5 Videos to Remind Us that Hip Hop is Not Dead #1

October 21 2010

I love this song called Stolen from Rhymefest where he gives us a global perspective of genocide around the world and how many of us play into it.. The lyrics to this song are searing and intense..Makes me not wanna wear a diamonds ever again.


This is a good song that brings the whole Bishop Eddie Long Prosperity Gospel concept into focus.. Should blessings really be for sale? I like the creativity and the way Rhymefest attacks this..


This is an incredible song by the Roots.. ‘Dear God’ its a remake of Monster of Folk song of the same title.. You can’t go wrong with these guys..


I had no idea Plies has a poli-sci degree ¬†and was kicking ass in college. I wish he’s do more songs like this-It’s important to let folks know they can address pertinent issues. I give him props for bringing heat on this cut..Why Hate U


I wish Rhymefest had a video to this song..Angry Blackman in an Elevator I like the concept him and Lil Jon cooked up. They said let’s make a Public Enemy type song over Lil Jon beats.. The outcome was something that is potent..Both men are on their game and show you just how powerful rap can be if we decide to use it as a tool for creating awareness and social upliftment.


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