Disturbing NY Post Subway Photo Sets Off Debate..Make Money or Save Lives?

Post photo subway I know I’m not the only one who finds the irony of newspaper outlets like the New York Post that would seemingly rush to license and publish a shocking photo of a man named Ki Suk Han about to get crushed by a subway train, but didn’t seem to eager to go against the Bush imposed media blackout on war casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I guess for the NY Post its ok to shock our senses and maybe get us to debate the journalistic ethics around helping someone in dire straits vs documenting even as danger looms. Imagine if early on the NY Post showed shocking pictures illustrating the horrors of war and set off debates about why we were even in places like Iraq.

Imagine if the NY Post found a way to get photographers to document the day in and day out abuse many NY residents have to endure when they are stopped and frisked by overzealous cops. Can they shock our senses about police abuse or corruption?  Apparently not..

In the back drop of all this is the FCC led by Obama appointee  and current chair, Julius Genachowski seems to be down to loosen up the rules that would allow Post owner Rupert Murdoch to buy the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times..That would allow Murdoch to run shocking pictures in those outlets while remaining silent on war casualties.

As for the photographer R. Umar Abbasi after seeing his interview on the Today Show where he explained he was nowhere near the man to help him, I just didn’t buy it..His attitude and subsequent actions seemed more interested in a payday based on death vs saving a life or at least trying..

His attitude seems to be of the same vein of far too many who will close their doors and button up the hatches vs extend a helping hand. We saw a lot of that during Katrina. Heck we just saw that during Hurricane Sandy where a woman went door to door with her two kids trying to avoid flood waters. People refused to help her or open their doors and hearts to her frantic screams even as her kids were swept away to their death by the rushing waters.

The NY Post picture in my humble opinion represents our collective devaluing of life and another step away from our humanity


Rallies Planned in 18 Cities Demanding CNN Drop Lou Dobbs as they Premier Latinos in America


DaveyD-leather-225I recently heard some grumblings from some who are suddenly feeling protective of  CNN pundit Lou Dobbs as they fell back on the free speech argument.

The basic gist of the argument is as follows; “Lou Dobbs has a right to his opinion and what is taking place by Latino organizations rallying and demanding he be dropped is censorship”.

Noting could be further from the truth. Lou Dobbs does in deed have a right to his opinion, but not when it comes to spreading lies and half truths to millions on the airwaves and people can’t rebut. It’s interesting to hear people crying in defense of Lou Dobbs , while those very same people and forces have remained astonishingly silent when former CNN host Glenn Beck led a witch hunt against Green for All activist Van Jones.

Jone’s ‘free speech was called into question from the bully pulpit of the corporate airwaves resulting in Jones resigning from his post at the White House. many feel like he was forced out.  Beck has since gone on to continue his witch hunt for people he personally feels have uttered the wrong ideological opinions past and present.
All it took was a couple of articles and a well placed letter from the widow of the cop who was killed and Hill was fired. News of his dismissal came to Hill via news media. He was never called and personally informed until after the fact. It didn’t matter that Hill had a right to his opinion or that Mumia has always maintained his innocence and millions around the world believe and support him. None of that ‘free speech mattered’.

Former Fox News pundit Dr Marc Lamont Hill

Former Fox News pundit Dr Marc Lamont Hill

It was just last week that media pundits launched a campaign to ulster popular media analyst Marc Lamont Hill who is one of the few progressive voices that regularly appeared on Fox News. The two ultra-conservative pundits took issue with Hill’s support of Mumia Abu Jamal who sits on death row and Assata Shakur who escaped the law and is exiled in Cuba. These pundits went to a Fox shareholders meeting confronted News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch and demanded that he get rid of an employee who they felt was out of bounds for supporting a convicted ‘cop killer’.

How this connects to CNN even though these recent happenings occurred on rival Fox, is that as a news media outlets it hasn’t used its bully pulpit to demand that such distortions and McCarthy era tactics cease. It remained silent or  in this instance has participated via Lou Dobbs whose insidious rhetoric  has helped foster a climate that has led to a spike in hate crimes. With that in mind, there should be absolutely no objections to groups demanding Dobbs be dropped. The fact that Latinos groups have to hold rallies in 18 cities, get petitions and go through all sorts of hoops versus a couple of media pundits pushing their strongly felt opinions on the airwaves is a clear indication just how imblanced things are..

-something to ponder-

Davey D

CNN-ClearlyNotnewsToday CNN premiers ‘Latino in America’ Premiere, Nation-Wide Rallies Planned to Demand CNN to Dump Lou Dobbs!

