Thousands Flock to Remember Elvis..Why Don’t Thousands Flock to Celebrate James Brown?

Today (Aug 16th) all the stops are being pulled out to remember the death of Elvis Presley the so-called King of Rock-N-Roll.. Ever since yesterday we’ve seen national TV crews camp out all out at Graceland.. Special tributes on radio.. Even some urban outlets are giving Elvis his props.. In typical form Elvis like Ronald Reagan and our slave-owning founding fathers has been sanitized..Many forget when he died, he was an obese drug addict.. Contrast the celebrations around Elvis with the lack of tributes, shout outs & honoring we do for iconic figures like a James Brown..The Godfather of Soul, Marvin Gaye or Ray Charles. Sure folks will do a quick plug for Michael Jackson upcoming birthday, Aug 29th..Michael Jackson’s death day June 25th came and went w/o a peep. If these dates were or are mentioned, they’re usually accompanied   but not w/o reminding us of all his troubles..Sadly we see similar treatment around all our icons..Many of us were still talking about the Drake/Chris Brown fight which happened a week or so earlier..

From Elvis to the Beatles to Reagan, they are all celebrated, their troubles and misdeeds wiped away while our heroes are either demonized in the mainstream or completely obscured within our own circles. Meaning we have folks with platforms, resources and loud microphones who allow our heroes and sheroes to be overlooked. So while thousands flock to Graceland to talk about the greatness of Elvis, why don’t we start the process of talking up our own.. Where’s the equivalent to Graceland for James Brown?

Thousands flock to Remember Elvis..

California Assembly Passes Bill to Honor the Father of Crack w/ a Statue inside State Capitol

What the heck is wrong with our lawmakers in Sacramento? This past Friday the State Assembly unanimously approved a bill that would allow a statue of the Father of Crack Cocaine to be places inside the Capitol.

The men behind this move is Assemblyman Curt Hagman of Chino Hills and Martin Garrick of Solana Beach. They authored the AB2358 which passed 55-0. Obviously our lawmakers see nothing wrong with sending a bad example to our kids..How do we go about honoring the Father of Crack? Can we get a statue of Black Panther leader Huey P Newton or United farm worker leader Cesar Chavez inside the Capitol? Perhaps we can show some love to Angela Davis or Dolores Huerta?

With each passing year, we have delusional forces within our population who wish to rewrite history and make us forget about a man they call the ‘Great Communicator or the Gipper.. He’s the California actor-turned President turned Crack Cocaine Lord-Ronald Wilson Reagan..

They can honor Reagan with a statue if they want. Many of us will remember his destructive anti-heroic role. Thank God for Atlanta rapper Killer Mike who did this song reminding us about all the harm and dread Ronald Reagan brought to this country.. Here’s an article laying out all his evil deeds.. From supporting Apartheid to turning hsi back on the Aids Epidemic.. Read that article HERE

On last tidbit… The statue of a Civil War abolitionist named Thomas Starr King was removed back in 2006 to make room for Reagan.. How’s that for a nasty insidious twist? Get rid of a guy who fought against slavery to honor a man who turned his back on anti Apartheid efforts..Remember how Reagan stood against Nelson Mandela and the ANC?

US Bombs Libya: Where’s Obama the Peacemaker?

As we enter into our third war, one has to wonder what’s the ultimate motivation? Many will try to fool themselves and say its needed to save lives.. The question is who’s lives exactly? In Libya is this a popular uprising or a civil war?

Are we on the side of those fighting oppression or are we giving lip service and using that as a good excuse while we aim for other things..In this case oil?

Is Ghadafy a detestable figure who is ruthless with his people? If so where’s our consistency around him? One minute we hating him ala Ronald Reagan.. the next minute we trying to do business with him under George W Bush.. Have we forgotten the US-Libya Business Association who have since took down their site but not before everyone from Haliburton to Chevron broke bread with a man we are now bombing..

Meanwhile all over the planet we have human rights violations being levied on all sorts of countries we consider friends with no talk of Regime Change.. We friendly with China in spite of their of their dastardly deeds.. We’re cool with Saudi Arabia inspite of their shoddy human rights track record. . We ain’t invading Yemen and it was there where we had a ship blown up USS Cole.  We could go on and on.. Hell lets talk about the drama with Israel and how they smash on their Palestinian neighbors..

What’s sad is the role President Obama has been playing. He came out the box saying he opposed the wars but as you can see over the years he’s ‘re-calibrated’ himself and seems as hawkish as any right wing war monger. How does a son of Africa bomb Africa?

I guess its when that Son of Africa sees himself as a politicians more interested in positioning himself and playing the game vs doing what is right. With all our collective brain trust there was no diplomatic solution?  We have a military that has no qualms applying pys-ops techniques on Senators to keep us at war.. But seemingly none to help nations be at peace..

What seems to be at play is those pys-op techniques being used to keep our anti-war movement silent.. Look most people would agree that folks fighting for liberation against oppressive regimes should be supported. But we can’t be selective and hwe have to stand on principal about being about peace.. We’re over in Libya demanding Ghadafiy bounce but we’ve yet to bring our own violators of human rights to justice. Can you say George W Bush? Dick Cheney? Or the soldier shown in the video below..

Peep the videos below outlining President Obama’s stance on the wars over the years.  As you watch ask yourself will there be consequences to our actions. Ghadafy has threatened to take down commercial airlines. he may not have the weaponry but he does have the money .. The US is fighting 3 Muslim countries is not good.

Below is the link to Obama speaking on us bombing Libya …