More Details Emerge from Austin Nightclub shooting


people are claiming that the two accused shooters were beat down by bouncers prior to the Spiros nightclub shooting

people are claiming that the two accused shooters were beat down by bouncers prior to the Spiros nightclub shooting




More Details Emerge at Austin, Texas Nightclub Shooting

by Davey D

By now many of y’all have read or heard about the tragic shootings that took place early Friday morning in front of Spiro‘s nightclub in Austin, Tx right off 6th street.  For those who are just getting caught up to speed, the initial stories we heard was a rap group from La Grange Texas, called the LG Allstarz were scheduled to perform at the popular night spot. The group was supposedly asked the promoters if  they could end a performance early so they could perform. Now in the initial news accounts we were told  an argument ensued and the group was removed from the club. Two of the members Big Hutch and Lil Hutch returned as the club was closing  and shot up the club injuring 8 people. The two brothers turned themselves in  and now are behind bars with 4 million dollar bails.

Now that’s the initial story and understandably is sparked outrage  and public condemnation for the group and the two accused shooters. The incident has left many of us wondering how in the hell could two people be that callous and that stupid. Many upon hearing this story wished the worse upon the pair.

Since Friday, we are now hearing more details which gives us a richer understanding of what may have went down. First, we’ve come to learn that Spiro’s nightclub itself is no angelic place. The club has racked up a number of insidious complaints over the years. So many so that the city is considering shutting them down.  Not that that excuses the shooting, but there’s more.

In the initial story we were told the group showed up late to perform  and then got angry. This led to many of us stating that the group should’ve been more responsible and shown up on time.  We are now hearing that the group was there on time. In fact they were there most of the night.

We are also hearing that the two brothers accused of shooting the club had gotten a serious beatdown after arguing with the promoter We are hearing reports that as many as 10 people may have whupped on them.The brothers were tossed out the club, they went to their cars and returned a while later and shot up the club injuring  a few of the folks including a girl friend of one of the bouncers.

We were also told of a troublesome practice that takes place at many of the nightclubs in the 6th street area. Its not uncommon for bands to pay to play.  One source said he was told the group paid promoters to perform that night and were then later denied and the money kept. This hasn’t been fully confirmed but as noted its a common practice.

We’ll let you know more info as it comes to us, but the bottomline it wasn’t as black and white as initially pointed out.. The shooting was proceeded by a serious beatdown -Not that excuses a shooting up of a nightclub but as they say that’s part of the otherside of the story…

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