 You can join the efforts! Scroll down for a list of cities and make sure you download your signs!!!

Download Graphics here:

Community leaders, politicians and faith groups in 18 of the top U.S. Latino media markets are set to rally together in local protest events on Wednesday, October 21stin an effort to increase the pressure on CNN to remove Lou Dobbs from its programming. Calling CNN hypocritical for airing “Latino in America,” an advertising-driven special on Latinos, while at the same time hosting the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Lou Dobbs, the events are part of our BastaDobbs.com campaign, a coalition of Latino organizations from across the country that is led by online advocacy group Presente.org.

CNN-canthaveitbothways“Our message to CNN is clear: You cannot have it both ways. It’s either promotion of hatred by Lou Dobbs or real news regarding the Latino community,” said Isabel Garcia, a prominent civil and human rights attorney in Arizona who is highlighted in the “Latino in America” series and who is also participating in the BastaDobbs.com effort.

“Lou Dobbs abuses the CNN platform to dehumanize and spread fear about Latinos and immigrants. It is no surprise that hard-working Latinos in this country are increasingly victims of hate-motivated violence,” added Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles(CHIRLA). “CNN must be accountable to one of the largest minority groups in the United States if it seeks to gain their following and respect”.

CNN-profitsfromhateOn Wednesday, press conferences and public actions threat of Lou Dobbs on CNN are planned these locations!

12 PM NOON @ National Hispanic Cultural Center
1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

10 AM @ CNN Building Downtown
190 Marietta St. Atlanta, GA 30303

11 AM @ Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02133

12 PM NOON @ Casa Michoacan
1638 S. Blue Island Ave. Chicago, IL 60608

12 PM NOON @ Colorado State Capital
200 E Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203

12 PM NOON @NCCE Lenoir County Center
1791 Hwy 11/55, Kinston, NC 28504

11:30 AM @Houston City Council
900 Bagby St. Houston, TX 77002

5 PM @ Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional
740 N. Eastern Ave.- Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89101

10 AM @ Carecen
2845 West 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005

12 PM NOON @ Center for Immigrant Orientation
2610 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135

4 PM @ CNN Building Downtown
10 Columbus Cir. New York, NY 10023

12 PM NOON @ 802 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

12 PM NOON @ Cesar Chavez Plaza Park
J St & 10th St, Sacramento CA 95814

12 PM NOON @ Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78212

12 PM NOON @ Offices of American Friends Service Committee
3275 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102

12 PM NOON @ Sun Rise Restaurant
3126 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

12 PM NOON @ El Tiradito in Old Barrio
on South Main St. between W. Cushing St. & W. Simpson St. Downtown Tucson, AZ 85701


CNN’s ramping it’s ‘Latino in America,’ but it’s getting ruined by Lou Dobbs

Loudobbs-racist-225Readmore: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/10/18/2009-10-18_lou_dobbs_ruins_cnns_latino_program_aim.html#ixzz0UOaB9E7z

In a few days CNN will launch its ambitious “Latino in America” series. Hosted by the popular Soledad O’Brien, the heavily promoted four-hour program will air on Oct. 21 and 22.

“Witness the evolution of a country as Latinos change America, and in return, America changes Latinos,” is how CNN entices potential viewers on its Web site. The series is a serious effort to capture a larger share of the Hispanic market – and according to some who have seen it, a worthy one.

Ironically, the series comes at a time when CNN has a huge trust problem with Latinos – and its name is Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs, some say, has thrown ethics overboard and has made a career out of vilifying immigrants.

“The truth is that CNN already airs a nightly program on Latinos in America. It’s called ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight‘, and for 260 hours a year CNN provides air time for anti-immigrant distortions and anti-Latino propaganda,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a national pro-immigration reform group.

America’s Voice, along with Media Matters, and Presente.org, have called on CNN to dump Dobbs.

“They (CNN) think that a few hours of serious reporting on Latinos by sunny Soledad O’Brien can make up for thousands of hours of anti-Latino extremism from the dark Lou Dobbs,” said Roberto Lovato, of Presente.org and a leader of the movement to dismiss Dobbs.

Through the Present.org Web site, www.bastadobbs.com, over 70,000 people have signed a petition demanding CNN President Jon Klein fire Dobbs. It reads, in part: “As President of CNN, it is imperative that you act quickly and decisively to drop Dobbs from your network, and send the message that CNN does not tolerate hate speech. There should be no place for the likes of Dobbs on the ‘most trusted name in news.’ “

Hate speech has created a hostile environment for Latinos in America resulting in violence and death. The FBI says that from 2003 to 2006, hate crimes against Latinos increased 40%.

