirrors is being slept on. The man has skillz, intellect and according to many of my women friends, good looks.  More importantly the man is down for the community. He’s always out and about schooling the younstas. His music reflects his love for the people..The joint we picked features Scarub from Living Legends and together the pair wreck shop.

Lyrics Born on the cut revolution and how she gets down with the folks from Crown City Rockers. As Biggie used to say.. If ya don’t know now ya know..


Aima the Dreamer

Aima the Dreamer is an Oakland born female emcee who has been turning heads. People are seriously checking for her as she has been popping up in lot of places letting everyone know that don’t have to look too far for this elusive specimen (women) in Hip Hop.  Other emcees are wishing she wasn’t too easy to find, cause she’s a hard act to follow once she blesses the mic. If you don’t believe me. Peep out how she exchanges flows with

Two other stand out tracks on this weeks 25 Joints come from JenRO who hails from San Francisco. She comes with heat as her conscious raising song starts off  and ends with a skillfully woven clips from Martin Luther King. JenRo matches his words with her own choice lyrics that talk about the importance of being free of oppression.. Really dope song from another overlooked emcee. It’s off the album ‘My World’ .

People are buzzing about Chihualt Ce a Chicana emcee from Los Angles who many first got hipped to when she appeared on the Peace and Dignity  album. Her song the Dreamah is incredible and has become an anthem of sorts for a whole lot of folks both male and female..  She has a mix tape out you may wanna cop especially if your in LA..

Since I been highlighting women this would be wrong not to shout out Rita J who pays tribute to female emcees on her song Body Rock  I haven’t fully peeped the entire album,  Artist Workshop but from what I heard thus far I likes very much.. I think you will as well

Here’s the link to this weeks 25 Joints..Enjoy


01-Toki Wright w/ Scarub  ‘Rise’ (Minneapolis/ Los Angeles)

02-Nas w/ Ceelo ‘Theme from Rush Hour 3’ (NY/ Atlanta)

03-J-Boogie w/ Zumbi ‘For Your Love’ (Bay Area)

04-Michael Franti ‘Hey World’ (Bay Area)

05-Akrobatik ‘Front Steps II  Tough Love (Boston)

06-Omar Akbar ‘On Point’ (Baltimore)

07-Rita J w/ Steph Saa ‘Body Rock’ (Atlanta)

08-JenRO ‘Rule the World’ (Bay Area)

09-Chihualt Ce ‘Dreamah’ (Los Angeles)

10-Eyrkah Badu ‘Real Thang’ (Rashad Ringo rmx) (Dallas)

11-Lushlife ‘Bottle Rocket’ (UK)

12-Chali 2na w/ Chokalat ‘Keep Going’ (Los Angles / Seattle)

13-Mistah FAB ‘The Biz’ (Bay Area)

14-Benzino “Stay 4Eva’ (Boston)

15-Indian Bambaataa ‘Broken Promises’ (India)

16-Uno tha Prophet ‘Red, White and Blue’ (Boston)

17-Immortal Technique ‘The Revolution of Philosophy’ (New York)

18-Conscious Daughters ‘Da Mack Hit’ (Bay Area)

19-Paris ‘Street Soldier’ (Bay Area)

20-J-Boogie w/ Lyrics Born Aima The Dreamer ‘Revolution’ (Bay Area)

21-Brother Ali ‘The Traveler’ (Minneapolis)

22-Crown City Rockers w/ Aima The Dreamer ‘Clap Your Hands’ (Bay Area)

23-Kellie Maize ‘Third Eye’ (Pittsburgh)

24-Menahan  Street Band “Tired of Fighting’ (New York)

25-Breakastra ‘Low Down Stank’ (Los Angeles)

26-NY Oil ‘Don’t get It twisted’ (New York)


Also on this weeks list are a couple of videos to definitely peep they include the up and coming spoken work collective from Houston called Meta-Four.. They got down w/ MC Lyte this past weekend.. who’s video we also posted We also have blazing new joint from Jasiri X who continues to deliver.. This one is called Silent Night-Do Rappers Watch the News) and finally we have a classic piece we did featuring Digital Undergound, Paris and Sway of MTV along with his partner King Tech.. Its called Time 4 Peace..

Below are the links

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4 Videos to Start Your Day: Jasiri X, Toki Wright, Gucci Mane & Usher, Akrobatik vs Sage Francis

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 Jasiri XBeware Young Girl

Beware Young Girl” explores the disturbing trend of horrific violence and injustice towards women, including the brutal gang rape of a 15 year old girl in Richmond, California, the case of Sarah Kruzan who was sentenced to life without parole at age 16 for killing her pimp, who raped her and forced her into prostitution at age 16, and the case of Heather Ellis, a college honor student who is facing 15 years in prison for allegedly cutting the line at Walmart. Episode 24 was produced by King Sym and was directed by Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan

Toki Wright- Devil’s Advocate

This is the first video from the newest member of the Rhymesayers click. Its off the album ‘A Different Mirror’

Gucci man w/ Usher ‘Spotlight’

Say what you will about Atlanta’s Gucci mane.. He’s has gained a tremendous amount of momentum and has thoroughly crossed over as evidenced by this video and song. How are you feeling about Gucci Mane these days?


 Here’s an old emcee battle from 1999 that features Akrobatik vs Sage Francis. take listen and weigh in on this epic wordfest…

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