Erykah Badu’s Window Seat Spawns Off a Slew of Parodies

There’s an old saying ‘Imitation is the greatest form of flattery’. I’m not quite sure how flattered Erykah Badu is feeling with all the slew of parody videos that are popping up around her song ‘Window Seat‘. She seemed to take it all in stride while visiting comedian Wanda Sykes who premiered her version of the song shown below..Not sure of the other videos (also included here) which in many ways take away from Badu’s original message to resist ‘group think’.

From a fan perspective I’m glad to see people playing around with the concept. It’s good to see and hear people talking and debating a work of art that has so many rich layers to it. A good song will always do that and in this case it appears that people are having fun and keeping things light hearted… God knows we need that during this recession. We should also keep in mind that in Badu’s video although not a parody was based upon an original from the singers Kim and Matt who undressed in Times Square.

Here’s one of the more popular video parodys from the group Spoken Reasons..

This one is ok.. its somewhat raunchy in the sense that Mr Grind aka Rico sings his own version of the song and makes references to his love of fat asses…

Here’s another spoof.. Again song makes raunchy references to body parts.. In this case a woman’s breasts..then it has a ‘fake’ Erykah Badu explaining why she took off her clothes..Its pretty funny.. It’s complimented by a slide show..

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