Visitors to the Presente.org can watch the eye-opening video, “CNN: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America?” They can also find some of Dobbs’ most outrageously false claims, such as the 7,000 cases of leprosy caused by Latino immigrants..

Dobbs has also claimed that “Just about a third of our prison system is made up of illegal aliens.”

But the Department of Justice reports that immigrants (legal and illegal) make just 6% of the prison population.

Presente.org is committed to set the record straight.

“For us, ‘Latino in America’ is a teachable moment that we will use to raise awareness about how Dobbs spreads lies about immigrants in his program and opens it to the most dangerous hate groups in the U.S.,” Lovato said. “It is also about raising awareness that by watching CNN, Latinos are disrespecting ourselves.”

America’s Voice and Media Matters planned to run an ad targeting Dobbs during the broadcast of Latino in America, but CNN refused to air it.

America’s Voice says it plans to run the ad on a competing network.

Angelo Falcón, executive director of the National Institute for Latino Policy in New York, points out that Dobbs’ problem (and CNN’s) is “he doesn’t understand the widespread antipathy to him and his race-baiting that exists throughout the Latino community, on its left, right and middle.”

The question CNN must answer is a clear one, Lovato said: “What is it going to be: Lou Dobbs or Latinos in America?”


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/10/18/2009-10-18_lou_dobbs_ruins_cnns_latino_program_aim.html#ixzz0UOYyNbNY

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Fox News’ Unhinged, Irrational Obama Attacks Stir up Violent Right-Wing Militants

Davey DAs you read this article, keep a couple of things in mind. First before many of the genocides and coups that have taken place around the world, the vehicle used to whip people up into a frenzy had been mass media. It happened in Nazi Germany. It happened in Rowanda. Fox News is the national platform, but in many places around the country you have popular yet smaller outlets that espouse similar rhetoric. What also needs to be noted is that in some communities groups are often pitted against each other, both overtly and covertly.In LA you have hate style radio on Clear Channel’s top rated KFI where they routinely bash on immigrants including a popular ‘bash immigrant’ hour that features people calling in and talking about how they got rid of their Mexican workers and replaced them with Americans. Sadly station hosts will go out and find Black guests who don’t have any real standing in the community and will give high visibility to like former homeless advocate turned Minute Men Ted Hayes to help with the disparaging. Guests like Hayes will then say things like the biggest threat to Blacks since slavery are illegal immigrants.

We can go on listing other examples from Lou Dobbs on down but here’s the point we now live in a climate where mass media is on a whole other level. The rhetoric being spewed on these outlets is deadly and while many of us probably don’t spend time listening to them, other folks do and react with the information they soak up. What;s most ironic in this whole thing is that for all the good-ole boy-homegrown-pro-American rhetoric preached on Fox News, its owner is an Australian national. Hence the hosts bemoan reading labels that say ‘made in China’ when they themselves are made in Australia.

Davey D

Fox News’ Unhinged, Irrational Obama Attacks Stir up Violent Right-Wing Militants

By Eric Boehlert, Media Matters for America. Posted April 22, 2009.


Paranoid anti-government radicals used to have to rely on crude, inefficient methods of communication. Now they have Fox News.

Imagine if Fox News had been on the air back on February 28, 1993, just months into the new Democratic president’s first term, when agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms attempted to serve warrants on David Koresh‘s Branch Davidian compound, located on the outskirts of Waco, Texas. Agents arrived because federal authorities got a tip that Koresh and the followers of the misguided messiah were stockpiling weapons.

The authorities were right. Outgunned, ATF agents quickly met resistance from the Davidians, who had a .50-caliber rifle, machine guns, and more than a million rounds of ammunition at their disposal. The shootout lasted hours and became the longest in American law-enforcement history. In the end, four ATF agents were killed, and 16 were wounded. Inside the compound, five Davidians were killed and scores more injured, including Koresh, who was shot in the hip and the wrist. The gunbattle signaled the start of a 51-day standoff between Koresh and federal authorities.

rupert-murdochlean-225Rupert Murdoch‘s all-news channel didn’t debut in America until October 1996, but it’s chilling to consider the what-ifs of how today’s Fox News lineup of doomsday, anti-government prophets would have reacted to controversial and defining news events in the early 1990s — like Waco.

As news of the failed Waco raid broke, would Fox News’ notoriously weepy and apocalyptic host Glenn Beck have broken down on the air and wept for the tyranny that he saw unfolding in the government’s raid? While FBI negotiators tried to win the release of Koresh’s followers, would Beck have warned viewers that the president would “take your gun away one way or another”?

