Breakdown FM: Episode 79.. Wherever We Go the Beat Will Follow

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Chuck D

Rolled up in the studio the other day at All Day Play and caught the homie DJ D-Sharp who was killing it on the turntables rocking joints off the new Public Enemy album, ‘Most of My Heroes Don’t Appear on No Stamps‘ .I was set to do a Fear of House Music Planet pt2 this week, but after hearing the PE joints..I had to go back to the Hip Hop roots and follow suit.. So I went and snatched the songs off Itunes and opened up my set with one  of my favorite PE songs a remake of their classic Shut Em Down (the Functionist mix). If you haven’t heard it, its off the Revolverlution album and has a nice futuristic vibe..

Next we came with a song off the new PE album called WTF which talks about the Occupy Movement.. Its pretty cool, Chuck is on fire with lots to say about the important issues Occupy raised up..  Later on we go into a killer track called Get Up Stand featuring Brother Ali.. This joint is smoking and yes, for those who tuned in.. D-Sharp had just ripped it 15 minutes earlier, but so what.. Good music is good sharp gave his blessings.. LOL

After rocking around a few more joints we jump into the house set.. It wasn’t the one I had planned to do, but its a good one.. We went digging in the crates and brought out some joints like Black Science Orchestra – City Of Brotherly Love and J.U. Ice – It’s Just A Groove  along w/ Tech Nine – Slam Jam  which all served as good transition records from Hip Hop into House..From there it was all fun under the sun.. as we went from deep to Hip House to Todd terry and uptempo break beats.. Next week we’ll try and do Fear of House Music Planet pt2.. But like I said we couldnt sit back and not get a piece of the PE action.. D-Sharp set off..  On a side note for those who are interested.. DJ Malachi who comes on before D-Sharp honored a listener request and did a a nice hour long Hip House Set.. You can download that episode HERE Luv Luv Radio: Episode 118

Anyway enjoy this week’s set..

Breakdown FM Episode 79 Playlist


01-Public Enemy – Shut Em Down [The Functionist Version]
02-Public Enemy – WTF?
03-MC Shan – The Bridge (nomadic rmx)
04-Pep Love – What’s Relief?
05-DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
06-Public Enemy – Get Up Stand Up (feat. Brother Ali)
07-Schoolly D – Saturday Night
08-Fort Minor – Fort Minor-Feel Like Home-(Malcolm rmx )
09-Ice Cube – Summer Vacation
10-Orgone – Duck and Cover
11-Ice Cube – Cave B—
12-Todd Terry-Made By the Man
13-Think Tank – A Knife And A Fork
14-Black Science Orchestra – City Of Brotherly Love
15-Tech Nine – Slam Jam (club)
16-J.U. Ice – It’s Just A Groove (Freestyle Club Mix)
17-Joe Smooth– No More Words
18-Casanova’s Revenge– Here We Go (R U Ready)
19-7th Movement – Odyssey


20-Kenny Bobien – You Gave Me Love (Unreleased Mix)
21-Liquid– Time To Get Up (Liquid House Mix)
22-Deep Solution – Made For You (Mettle Deep Mix)
23-Ron Carroll – Nothing But Funk
24-Paul Johnson – Precious Lord (Doo Doo Wap)
25-Cultural Vibe Feat Glenn Sweety G Toby – Afro Jaz
26-Cultural Vibe – Mind Games ( CLUB VOCAL )
27-D-Train – Must Be the Music
28-Clubland – Hold On (Tighter To Love) (To Die For Mix) 1991
29- Bones Breaks– Dance to the Music
30-Todd Terry – Shadows Dawn
31-Ambassadors of Funk – My Minds Made Up-124
32-Kraze– The Party-122
33-Wonderland Avenue – White Horse (Original mix)
34-Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock _ Ultimix
35-The Back Room -The Definition Of A Track
36-Marshall Jefferson – House Music Anthem (Dub Your Body Mix)
37-Ultra ft. Roy Ayers – Dangerous Vibes (Nelson’s Nasty Dub
38-The Bongolian – Heya (Soluna Song)
39-Afrika Bambaataa-No Dope Fiends on the Dance Floor
40-Orgone – Sandstorm
41-Paul Humphrey – Cool Aid
42-Marvin Holmes & The Uptights – Oomph
43-Gold Coast – Better Vibes
44-New Order – Blue Monday (wicked)


44-Join Three – Movin On
45-Phoney Fables – Spring is in the air
46-Van Bellen – Let Me Take You
47-Bones Breaks – Shafted Off
48-BonesBreaks– Bacardi 151 Beats-
49-James Brown – Blow Your Head
50-Jimmy Castor – Just Begun
51-Steve Winwood and Traffic – I’m A Man
52-Soul Entertainer-Respect
53-The Wiseguys-Cowboy 78 –
54-Mohawks – Funky Funky

Breakdown FM- Paris-The Making of PE’s Rebirth of a Nation

 On the Line w/ Paris-The Making of PE’s Rebirth of a Nation

by Davey D

original article: Sunday, April 02, 2006 

We sat down with the Black Panther of Hip Hop-Paris and spoke to him about the array of projects he has coming down the pipe on his Guerilla Funk record label. That would include the ‘Hard Truth Soldier’ album Vol 1 which includes socially conscious songs from MC Ren, Kam, Dead Prez, Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Cypress Hill, and the Conscious Daughters to name a few. He also has an album from new artist T-Kash out of Oakland which is also set to drop.

We also spoke with him about the current state of Hip Hop, the art of emceeing and of course the making of the new Public Enemy album ‘Rebirth of a Nation’. For people who are unfamiliar Paris not only produced but he wrote all the lyrics to the songs featured on the PE album. He spoke about how he and Chuck D came together on this ambitious project. He also spoke about the type of chemistry they developed and the type methodology used which would allow Paris to effectively write lyrics from one of Hip Hop’s most gifted and insightful political icons.

Paris explained how he wanted to recapture a moment in time when PE put out some of their most groundbreaking work as exemplified on albums like ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ and ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’. He talked about how he used records like ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ and prophets of Rage as a template.

We also spoke about role Flava Flav played in this project as well as the type of dynamics that currently exist in the group and how it may have effective their recording process. Paris talked about sampling versus playing live instruments and how that factored into the new album.

Also in this segment we spoke extensively about the art of emceeing and how conscious artists don’t always get recognized for their rhyme skillz…

In the second part of our interview… Paris opens up and talks about the inner workings of the music industry. He talks about how major record labels try to manipulate stock prices and create the illusion that they are doing well when in fact everything is crumbling..

This session is defintely Music Biz 101…. be sure to listen..

Paris Interview pt 1 

Paris Interview pt2

Paris Interview pt3

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