Why Hip Hop Is Dead?

Lethal-wonder-finalHip Hop is dead. I don’t care what anyone says, it has absolutely seen its last days. There used to be a time that everyone would come out and relish in the fact that they had conquered new skills or discovered a new technique. Kids couldn’t wait to drop a new style of rhyming on their peers.

Hip Hop was about creativity and to a lesser degree having fun. Today all that has changed. All these big willie and wanna be gangster types have ruined it. I know everyone is afraid to say it, but I will be straight up and honestly say, hardcore gang bangers like Suge Knight and his Death Row affiliates along with Fake Ass Puffy and his Biggie Bad Boy collective of friends have played a major role in killing off hip hop. They help usher in the dope game and the whole gangster mentality that now plagues this music. It was bad enough that you had kids from all over the planet trying to be like NWA or the Ghetto Boys. But now the gangster crap they spoke on records has become a frightening reality in the real world of hip hop.When I go around my block, everyone I see aspires to be the next Gangster Don.

Everyone wants to be like a Suge Knight and intimidate people. Everyone wants to be like a Sean Puffy Combs and get paid lots of money with no real concern for the art form they are ruining. Now alongside the Suges and Puffys we have Master P and Jay Z, Fat Joe and Big Pun and Ice Cube and Mack 10 and Jermaine Dupris. These are the are the supposed top Dons in hip hop. They all look and act like gangsters. Some of them even have a few dollars in the pocket. Unfortunately it’s chump change compared to the real big willies of the world.

Master P congress-225I don’t see Fat Joe owning a skyscraper in Manhattan. Master P may be the big money shot caller right now, but his country ass still has to go through Priority Records to get distributed. That means the owner of Priority is the real money maker and not Master P. Suge for all his worth and intimidation tactics is still locked away in some jail cell in California. You would think that with all the crap his Death Row affiliates talked that they would have had the whole Justice System in check for real. I guess when it comes down to it Uncle Sam has the last word.

Ice Cube and Mack 10 change with the wind. One minute Cube is a Muslim talking all this Black Power and righteous shit. Now he’s back to calling women bitches and hos and pretending he’s a gangster. He wasn’t much of a gangster when that kid who is down with his former partner Kam rolled on his ass and snatched his gold chain. For all the money that guys like Puffy, Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupris have you would think they would own some sort of tv station. Perhaps a cable access station would do. None of these big ballers own a radio station or even a magazine. Not a one of them own the record companies that distribute their material.

It sickens me to see these kids run around yelling money ain’t a thing. Some one needs to tell those assholes Money Does Mean A Thing if you don’t own a goddamn thing. Instead of throwing away all those 20 dollar bills like they do in concert, maybe should be stacking those dead presidents so they could save up and buy some stuff that they could own.

You would think that after 25 years of existence that hip hop would own something other then a bad reputation of violent prone niggaz who pretend to be gangsters because they have a little bit of money in the pocket. Hip Hop is sadly misguided.

Mos def

Mos def

On the other side of the coin you have all these fake ass ‘underground’, backpack wearing kids. They pride themselves on being broke and keeping it real. But like their hip hop gangster counterparts they too lack creativity. I would have to say a guy like Mos Def and Kweli have managed to shine through, but look at all these other kids who have fallen off in a big way.

I don’t need to name names. All you have to do is look around and you see these kids living in the underground bragging about how they are true to hip hop, but they have yet to step up and redirect the misguided flow of this beast. Hip Hop is lost and you definitely will not find it in the underground. All you will see is some buster ass rappers who will yell about how they are all about keeping it real. They will be sporting dreads even though they aren’t Rastas. They’ll have backpacks with nothing in it. They’ll be chewing on a stick or smoking a blunt with a young impressionable white girl under their arm. The sad part is that young white girl will most likely have a lot more game then these underground cats. She’s just using them as a momentary pit stop for experience while these underground bustas run away from the challenge that is before them. That challenge is take control and change the negative direction of hip

Hip Hop is dead my friends. It’s been overrun by gangsters and dope dealers and other unscrupulous motherfuckers who care nothing about us, the culture or the music. Hip Hop is dead because a bunch of motherfuckers stayed underground with their head in the sand. Hip Hop is dead.

By Lethal Wonder

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