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daveyd-raider2Today in Inglewood, California there are huge crowds showing up for a free healthcare at the Forum.  The lines and crowds are so large that people are being told by all the major news stations in LA, not to come down.  People have been given tickets  and appointments to be seen by this large army of volunteer doctors stretching until next week. This free health clinic is spending time with people, many who haven’t had a check up in over 10 years because healthcare except for extreme emergencies is out of reach.

Its important to keep this in mind as you listen to the podcasts and watch the videos outlining the debate around Healthcare Reform. Currently we have people saying that there is no need for Healthcare Reform. They say the system is good as it stands now. Perhaps those who hold such a pious attitude should tell that to all the folks clamoring to get to get to the free healthcare clinic in Inglewood. The large amounts of people is a clear indication of the numbers of people uninsured and under insured..

With all that being said, below are are sounds and sights of various perspectives outlining the perspectives folks are having on the Healthcare Debate. The first podcast focuses on people who held an Obama Health Scare Rally in Danville, California. They think the system is ok and they certainly don’t wanna deal with any Obama’s plans. The second podcast comes from a young activist who drop jewels about Single-payer and why its needed. We then have 4 videos featuring Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Former Governor Howard Dean and Dr Salomeh Keyhani.

This was taken from a healthcare forum from last month where folks talk about the need for more medical workers, the importance of having a public option and the truth behind ‘rationed care’.

We encourage to look at different facets of the healthcare bill for themselves.

Here’s apage that shows the misinformation about the so called Death committee

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We ran into some folks holding what they described as a ‘grassroots’ impromptu’ rally opposing Obama’s Healthcare plans in Danville, California. A lot of half truths and misinformation was passed along in this discussion, but we felt it was important to hear just where folks are coming from.. This is part of our continued coverage on healthcare reform..

Listen to the Breakdown FM Show Below

Obama Health Scare Rally in Danville, California


We sat down and spoke with longtime Bay Area activist Rosa Cabberra who works in the healthcare industry. She gave us an insightful breakdown of Single Payer. She explained why it was the best option yet not on the table. She talked to us about impacting the political will of elected officials who have been reluctant to push for single payer for fear of Republican pushback…

Listen to the Break down FM interview here

Healthcare Reform Debate-What is Single Payer and is it the Best Plan? 


US secretary of Labor Hilda Solis talks about Health reform in her address to the Campaign for America’s Future. She focuses on the need to hire more medical workers and to support the plan for having a public option.

Governor Howard Dean speaks about the importance of having a public option in this Healthcare debate. He talks about the resistence expected from Republican opposition.

Dr Salomeh Kayhani speaks to the myth of rationed care. She shows how insurance companies do rationed care and why a public option is important..

We continue listening to the discussion by Dr Salomeh Keyhani as she breaks down the myth of rationed healthcare. She concludes by talking about the types of over the top tactics the GOP opposition is willing to engage.

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