Chevron’s Richmond, Cali Refinery Blows up as PR Team Goes to Work Down playing Things

So this afternoon the Chevron Richmond Refinery here in the Bay Area explodes and the plume looks like a tornado. Big shout out to activist/ poet Drew Dellinger of Planetize the Movement who captured the picture above and a bunch more as things unfolded..You can see more of those impressive photos HERE .

What’s most disturbing about this incident is that BART service to El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito Del Norte and Richmond stations are suspended.. and we’re told that toll takers at San Rafael bridge were evacuated. Emergency workers told people in Richmond, San Pablo,El Cerrito and surrounding cities to stay indoors and tape up windows to shield themselves from Toxins..Local hospitals have treated more than 200 people who have respiratory problems.. All this is going on and here’s the uninformative press release that Chevron releases on twitter and on their website…Sounds like they borrowed a page from BP in terms of not owning up to the damage they caused. .It’ll be interesting to see what politician gets pressured or rewarded to come around and tell us what a great company Chevron is after the dust of this tragedy settles