Amidst the 51-day siege, would Beck have warned against the creeping “totalitarian state” inside America? Would the host have gravely announced that we’d “come to a very dangerous point in our country’s long, storied history”?

Would Beck have routinely vilified President Clinton as a fascist? Would he have told viewers that he wanted to debunk the militia-movement conspiracy theory that the federal government was building prison camps, but that he just couldn’t knock the story down — and that, at first glance, it appeared to be “half true”?

And can you even imagine Beck’s on-air reaction when the FBI’s final, failed assault on the Waco compound unfolded on live TV on April 19, 1993? As the horrific images of the compound going up in flames and the grim realization spread that Koresh’s followers were not coming out — that they had staged a mass suicide (and in some cases, executions), rather than surrendering to federal officers — would Beck have claimed that the scene of destruction reminded him of the “early days of Adolf Hitler“?

Would he have invited self-styled militiamen onto his show to game out how the pending civil war against the Clinton-led tyranny was likely to play out and to ponder whether members of the U.S. military would fire on American citizens when the blood began to flow in the streets? And setting aside all decency, would Beck — post-Waco — have pretended to douse a Fox News colleague in gasoline and, lamenting how the government was disenfranchising its citizens, then urged Clinton to just “set us on fire,” or pleaded that it would be better if Clinton had just shot Beck “in the head”? (That’s how Koresh died inside the Waco compound: from a bullet to the head.)

Based on the paranoid, anti-government rhetoric that Fox News has embraced since President Obama’s inauguration, it’s no leap to suspect that if Murdoch’s outlet were broadcasting in the early 1990s — and if it were broadcasting the same fringe message it’s echoing today — that the militia movement would have found a friend in Fox News during the Waco era and throughout Clinton’s first term, when the conspiratorial patriot movements flourished.

And that’s the chilling significance of what’s now unfolding. Last week, I wrote about the inherent dangers and irresponsibility of Fox News consciously shaping itself into a kind of militia news outlet and how it’s impossible to ignore the anti-government message some viewers such as Richard Poplawski, the man accused of shooting and killing three Pittsburgh police officers, might be taking from Fox News.

But let’s take a step back and see just how extraordinary Fox News’ latest lurch to the revolutionary right really is. And let’s clearly understand how Fox News is actively trying to mainstream fringe allegations, how Murdoch’s outlet functions as a crucial bridge — a transmitter — between the radical and the everyday.

What Fox News, and specifically Beck, is doing in early 2009 is giving a voice — a national platform — to the same deranged, hard-core haters who hounded the new, young Democratic president in the early 1990s in the wake of Waco (i.e. the Clinton Chronicles crowd). What Fox News is doing today is embracing the same kind of hate rhetoric and doomsday conspiratorial talk that flourished during the ’90s, and Fox News is now dumping all that rancid stuff into the mainstream. It’s legitimizing accusatory hate speech in a way no other television outlet in America ever has before.

Today’s unhinged, militia-flavored attacks from the right against Obama are clearly reminiscent of 1993 and 1994 and the kind of tribal reaction conservatives had to the Democratic White House. What’s different this time around is that that it’s being adopted and broadcast nationally by Fox News, as it proudly mainstreams and validates the fringe.

Back in the early 1990s, marginal critics, militiamen, and so-called “Patriots” had to rely on somewhat crude methods of communications to spread their conspiratorial distrust of government. They used grassroots fax networks, the very early days of online bulletin boards, and even passed around copies of The Turner Diaries. At the top of their media pyramid were right-wing talk-radio hosts as well as the writers on The Washington Times‘ and The Wall Street Journal‘s editorial pages, who eagerly disseminated the culture of partisan paranoia.

But in terms of television, the most influential mass medium in America, nowhere on the TV landscape in the early 1990s were rabid government haters able to hear their message of fear amplified on a nightly or weekly basis the way Obama haters are able to today via Fox News. Even Rush Limbaugh, who from 1992 to 1996 hosted a syndicated television show, didn’t go there. Limbaugh’s purely partisan television program avoided describing the new Democratic administration with the same doomsday language that’s now casually thrown out about Obama: that he’s a Marxist or a fascist, or that totalitarian rule remains a real and imminent threat. Even Limbaugh (or his producers) thought that kind of rhetoric was too much for American television.

Fast-forward two administrations, and that kind of talk has become Fox News’ signature.

