‘Random & Ridiculousness’: Bossip Urban Gossip Site Tries to Clown Jasiri X Video-get Backlash from their Readers

Random Ridiculousness: “Dear Debra Lee” Video

Posted by Bossip Staff

“Some kid really has a Love Jones for Debra Lee, CEO of BET. We couldn’t believe it at first…then we peeped the video and the rapper Jasiri X’s steez.
Pop it and watch this comedy”

Dear Debra – A Letter To Debra Lee

Is this dude serious?”


What followed was one of the most incredible out pourings of support that I have ever seen on the internet for a new artist (and I have been on the internet promoting music since before MP3.com!) It brought a tear to my eye to see the way people stood up and represented for intelligent, conscious Hip-hop music that is Hot!

They keep saying that buffoonery and street/drug/murder music is what the people want to hear! I think that the entire conversation is showing that plenty of people are rebelling against the kinds of negative imagery and coon lyricism that BET and all these “HOT” whatever radio stations have been poisoning our youth with.
20 years ago the same kind of revolt took place leading up to the popularity of Public Enemy, X-Clan, KRS1, Poor Righteous Teachers etc…

How can we promote and sustain a movement towards more conscious music and videos is the next question?
The People are not having it anymore:

 Hip-hop Pioneers and taste-makers comments about Jasiri X’s new song/video Dear Debra


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