Deep in the heart of Texas these Cats are Harder than 50 Cent, Rick Ross & Any & All Thugs



thug-225I wish some of our esteemed beef makers would spark war with these guys.  At the end of the day this group of guys are more thuggish than anyone I know from the hood. They are harder then Suge Knight x 10. They make 50, Jim Jones, Rick Ross all look week. These are the real criminals. Please take not..

CNN reports that police are accused of having robbed at least 150 drivers in Tenaha, Texas. The amount stolen is close to $3 million, says a lawyer who has filed a class action suit against the town and police department there.

Some of the victims (who are mostly African American) said that when they complained to the police about the police, the police threatened to take the victims’ children away.

In one case, the district attorney sent a couple who’d been robbed a form letter to sign that said, in exchange for forfeiting the $6000 that had been stolen from them, “…no criminal charges shall be filed…and our children shall not be turned over to [child protective services].”

The video is loaded with lots of other tragicomically sordid details.

Police In Texas Accused of Committing Highway Robberies


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