Rappers Come Together to Record Self-Destruction 2


Daddy O

Daddy O

If you happened to be listening to Hot 97/New York the morning after Jam Master Jay‘s murder, long time rapper Daddy O (Stetsasonic /MCA/ NocOnWood.com) challenged the status quo among MC’s, producers and labels by positively changing the entire image of hip hop and working toward more responsibility and personal accountability within the industry. He announced that he would like to see fellow rappers change their names and drop the monikers that suggest gangsta affiliations and images. Ie Fat Joe would stop calling himself Joey Crack. Daddy O then announced plans for the Self Destruction2 compilation.

This morning on Vashon Island, Washington State, Daddy O elaborated on this groundbreaking effort. “I have a meeting with Lyor Cohen this week and am not
sure yet if I should bring up the subject at Jay’s funeral (Nov. 5th), I’m working on it”.

Busta Rhymes and Chuck D. have already committed to Self Destruction 2 on the strength of Daddy O‘s outline. “After my meeting with Lyor, I need help from promoters, video directors, everybody” to achieve his goal of bringing this project to the world’s doorstep.

All proceeds from this project will benefit various charities and programs against family violence throughout the United States. “We will be developing
this very soon” says Daddy O.

For further information please contact Nasty Nes at NastyNes1@aol.com or Gene
Dexter at Hiphop206@aol.com or feel free to reach Daddy O personally if you
got it like that!