Rebel Diaz Are Free The case brought Against them has been dismissed in the ‘Interest of Justice’


June 18th 2009 Bronx NY: We just got off the phone with Bronx based rap group Rebel Diaz and they wanted to announce that they just came from court and all the charges that were applied to them from this incident of police brutality have been dropped. 
 The initial story and video is posted below, but for folks who don’t know.. The two brother Rodstarz and G1 saw an immigrant fruit vendor being hemmed up by police. They went over to see what was up and help out if any language interpretation was needed. The police turned on the brothers and beat them..
That sparked protests and lots of phone calls to the Bronx Police department.
A few nights later G1 who lives in Harlem had his house ranshacked by Harlem housing police who said they belive a suspect in a robbery had ran up into his crib. Everyone including myself think it was straight retaliation for the noise made about the Bronx incident..
A press release from Rebel Diaz is forthcoming, but in the meantime we give them props and say thank God they are not having to face jailtime.. Again the Rebel Diaz case was dismissed in the interest of justice.
-Davey D-
NYC Police Beat Up Rap Group Members Rebel Diaz
By Davey D

06/18/08 13:22:23

Watch the video of the NYPD terrorist Cops in action
This is what our tax dollars pay for…


Looks like the NYPD are living up to their reputation of being bonafide ‘dipshits’. We are just getting word that NYC Police located in what was once known as Fort Apache-the 41st Precint in the Bronx, have shown that police terrorism is alive and well.

The word is in a unprovoked attack they badly assaulted two members of the Rap group Rebel Diaz.

The story we are hearing is that group Rodstarz and G1were up in Bronx on Southern Blvd in Hunts Point, when they noticed the police were harassing a street vendor who was selling fruit. The two went over to witness the cops in action and when they saw the police being abusive they pulled out a cell phone to video tape the incident and asked for the officers badge numbers. keep in mind that part of the Bronx has a large immigrant community and it is also being gentrified. The police from the 41st Precint have made it a point to commit acts of terror including the shooting and killing of an unarmed iGarifunan mmigrant man last year.

The case brought up images of Amadou Dialloanother immigrant was gunned down by out of control Bronx cops in the neighboring precint.

According to witnesses, when Rodstarz and G1 asked for badge numbers the police became agitated and turned around and started beating them with bully clubs and kicking them in full view of other vendors and people on the crowded street. The two were dragged off bloody, put into a police car and charged with resisting arrest and assault.

The backdrop to this story is that Rebel Diaz are not your ordinary rappers. They are well known activist who not only speak out against police terrorism, but have been key in helping out folks within this immigrant community. Hence it would not be usual for group members to bear witness and to speak out against the injustices. Rebel Diaz has committed themselves to given voice to the voiceless in that Bronx neighborhood.

Many feel that the assault by these cowardly Bronx police officers in plain view of everyone was a way to send a strong message to folks in the community that the police run things and they best stay in line. By beating the Rebel Diazmembers in front of everyone was a way to spark fear and remind people that no one is safe from the police. They wanna let folks know that they can brazenly beat up popular rappers in front everyone even withcell phone cameras rolling and do so with impunity. The whole ordeal is akin to the slave masters from way back sparking fear in the hearts of other slaves by beating the strongest among them in front of everyone for all to see.

Over the past year NY Police have been man handling, arresting and terrorizing politicized Hip Hop artists, activists and news reporters.
For example, last year in Brooklyn well known attorney Michael Tarif Warrenwho routinely represents people in police abuse cases was badly beaten along with his wife when they stopped to watch and bear witness to NY cops terrorizing a unarmed tennage boy at a gas station.

During the protests immediately following the acquittal of the officers on trial for the Sean Bell shooting, journalists who had been speaking out against the police were harassed and roughed up.

Hopefully folks will read this and understand that what the police are doing will not work.. A police state will not take place on our collective watch..

Tonight there will be a rally infront of the 41st Precint Police station

bring drums, noise makers, banners, and people power!

***please forward widely***




bring drums, noise makers, banners, and people power!

1035 Longwood Avenue (@Southern Blvd.
) 6PM TODAY June 18, 2008

take the 6 train to Longwood

Please call the 41st precinct 718-542-4771and the arresting Officer MacHugo 718-542-8745 to demand:

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