To be accurate, there was one person with a national television audience back then who did regularly promote outlandish conspiratorial claims about Clinton: the Rev. Jerry Falwell. He actively pushed the now-infamous Clinton Chronicles documentary on his Old Time Gospel Hour television show. The Clinton Chronicles, which was produced by Citizens for Honest Government, which in turn paid off key Clinton critics who cooperated with the house-of-mirrors film, claimed that the new president had accumulated a long criminal record while governor of Arkansas and continued his lawbreaking ways as president, that the Clintons were associated with drug-running, prostitution, murder, adultery, money laundering, and obstruction of justice, just to name a few.

glennbeck-225Playing that hypothetical card again today, is there anyone who doubts that if Beck were broadcasting on Fox News back in 1994 that Citizens for Honest Government reps would have been ushered onto his program to discuss Clinton’s alleged depravities? I don’t doubt it, simply because Beck has, at times, become the voice of the militia this year — and the militia devoured The Clinton Chronicles. As author David Neiwert, an expert on the right wing, reported, “The militia movement provided most of the early audience for The Clinton Chronicles; large stacks of the books and videos sold well at Patriot gatherings.”

What’s so startling today is that the unhinged, irrational attacks being leveled against Obama sound so similar to the unhinged, irrational attacks leveled against Clinton more than a decade ago. For instance, here’s a line from the introduction to The Clinton Chronicles: “The hijacking of America was under way, and its impact on future generations would be incalculable.”

That claim would sound familiar to any casual viewer who has tuned into Fox News since Obama’s inauguration.

Here’s what Neiwert highlighted in 2003:

Had you gone to any militia gathering — held usually in small town halls or county fairgrounds, sometimes under the guise of “preparedness expos,” “patriotic meetings” or even gun shows — you could always find a wealth of material aimed at proving Clinton the worst kind of treasonous villain imaginable. Bill and Hillary Clinton, after all, occupy a central position in Patriots’ “New World Order” paranoiac fantasy.

You’ll note that Obama today occupies the same central position in the Patriots’ Fox News-fed paranoiac fantasies.

And media critics Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon wrote this more than a decade ago:

“Patriots” rail against Bill Clinton and the plot toward global government known as the “New World Order“; they see gun control as a Big Brother conspiracy.

Again, that type of rhetoric has become synonymous with Beck, who recently claimed the Second Amendment is “under fire” and that the “Big Brother” government will soon dictate what its citizens can eat, what temperature their house can be, and what kind of cars they’re allowed to drive.

Hearing the attacks on Obama, it’s déjà vu all over again. The key difference this time around the right-wing hate track is that Fox News has signed on as a TV partner and has agreed to embrace — and air to a national audience — the militia-like allegations about Obama. Fox News has agreed to descend into the right-wing conspiracist subculture in order to portray the new president as the worst kind of villain imaginable: somebody who’s plotting take away guns and who’s not above employing fascism to obtain his goals.

On the two-year anniversary of the Waco inferno, militia admirer Timothy McVeigh, feeding off his hatred for the government, drove his rented 20-foot Ryder truck and parked it across the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. At 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995, the truck’s three-ton ammonium nitrate bomb detonated and sheared the north side off the Murrah Building, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds more.

McVeigh later wrote, “I reached the decision to go on the offensive — to put a check on government abuse of power.” McVeigh wanted to “send a message to a government” by “bombing a government building and the government employees within that building who represent that government.”

The Oklahoma City bombing story broke 18 months before Fox News made its cable-news debut. But if Murdoch’s team maintains its current course — if Beck and company insist on irresponsibly fanning the militia-type flames of distrust — there’s the danger Fox News might soon have to cover other episodic gestures of anti-government payback.

Case in point, we have many Black folks gleefully running around promoting the movie the Obama Deception that features rapper KRS-One. However a quick conversation with Latino grassroot activists in Texas will show that the producer of the video Alex Jones who is based there is no friend of their community as he consistently opposes their hard fought efforts to shut down immigration detention prisons and tear down border walls, sides with far right wing elements who have been hostile and outright racist to Brown communities and has even been quoted in the past as referring to organizations like La Raza and MECHA as the new Ku Klux Klan who are out to destroy middle class America and are being granted ‘God-Like Status‘ by ‘the elites’ of this world. He bemoans the fact that Mexican illegals have more rights then he does. I guess the good folks behind the numerous ICE raids that have destroyed and left families in fear, the good folks who run these immigration detention prisons where we’ve heard all sorts of horror stories and over the top Sheriff Joe Arpio in Arizona, haven’t gotten the memo from these elite forces.