3 Hip Hop Jams Everyone Should Peep To Prime You for the 2012 Election

Loving this new song from Jasiri X out of Pittsburgh, Invincible of Detroit and Grammy award winner and former political candidate Rhymefest .

“Candidates For Sale” was inspired by growing corporate influence over politics, and the ridiculous amounts of money now needed to win public office. “Candidates For Sale” was produced by Da Ricanstrukta, and is the first single off Jasiri X’s new mixtape “Rappers On X” which will be out next week.

In a recent interview with Rhymefest, he explained talked about a conversation he had with a Congressman who is a good friend of his.. This particular congressman noted that in order to sit on certain committees and caucuses he has to raise upwards to 500k per year. In order to run for election he is having to get at minimum 600k.. He told Rhymefest in order for him to get tat money in short periods of time, he has to rely upon on corporations.

By the time the dust settles, he said he has very little policy votes or bills to push on behalf of his constituents. He is essentially beholden to those big corporations.Rhymefest went on to add that the challenge before most folks who vote is not so much voting, but leveraging the vote.. He said its time for folks to move this political game to another level and change the balance of power.


Another song to peep is Face the Vote.. FTV is an incredible song that addresses the issue of voter suppression… It’s part of a very large community reaction to the Voter Suppression (Voter ID) bill. The concept behind FTV is simple. The Twin Cities Hip Hop community has decided to put a face on the voters affected by the suppression bill. So with artist from all walks and backgrounds FTV formed and sprang into action.

We recently sat down with Toki Wright of the Rhymesayers collective and Nick Muhammad who was one of the main driving forces behind this project. They explained it was important to protect the voting process. Toki noted that Minnesota for years has had one of the strongest and most progressive voting process.

In 2008, record numbers of people came out. Percentage wise it was among the highest in the nation. The new attempts to pass restrictive voting laws is designed to turn back that tide of voters. He also noted that proponents state its to guard against election fraud, but in the past few years only 3-4 cases of fraud have turned up..

Nick added that our political involvement has to go beyond just voting. Its all about political awareness and being vigilant. political awareness will of course keep people up to speed on any and all developments including attempts to strip away voting rights..

Face The Vote includes
The Lioness, Malley, Danami, Toki Wright, Maria Isa, Kaleem, B Dot Croc, Nazeem, Muja, Felix, I Self Devine, Master Mind & Jamecia Bennett


The last joint to check out is one from Bambu and Rocky Rivera called Rent Money..Definitely feeling the theme of this song which talks about poverty and the types of steps all of us will have to take to once and for all dead a situation where one out of seven are living below the poverty line..The song is especially on point when you consider both Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have focused on the Middle Class and have avoided talking about poverty.. props to Bam and Rocky for the jam.


Below is the full interview where we talked about the 2012 election and what it means to the Hip Hop generation.. Our guest included author Bakari Kitwana, Ohio organizer Angela Woodson, Shamako Noble and Prof Tina Bell Wright of Hip Hop Congress, Rappers Rhymefest from Chicago and  Toki Wright of the Rhymesayers and Nick Muhammad of Face The Vote out of Minneapolis..  Click the link below

Chicago Rapper Rhymefest puts his Hat in the Arena-He’s Running for Alderman

Its official Rhymefest is running for Alderman in Chicago's 20th Ward-Click HERE to listen to our Breakdown FM Interview

Can a Grammy award-winning artist who co-wrote the hit song ‘Jesus Walks’ for Kanye West have success in the political arena of one of the roughest cities to run for office? This is what Che Smith better known as Rhymefest will find out during the 2011 election cycle.

Today (Thursday Sept 21 2010) Rhymefest will hold a press conference in Chicago to officially announce his bid for Alderman in the 20th ward which includes parts of Chicago’s Southside, Englewood and Woodlawn. The area has a number of nagging problems ranging from crumbling schools to violence.  He  noted its one of the most violent neighborhoods in the city and is in need of serious healing, solutions,  fresh perspectives and new leadership that is on the same page as  the residents.

During our Breakdown FM interview Rhymefest noted that Chicago has long been a political town where things are rough and tumble and very  much in your face.  Say what you will about New York, the reality about ‘The Chi’ is if you make it there politically speaking, you make it anywhere.

He continued by noting  Chicago is a city that historically has prided itself on having strong organization. The way the city has long operated was not by who you are?, but instead who are you down with? and what do you all do?


He said one of the challenges that has faced folks residing in the 20th ward and in many places throughout society is that there is now a lot of disorganized leaders, ministers and politicians which has resulted in disorganized communities. Rhymefest wants to change that. He noted that over the past few years there have been some high-profile incidents of corruption which has contributed to the disenchantment that many have with  ‘disorganized’ leadership. He said some of the long time leaders who have lost their way in doing so have created opportunities for new blood and new approaches to enter into the arena and be more accountable.

Rhymefest wants to bring about increased cooperation and open up the democratic process as Alderman

Fest noted that his bid should not be seen as someone  trying to get into office on name recognition or celebrity status. He explained in great detail during our recent interview the types of steps he intends to take to move his community forward. He has a concept called AIM.. which stands for address, implement and maximize. He said with each problem confronting the community he and his team plan to Address them.. Implement solution s and Maximize resources.

Rhymefest believes that many of the solutions facing the 20th Ward lie within the residents.  What needs to happen is opportunities for them to be part of the governing process should be made available and people should have a richer sense of ownership and better opportunities to weigh in on key issues.

In our interview Rhymefest lays out the plans he has to make this happen. He wants the community to be run like a Co-op.  On key issues that involve spending and allocation of resources, he wants the community to be able to vote on it versus having someone go in and get caught up cuddling with special interests and outside forces.  His job as alderman is to facilitate and implement the solutions the community puts forth.

Come 2011 the Windy City will garner the national spotlight not only because Rhymefest is in the race, but also  former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is vying for Mayor’s seat now vacated by long time incumbent Richard Daley who recently stepped down…This should be a contest full of fireworks because Rahm is a take s no prisoners type of guy who recently held a fundraiser in Hollywood and will no doubt use his influence to have lot of big name people come into Chicago to stomp for him.

Rhymefest’s announcement has caused quite a stir with many within the music industry wanting to come out and stomp for him. The line up and camaraderie he has amongst Chicago’s Hip Hop community is formidable.  From Lupe Fiasco to Kanye West and beyond, iIf Che is able to inspire his folks politically the way he does with his music the Windy City is gonna be on fiya.

Below is a link to pt1 of our interview. Take a close listen because Rhymefest lays out a lot of info about what he plans on doing and why. We will post up pt2 on Friday.

http://www.swift.fm/mrdaveyd/song/73205/ pt1

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