Charges Dropped Against the SF8



Mon, 6 Jul 2009 13:17:23 -0700>
Subject: [Freethe SF8] Charges Dropped – Jalil pleas no contest
Finally, after years of unified resistance by the brothers and a the
building of massive support, Califonia State prosecutors were forced
to admit that they have insufficient evidence against the San Francisco 8.

Charges against four of the defendants were dropped and Jalil
pled no contest to conspiracy to commit voluntary
manslaughter. He received credit for time served (close to 2 1/2
years in County Jail) and 3 years probation. He will return to New
York to fight for parole.

The courtroom at 850 Bryant Street was packed with SF 8 supporters
after a rally of hundreds and a huge Free SF 8 banner was displayed
on the hillside of Bernal Heights to be seen from all over the city.

“This is finally the disposition of a case that should never have
been brought in the first place,” announced attorney Soffiyah Elijah.

Francisco Torres still faces a court hearing on August 10th.

A more in-depth story will follow.

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